Chichester, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AYLING, Thomas  1761Chichester, Sussex, England I8278
2 BONNER, Ellen  1809Chichester, Sussex, England I1957
3 CLARKE, Samuel  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I3197
4 ELDERTON, Ellen  1858Chichester, Sussex, England I5569
5 FALGATE, William  1793Chichester, Sussex, England I1510
6 FALKITT, Louisa  1790Chichester, Sussex, England I1509
7 FOCKITT, Edward  1828Chichester, Sussex, England I1565
8 FOLKET, John  1801Chichester, Sussex, England I1513
9 FOLKET, Robert  1804Chichester, Sussex, England I1514
10 FOLKETT, Alfred Henry  Between Jan 1868 and Mar 1868Chichester, Sussex, England I1949
11 FOLKETT, Ann  1816Chichester, Sussex, England I1519
12 FOLKETT, Anne  1839Chichester, Sussex, England I3880
13 FOLKETT, Charles  1821Chichester, Sussex, England I3879
14 FOLKETT, Charles  1831Chichester, Sussex, England I3878
15 FOLKETT, Eliza  1825Chichester, Sussex, England I1524
16 FOLKETT, Eliza  1845Chichester, Sussex, England I3362
17 FOLKETT, Emma  1856Chichester, Sussex, England I1950
18 FOLKETT, Frank  1824Chichester, Sussex, England I1523
19 FOLKETT, Frank  1864Chichester, Sussex, England I1951
20 FOLKETT, George  1820Chichester, Sussex, England I1520
21 FOLKETT, James  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I1952
22 FOLKETT, John  1815Chichester, Sussex, England I1518
23 FOLKETT, Plummer  1821Chichester, Sussex, England I1521
24 FOLKETT, Samuel  1795Chichester, Sussex, England I1511
25 FOLKETT, Samuel  1822Chichester, Sussex, England I1522
26 FOLKETT, William  1830Chichester, Sussex, England I1525
27 IFIELD, Frances  1813Chichester, Sussex, England I1492
28 MARSH, Gladys W  8 Nov 1896Chichester, Sussex, England I15748
29 MARSH, Nellie  1891Chichester, Sussex, England I15757
30 MUGGRIDGE, William Walter  1846Chichester, Sussex, England I5572
31 PESKETT, Henry E  1837Chichester, Sussex, England I14793
32 PESKETT, Henry James  1876Chichester, Sussex, England I14791
33 PESKETT, Rosa May  22 May 1908Chichester, Sussex, England I8552
34 PILE, Phyllis Jean  18 Jun 1933Chichester, Sussex, England I13066
35 POWELL, Mary  1744Chichester, Sussex, England I10107
36 POWELL, Sarah  1746Chichester, Sussex, England I10095
37 POWELL, Thomas  1747Chichester, Sussex, England I10108
38 RAWLINS, John  1815Chichester, Sussex, England I5948
39 REED, Alice  1855Chichester, Sussex, England I2401
40 REED, Ann  1829Chichester, Sussex, England I1491
41 REED, Charles  1794Chichester, Sussex, England I5640
42 REED, Charles  1833Chichester, Sussex, England I942
43 REED, Charles  1858Chichester, Sussex, England I3336
44 REED, Charles John  1846Chichester, Sussex, England I1493
45 REED, Charles W  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I5647
46 REED, Edwin Charles  1819Chichester, Sussex, England I5651
47 REED, Eliza  1819Chichester, Sussex, England I1412
48 REED, Ellen  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1787
49 REED, Emma  1815Chichester, Sussex, England I1487
50 REED, Emma  1848Chichester, Sussex, England I1499

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANCELL, Frances  Between Jan 1868 and Mar 1868Chichester, Sussex, England I1516
2 ATKINSON, Mary  1826Chichester, Sussex, England I1506
3 BISHOP, Mary  1822Chichester, Sussex, England I7880
4 CHEESEMAN, Harriet  Mar 1897Chichester, Sussex, England I5536
5 CHEESEMAN, Jane  1915Chichester, Sussex, England I5534
6 CULLEN, Winifred Maud  2000Chichester, Sussex, England I15342
7 EDE, Bert  5 Nov 1961Chichester, Sussex, England I15751
8 EDMUNDS, Archibald John Hart  10 Dec 1941Chichester, Sussex, England I9880
9 EDWARDS, Emily  Mar 1967Chichester, Sussex, England I13827
10 ELDERTON, Amy Jane  Mar 1932Chichester, Sussex, England I5563
11 ELDERTON, Henry  Jun 1909Chichester, Sussex, England I5561
12 FALKETT, Mary  1797Chichester, Sussex, England I1512
13 FOAKETT, Dawson  22 Sep 1837Chichester, Sussex, England I1507
14 FOLGATE, Ann  29 Jul 1856Chichester, Sussex, England I995
15 FOLKET, John  1804Chichester, Sussex, England I1513
16 FOLKETT, Alfred Henry  1891Chichester, Sussex, England I1949
17 FOLKETT, Frank  1899Chichester, Sussex, England I1523
18 FOLKETT, Louisa  1849Chichester, Sussex, England I1517
19 FOLKETT, Samuel  Between Oct 1879 and Dec 1879Chichester, Sussex, England I1511
20 GILBERT, Edward Atkinson  1860Chichester, Sussex, England I9641
21 IFIELD, Frances  Between Apr 1867 and Jun 1867Chichester, Sussex, England I1492
22 MARSH, Gladys W  1981Chichester, Sussex, England I15748
23 MUGGRIDGE, May Louise  Between Jan 1897 and Mar 1897Chichester, Sussex, England I8279
24 MUGGRIDGE, William Walter  1908Chichester, Sussex, England I5572
25 PESKETT, Rosa May  Mar 2005Chichester, Sussex, England I8552
26 PILE, Charles William Leslie  1 Feb 1994Chichester, Sussex, England I8551
27 PULLEN, Harriett  Between Jan 1877 and Mar 1877Chichester, Sussex, England I1496
28 READ, William  1759Chichester, Sussex, England I7879
29 REED, Charles  Mar 1842Chichester, Sussex, England I5645
30 REED, Charles John  3 May 1846Chichester, Sussex, England I1493
31 REED, Emma  1835Chichester, Sussex, England I1487
32 REED, Harriet  1859Chichester, Sussex, England I5642
33 REED, John  1799Chichester, Sussex, England I5636
34 REED, John  2 Oct 1845Chichester, Sussex, England I947
35 REED, Sarah Fanny  9 Feb 1933Chichester, Sussex, England I1495
36 REED, William  1757Chichester, Sussex, England I7881
37 REED, William  1825Chichester, Sussex, England I1489
38 TAPPING, James Henry  Nov 1999Chichester, Sussex, England I15339
39 WHITEHILL, Francis McCallum  1963Chichester, Sussex, England I3578
40 WHITEHILL, Margaret McCallum (twin)  1959Chichester, Sussex, England I3580
41 WILSON, Mary  1835Chichester, Sussex, England I5637
42 WILSON, Samuel  1790Chichester, Sussex, England I9636
43 [FOLKETT], Fanny F  Between Jul 1912 and Sep 1912Chichester, Sussex, England I1947


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON, Mary  2 Feb 1826Chichester, Sussex, England I1506
2 BISHOP, Mary  1 Aug 1822Chichester, Sussex, England I7880
3 FALKETT, Mary  5 Dec 1797Chichester, Sussex, England I1512
4 FOAKETT, Dawson  27 Sep 1837Chichester, Sussex, England I1507
5 FOLGATE, Ann  3 Aug 1856Chichester, Sussex, England I995
6 FOLKET, Infant  31 Dec 1806Chichester, Sussex, England I4713
7 FOLKET, John  31 May 1804Chichester, Sussex, England I1513
8 FOLKETT, Samuel  27 Dec 1879Chichester, Sussex, England I1511
9 GILBERT, Edward Atkinson  11 Feb 1860Chichester, Sussex, England I9641
10 READ, William  25 Jun 1759Chichester, Sussex, England I7879
11 REED, Emma  27 Mar 1835Chichester, Sussex, England I1487
12 REED, George  19 Dec 1847Chichester, Sussex, England I1494
13 REED, Harriet  9 Apr 1859Chichester, Sussex, England I5642
14 REED, John  4 Oct 1799Chichester, Sussex, England I5636
15 REED, John  6 Oct 1845Chichester, Sussex, England I947
16 REED, William  5 Oct 1757Chichester, Sussex, England I7881
17 REED, William  27 Nov 1825Chichester, Sussex, England I1489
18 WILSON, Mary  22 Oct 1835Chichester, Sussex, England I5637
19 WILSON, Samuel  29 Dec 1790Chichester, Sussex, England I9636

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, Nellie  1939Chichester, Sussex, England I14777
2 KNELLAR, Fanny Ellen  1939Chichester, Sussex, England I8550
3 PESKETT, Rosa May  1939Chichester, Sussex, England I8552
4 PILE, Charles  1939Chichester, Sussex, England I8545
5 PILE, Charles William Leslie  1939Chichester, Sussex, England I8551
6 PILE, Phyllis Jean  1939Chichester, Sussex, England I13066
7 REED, Ruby Nellie  1939Chichester, Sussex, England I14778
8 STATHAM, Frank Reginald  1939Chichester, Sussex, England I14780


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 AYLING, Thomas  27 May 1761Chichester, Sussex, England I8278
2 FALGATE, William  5 Jun 1793Chichester, Sussex, England I1510
3 FALKITT, Louisa  26 Oct 1790Chichester, Sussex, England I1509
4 FAUCKETT, Julianna  19 Sep 1808Chichester, Sussex, England I1515
5 FOCKITT, Edward  2 Sep 1828Chichester, Sussex, England I1565
6 FOLKET, John  29 Jul 1801Chichester, Sussex, England I1513
7 FOLKET, Robert  18 Apr 1804Chichester, Sussex, England I1514
8 FOLKETT, Charles  2 Aug 1831Chichester, Sussex, England I3878
9 FOLKETT, Eliza  23 Apr 1826Chichester, Sussex, England I1524
10 FOLKETT, Frank  20 Mar 1824Chichester, Sussex, England I1523
11 FOLKETT, John  5 Jan 1815Chichester, Sussex, England I1518
12 FOLKETT, Louisa  26 Sep 1813Chichester, Sussex, England I1517
13 FOLKETT, Plummer  4 Feb 1821Chichester, Sussex, England I1521
14 FOLKETT, Samuel  14 Jun 1795Chichester, Sussex, England I1511
15 FOLKETT, Samuel  24 Nov 1822Chichester, Sussex, England I1522
16 FOLKETT, William  1 Mar 1831Chichester, Sussex, England I1525
17 POWELL, Mary  14 Dec 1744Chichester, Sussex, England I10107
18 POWELL, Sarah  25 Mar 1746Chichester, Sussex, England I10095
19 POWELL, Thomas  12 Dec 1747Chichester, Sussex, England I10108
20 REED, Alice  28 Oct 1855Chichester, Sussex, England I2401
21 REED, Ann  8 Dec 1829Chichester, Sussex, England I1491
22 REED, Charles  18 Apr 1794Chichester, Sussex, England I5640
23 REED, Charles  7 Jan 1834Chichester, Sussex, England I942
24 REED, Charles  20 Jun 1858Chichester, Sussex, England I3336
25 REED, Edwin Charles  2 Feb 1819Chichester, Sussex, England I5651
26 REED, Eliza  6 Jan 1819Chichester, Sussex, England I1412
27 REED, Ellen  15 Jun 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1787
28 REED, Emma  7 May 1848Chichester, Sussex, England I1499
29 REED, Frederick  27 Nov 1816Chichester, Sussex, England I948
30 REED, Frederick  31 Mar 1844Chichester, Sussex, England I1497
31 REED, George  12 Nov 1847Chichester, Sussex, England I1494
32 REED, George  10 Oct 1854Chichester, Sussex, England I4714
33 REED, Harriet  8 Jun 1792Chichester, Sussex, England I5642
34 REED, James  6 Apr 1790Chichester, Sussex, England I5638
35 REED, John  7 Dec 1758Chichester, Sussex, England I5636
36 REED, John  17 Nov 1784Chichester, Sussex, England I14995
37 REED, Julia  6 Dec 1820Chichester, Sussex, England I1488
38 REED, Louisa  2 Mar 1825Chichester, Sussex, England I1490
39 REED, Louisa  19 Apr 1846Chichester, Sussex, England I1498
40 REED, Mary  27 Jan 1797Chichester, Sussex, England I5641
41 REED, Mary  17 Jun 1823Chichester, Sussex, England I1486
42 REED, Sarah  23 May 1788Chichester, Sussex, England I5639
43 REED, Sarah Fanny  16 Feb 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1495
44 REED, William  10 Sep 1757Chichester, Sussex, England I7881
45 REED, William  2 Apr 1823Chichester, Sussex, England I1489
46 REED, William  27 Oct 1844Chichester, Sussex, England I2400
47 REED, William Cooper  31 Jan 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1505
48 RICHARDSON, Rhoda Jane  17 Sep 1854Chichester, Sussex, England I5649
49 RICHARDSON, Rhoda Jane  17 Sep 1854Chichester, Sussex, England I5649
50 RICHARDSON, William  25 Dec 1848Chichester, Sussex, England I5650

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANCELL, Frances  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I1516
2 ANCELL, Frances  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1516
3 ANCELL, Frances  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I1516
4 BUTLER, William  1911Chichester, Sussex, England I8280
5 CHEESEMAN, Amy  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I5535
6 CHEESEMAN, Harriet  1871Chichester, Sussex, England I5536
7 CHEESEMAN, Harriet  1881Chichester, Sussex, England I5536
8 CHEESEMAN, Harriet  1891Chichester, Sussex, England I5536
9 CHEESEMAN, Jane  1911Chichester, Sussex, England I5534
10 CHEESMAN, Jane  1911Chichester, Sussex, England I5540
11 CLARKE, Ann  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I3196
12 CLARKE, Charles  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I3195
13 CLARKE, James  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I3512
14 CLARKE, Samuel  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I3197
15 EAMES, John  6 Jun 1841Chichester, Sussex, England I6929
16 EAMES, John  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I6929
17 ELDERTON, Amy Jane  1891Chichester, Sussex, England I5563
18 ELDERTON, Amy Jane  1901Chichester, Sussex, England I5563
19 ELDERTON, Amy Jane  1911Chichester, Sussex, England I5563
20 ELDERTON, Henry  1871Chichester, Sussex, England I5561
21 ELDERTON, Henry  1881Chichester, Sussex, England I5561
22 ELDERTON, Henry  1891Chichester, Sussex, England I5561
23 FITZPATRICK, Catherine  6 Jun 1841Chichester, Sussex, England I1508
24 FITZPATRICK, Catherine  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1508
25 FOCKITT, Edward  6 Jun 1841Chichester, Sussex, England I1565
26 FOLGATE, Ann  6 Jun 1841Chichester, Sussex, England I995
27 FOLGATE, Ann  30 Mar 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I995
28 FOLKETT, Alfred Henry  2 Apr 1871Chichester, Sussex, England I1949
29 FOLKETT, Alfred Henry  3 Apr 1881Chichester, Sussex, England I1949
30 FOLKETT, Alfred Henry  5 Apr 1891Chichester, Sussex, England I1949
31 FOLKETT, Ann  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I1519
32 FOLKETT, Ann  2 Apr 1871Chichester, Sussex, England I1519
33 FOLKETT, Anne  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I3880
34 FOLKETT, Charles  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I3878
35 FOLKETT, Charles  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I3879
36 FOLKETT, Eliza  2 Apr 1871Chichester, Sussex, England I1948
37 FOLKETT, Emma  2 Apr 1871Chichester, Sussex, England I1950
38 FOLKETT, Emma  31 Mar 1901Chichester, Sussex, England I1950
39 FOLKETT, Emma  1911Chichester, Sussex, England I1950
40 FOLKETT, Frank  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I1523
41 FOLKETT, Frank  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1523
42 FOLKETT, Frank  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1523
43 FOLKETT, Frank  1861Chichester, Sussex, England I1523
44 FOLKETT, Frank  2 Apr 1871Chichester, Sussex, England I1523
45 FOLKETT, Frank  2 Apr 1871Chichester, Sussex, England I1951
46 FOLKETT, Frank  3 Apr 1881Chichester, Sussex, England I1523
47 FOLKETT, Frank  3 Apr 1881Chichester, Sussex, England I1951
48 FOLKETT, Frank  5 Apr 1891Chichester, Sussex, England I1523
49 FOLKETT, James  2 Apr 1871Chichester, Sussex, England I1952
50 FOLKETT, Louisa  1841Chichester, Sussex, England I1517

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 FOLGATE, Ann  30 Mar 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I995
2 REED, Charles  30 Mar 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I942
3 REED, Frederick  1851Chichester, Sussex, England I948
4 REED, Frederick  30 Mar 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I948
5 REED, Frederick  7 Apr 1861Chichester, Sussex, England I948
6 REED, Frederick  1867Chichester, Sussex, England I948
7 REED, Frederick  2 Apr 1871Chichester, Sussex, England I948
8 REED, Frederick  2 Apr 1871Chichester, Sussex, England I1497
9 REED, John  30 Mar 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1485
10 REED, Julia  30 Mar 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1488
11 REED, Louisa  30 Mar 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I1490
12 REED, Sarah Fanny  1909Chichester, Sussex, England I1495
13 REED, William  30 Mar 1851Chichester, Sussex, England I2400
14 REED, William  7 Apr 1861Chichester, Sussex, England I2400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 CHEESMAN, Benjamin  12 Jan 1884Chichester, Sussex, England I5537
2 REED, John  24 Feb 1807Chichester, Sussex, England I5636


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AYLING / BISHOP  28 Oct 1759Chichester, Sussex, England F2394
2 BOND / PILE  Between Jan 1912 and Mar 1912Chichester, Sussex, England F2487
3 BRUNTON / FALKITT  14 Jun 1813Chichester, Sussex, England F458
4 BUTLER / ELDERTON  Between Jan 1909 and Mar 1909Chichester, Sussex, England F2395
5 BUTLER / STUBBS  11 Dec 1815Chichester, Sussex, England F3335
6 FOAKETT / FITZPATRICK  20 Apr 1829Chichester, Sussex, England F457
7 FOLKETT / SHIPPAM  Between Jan 1850 and Mar 1850Chichester, Sussex, England F579
8 GAMMON / REED  Between Apr 1871 and Jun 1871Chichester, Sussex, England F1484
9 GILBERT / WILSON  1814Chichester, Sussex, England F2828
10 IFIELD / PESKETT  16 Nov 1808Chichester, Sussex, England F1372
11 PILE / PESKETT  1931Chichester, Sussex, England F2486
12 REED / FOLGATE  16 Jun 1810Chichester, Sussex, England F294
13 REED / GREENFIELD  28 Sep 1818Chichester, Sussex, England F1617
14 REED / IFIELD  1 Jan 1843Chichester, Sussex, England F452
15 REED / JOHNSON  18 Jul 1839Chichester, Sussex, England F1618
16 REED / PARSONS  7 Oct 1809Chichester, Sussex, England F4510
17 REED / SMITH  2 Mar 1813Chichester, Sussex, England F1616
18 REED / WILSON  27 Jul 1783Chichester, Sussex, England F1615
19 RICHARDSON / JOHNSON  2 Jun 1846Chichester, Sussex, England F1619
20 USILL / BARRY  Between Jul 1955 and Sep 1955Chichester, Sussex, England F2132