Catherington, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Annette  1909Catherington, Hampshire, England I6877
2 ADAMS, Dora  1905Catherington, Hampshire, England I6876
3 ADAMS, Dorothy  1901Catherington, Hampshire, England I6874
4 ADAMS, Edith  1902Catherington, Hampshire, England I6875
5 ADAMS, Eleanor  5 Jun 1857Catherington, Hampshire, England I5519
6 ADAMS, Eliza  12 Oct 1862Catherington, Hampshire, England I5521
7 ADAMS, Elizabeth  1 Jul 1865Catherington, Hampshire, England I5522
8 ADAMS, Emma  4 Mar 1876Catherington, Hampshire, England I5525
9 ADAMS, George Pescod  18 May 1828Catherington, Hampshire, England I5506
10 ADAMS, George Piscod [sic]  12 Aug 1830Catherington, Hampshire, England I5575
11 ADAMS, Gertrude  1899Catherington, Hampshire, England I6873
12 ADAMS, Harriet Jane  19 Sep 1832Catherington, Hampshire, England I5505
13 ADAMS, Henry  14 Dec 1834Catherington, Hampshire, England I5502
14 ADAMS, Herbert  29 Dec 1871Catherington, Hampshire, England I5524
15 ADAMS, James Henry  23 Jul 1868Catherington, Hampshire, England I5523
16 ADAMS, John Albert  10 May 1840Catherington, Hampshire, England I5509
17 ADAMS, Margaret  1897Catherington, Hampshire, England I6872
18 ADAMS, Maria Pescod  3 May 1826Catherington, Hampshire, England I5514
19 ADAMS, Maud  1893Catherington, Hampshire, England I6871
20 BONE, Elizabeth  1868Catherington, Hampshire, England I15836
21 BONE, Harry  1874Catherington, Hampshire, England I15837
22 BONE, Henry  1877Catherington, Hampshire, England I15838
23 BRINE, Arthur W T  11 Jun 1918Catherington, Hampshire, England I8411
24 BUDDEN, Agnes Annie  Sep 1895Catherington, Hampshire, England I5594
25 BUDDEN, Amy Florence  Dec 1884Catherington, Hampshire, England I5588
26 BUDDEN, Annie Maria  1880Catherington, Hampshire, England I2549
27 BUDDEN, Arthur George  Mar 1899Catherington, Hampshire, England I5595
28 BUDDEN, Betsey A  1871Catherington, Hampshire, England I2544
29 BUDDEN, Charles Archibald  1902Catherington, Hampshire, England I6866
30 BUDDEN, Elizabeth S  1875Catherington, Hampshire, England I2547
31 BUDDEN, Ellen May  Sep 1891Catherington, Hampshire, England I5593
32 BUDDEN, Emma Kate  1885Catherington, Hampshire, England I2551
33 BUDDEN, Frank William  Dec 1891Catherington, Hampshire, England I5596
34 BUDDEN, Frederick William  1877Catherington, Hampshire, England I2548
35 BUDDEN, Frederick William  1907Catherington, Hampshire, England I6868
36 BUDDEN, George Thomas  1890Catherington, Hampshire, England I5592
37 BUDDEN, Harriet  1882Catherington, Hampshire, England I2550
38 BUDDEN, Henry Francis  Jun 1883Catherington, Hampshire, England I5587
39 BUDDEN, Irene Mary  Sep 1898Catherington, Hampshire, England I5598
40 BUDDEN, Isabella  1836Catherington, Hampshire, England I2519
41 BUDDEN, Isabella A  1875Catherington, Hampshire, England I2546
42 BUDDEN, James  1859Catherington, Hampshire, England I5582
43 BUDDEN, John Thomas  1862Catherington, Hampshire, England I5583
44 BUDDEN, Mary Beatrice  Jun 1882Catherington, Hampshire, England I5586
45 BUDDEN, Nellie Irene  1904Catherington, Hampshire, England I6869
46 BUDDEN, Nora Bessie  Dec 1893Catherington, Hampshire, England I5597
47 BUDDEN, Samuel James  1874Catherington, Hampshire, England I2545
48 BUDDEN, Thomas James  Mar 1887Catherington, Hampshire, England I5589
49 BUDDEN, William Cheeseman  Jun 1854Catherington, Hampshire, England I5599
50 BUDDEN, William Cheesman  Between Apr 1854 and Jun 1854Catherington, Hampshire, England I4266

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, John  16 Oct 1885Catherington, Hampshire, England I2009
2 BUDDEN, Alice Mary  1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I2522
3 BUDDEN, Amy Jane  Sep 1855Catherington, Hampshire, England I2534
4 BUDDEN, George Thomas  Dec 1896Catherington, Hampshire, England I5592
5 BUDDEN, Thomas  Between Oct 1892 and Dec 1892Catherington, Hampshire, England I2434
6 BUDDEN, William  Between Apr 1885 and Jun 1885Catherington, Hampshire, England I2432
7 BUDDEN, William  Between Apr 1917 and Jun 1917Catherington, Hampshire, England I2478
8 BUDDEN, William Cheeseman  Mar 1855Catherington, Hampshire, England I5599
9 BUDDEN, William Cheesman  Between Jan 1855 and Mar 1855Catherington, Hampshire, England I4266
10 CATCHLOVE, Annie  Between Jan 1884 and Mar 1884Catherington, Hampshire, England I4386
11 CATCHLOVE, Edmund  Between Jan 1894 and Mar 1894Catherington, Hampshire, England I4360
12 CATCHLOVE, Jenny  Between Jan 1884 and Mar 1884Catherington, Hampshire, England I4387
13 GROUT, George  Between Apr 1905 and Jun 1905Catherington, Hampshire, England I2517
14 KNIGHT, Jane  Between Jan 1858 and Mar 1858Catherington, Hampshire, England I2455
15 PECK, Francis  Sep 1899Catherington, Hampshire, England I5584
16 REED, Harriet  Mar 1863Catherington, Hampshire, England I2480
17 SMITH, Harriett  Between Jan 1898 and Mar 1898Catherington, Hampshire, England I2533
18 SPOONER, Elizabeth  27 Jan 1869Catherington, Hampshire, England I5529


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Eleanor  27 Jun 1857Catherington, Hampshire, England I5519
2 ADAMS, Eliza  30 Nov 1862Catherington, Hampshire, England I5521
3 ADAMS, Elizabeth  1 Oct 1865Catherington, Hampshire, England I5522
4 ADAMS, George Pescod  22 Jun 1828Catherington, Hampshire, England I5506
5 ADAMS, George Piscod [sic]  22 Aug 1830Catherington, Hampshire, England I5575
6 ADAMS, James Pink  22 Aug 1830Catherington, Hampshire, England I5513
7 ADAMS, John Albert  2 Aug 1840Catherington, Hampshire, England I5509
8 BONE, Fanny Eliza  1 Oct 1854Catherington, Hampshire, England I15830
9 BUDDEN, Amy Jane  5 Oct 1851Catherington, Hampshire, England I2534
10 GROUT, George William  7 Sep 1856Catherington, Hampshire, England I4309
11 GROUT, John  14 Aug 1796Catherington, Hampshire, England I5493
12 SPOONER, Alice  31 Jan 1858Catherington, Hampshire, England I5516
13 SPOONER, Caroline  28 Apr 1861Catherington, Hampshire, England I5518
14 SPOONER, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1869Catherington, Hampshire, England I5529
15 SPOONER, Ernest Harry  18 Dec 1870Catherington, Hampshire, England I5528
16 SPOONER, Laura  8 May 1859Catherington, Hampshire, England I5517
17 SPOONER, Mary Jane  2 Sep 1855Catherington, Hampshire, England I5515
18 SPOONER, Walter Albert  20 Aug 1865Catherington, Hampshire, England I5527
19 SPOONER, William Charles  5 Apr 1863Catherington, Hampshire, England I5526


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Catherine  1861Catherington, Hampshire, England I5520
2 ADAMS, Catherine  1871Catherington, Hampshire, England I5520
3 ADAMS, Eleanor  1861Catherington, Hampshire, England I5519
4 ADAMS, Eleanor  1871Catherington, Hampshire, England I5519
5 ADAMS, Eliza  1871Catherington, Hampshire, England I5521
6 ADAMS, Elizabeth  1871Catherington, Hampshire, England I5522
7 ADAMS, Emma  1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I5525
8 ADAMS, George  3 Apr 1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I2429
9 ADAMS, George Pescod  1841Catherington, Hampshire, England I5506
10 ADAMS, George Pescod  1851Catherington, Hampshire, England I5506
11 ADAMS, Harriet  1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I2371
12 ADAMS, Harriet  1891Catherington, Hampshire, England I2371
13 ADAMS, Harriet  1901Catherington, Hampshire, England I2371
14 ADAMS, Harriet Jane  1841Catherington, Hampshire, England I5505
15 ADAMS, Harriet Jane  1851Catherington, Hampshire, England I5505
16 ADAMS, Harriet Jane  1861Catherington, Hampshire, England I5505
17 ADAMS, Harriet Jane  1871Catherington, Hampshire, England I5505
18 ADAMS, Harriet Jane  1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I5505
19 ADAMS, Henry  1841Catherington, Hampshire, England I5502
20 ADAMS, Henry  1851Catherington, Hampshire, England I5502
21 ADAMS, Henry  1861Catherington, Hampshire, England I5502
22 ADAMS, Henry  1871Catherington, Hampshire, England I5502
23 ADAMS, Henry  1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I5502
24 ADAMS, Henry  1891Catherington, Hampshire, England I5502
25 ADAMS, Henry  1901Catherington, Hampshire, England I5502
26 ADAMS, Herbert  1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I5524
27 ADAMS, Herbert  1891Catherington, Hampshire, England I5524
28 ADAMS, Herbert  1901Catherington, Hampshire, England I5524
29 ADAMS, James  1841Catherington, Hampshire, England I5508
30 ADAMS, James Henry  1871Catherington, Hampshire, England I5523
31 ADAMS, James Henry  1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I5523
32 ADAMS, John  3 Apr 1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I2009
33 ADAMS, John Albert  1841Catherington, Hampshire, England I5509
34 ADAMS, John Albert  1851Catherington, Hampshire, England I5509
35 ADAMS, John Albert  1861Catherington, Hampshire, England I5509
36 BLACKMORE, Edmund  1841Catherington, Hampshire, England I15998
37 BLACKMORE, Fanny  1841Catherington, Hampshire, England I15999
38 BONE, Harry  1891Catherington, Hampshire, England I15837
39 BONE, John  1891Catherington, Hampshire, England I15833
40 BONE, Thomas  1891Catherington, Hampshire, England I15825
41 BUDDEN, Agnes Annie  1901Catherington, Hampshire, England I5594
42 BUDDEN, Alice Mary  1861Catherington, Hampshire, England I2522
43 BUDDEN, Amy Florence  1891Catherington, Hampshire, England I5588
44 BUDDEN, Annie Maria  1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I2549
45 BUDDEN, Annie Maria  1891Catherington, Hampshire, England I2549
46 BUDDEN, Arthur George  1901Catherington, Hampshire, England I5595
47 BUDDEN, Betsey A  1871Catherington, Hampshire, England I2544
48 BUDDEN, Betsey A  1881Catherington, Hampshire, England I2544
49 BUDDEN, Caroline  1841Catherington, Hampshire, England I2457
50 BUDDEN, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Catherington, Hampshire, England I2470

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / CLARKE  16 Jul 1865Catherington, Hampshire, England F739
2 BAKER / PENN  Between Oct 1888 and Dec 1888Catherington, Hampshire, England F1278
3 BAKER / PENN  Between Apr 1893 and Jun 1893Catherington, Hampshire, England F1279
4 BASTABLE / BUDDEN  1868Catherington, Hampshire, England F743
5 BENHAM / PENN  Between Oct 1910 and Dec 1910Catherington, Hampshire, England F1280
6 BONE / BUDDEN  13 Oct 1852Catherington, Hampshire, England F4747
7 BRINE / PINNOCK  Between Jul 1913 and Sep 1913Catherington, Hampshire, England F2433
8 BUDDEN / SMITH  Sep 1849Catherington, Hampshire, England F738
9 CATCHLOVE / PENN  Between Jul 1870 and Sep 1870Catherington, Hampshire, England F1276
10 DAUGHTRY / BUDDEN  Between Oct 1914 and Dec 1914Catherington, Hampshire, England F1246
11 GROUT / WILLEYBANK  31 May 1815Catherington, Hampshire, England F1583
12 HARVEY / BUDDEN  Between Oct 1904 and Dec 1904Catherington, Hampshire, England F1245
13 HAYNES / PINNOCK  1919Catherington, Hampshire, England F2461
14 HILTON / GROUT  Between Oct 1892 and Dec 1892Catherington, Hampshire, England F1264
15 HOUNSOME / PINNOCK  Between Oct 1901 and Dec 1901Catherington, Hampshire, England F2430
16 HUMPHREY / PINNOCK  Between Oct 1915 and Dec 1915Catherington, Hampshire, England F2432
17 KEYS / ADAMS  Between Jul 1862 and Sep 1862Catherington, Hampshire, England F4724
18 MATTHEWS / BUDDEN  Between Oct 1896 and Dec 1896Catherington, Hampshire, England F1244
19 MONDY OR MAUNDY / GROUT  Between Jul 1879 and Sep 1879Catherington, Hampshire, England F1262
20 PENN / BUDDEN  1840Catherington, Hampshire, England F1270
21 PENN / HORTON  1873Catherington, Hampshire, England F1275
22 PENN / RANDLE  Between Oct 1864 and Dec 1864Catherington, Hampshire, England F1274
23 PINNOCK / GEORGE  Between Jan 1917 and Mar 1917Catherington, Hampshire, England F2428
24 PINNOCK / LANGRISH  Between Apr 1902 and Jun 1902Catherington, Hampshire, England F2431
25 PRETTY / PINNOCK  Between Oct 1901 and Dec 1901Catherington, Hampshire, England F2429
26 SPOONER / ADAMS  28 Jun 1855Catherington, Hampshire, England F1587
27 WALTON / GROUT  Between Jul 1899 and Sep 1899Catherington, Hampshire, England F1265
28 WHITEHEAD / PENN  Between Jan 1878 and Mar 1878Catherington, Hampshire, England F1277
29 WINCH / PINNOCK  Between Oct 1918 and Dec 1918Catherington, Hampshire, England F2434