Croydon, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CAMERON, Jane Louisa  1859Croydon, Surrey, England I9111
2 CAMERON, Jane Louisa  1859Croydon, Surrey, England I10656
3 DE FRAINE, Gladys Madeleine  23 Aug 1896Croydon, Surrey, England I5174
4 DE FRAINE, John James  13 Feb 1912Croydon, Surrey, England I873
5 EDMUNDS, Annie Hart  1 Jan 1899Croydon, Surrey, England I9885
6 LEWCOCK, Albert George  Between Jul 1898 and Sep 1898Croydon, Surrey, England I9095
7 LEWCOCK, Arthur  Between Jan 1893 and Mar 1893Croydon, Surrey, England I9092
8 LEWCOCK, Beatrice Fanny Harriet  1879Croydon, Surrey, England I9060
9 LEWCOCK, Doris Hilda  Between Jul 1907 and Sep 1907Croydon, Surrey, England I9097
10 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth Abigail  Between Jan 1900 and Mar 1900Croydon, Surrey, England I9096
11 LEWCOCK, Florence  Between Apr 1909 and Jun 1909Croydon, Surrey, England I9098
12 LEWCOCK, Frederick  Between Apr 1897 and Jun 1897Croydon, Surrey, England I9094
13 LEWCOCK, John  Between Oct 1894 and Dec 1894Croydon, Surrey, England I9093
14 LEWCOCK, Rosa J  1923Croydon, Surrey, England I10177
15 LEWCOCK, Sydney  Between Jul 1902 and Sep 1902Croydon, Surrey, England I9102
16 LEWCOCK, William  1868Croydon, Surrey, England I10655
17 LEWCOCK, William Henry John "Wild Willie"  Between Apr 1916 and Jun 1916Croydon, Surrey, England I9085
18 LEWCOCK, William John  Dec 1867Croydon, Surrey, England I9090
19 PREVETT, George Thomas  1833Croydon, Surrey, England I13760
20 SHEPPARD, Elizabeth  Croydon, Surrey, England I9091
21 SMITH, Eva Leonora Isabel  1905Croydon, Surrey, England I11370
22 [CHRISTMAS], Ethel Amey  1886Croydon, Surrey, England I10407


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 JONES, Michael W  Jul 1997Croydon, Surrey, England I8460
2 LEWCOCK, Arthur  Dec 1928Croydon, Surrey, England I9107
3 LEWCOCK, Evelyn Sarah  Dec 1946Croydon, Surrey, England I10496
4 LEWCOCK, William John  Between Apr 1935 and Jun 1935Croydon, Surrey, England I9090
5 PEARSON, Emma Eliza  Between Oct 1891 and Dec 1891Croydon, Surrey, England I2193
6 POTIER, Frances  19 Apr 1912Croydon, Surrey, England I446


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, William  20 May 1875Croydon, Surrey, England I10479


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 EDMUNDS, Annie Hart  4 Mar 1899Croydon, Surrey, England I9885


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BISHOP, Grace Miriam  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I11002
2 CLARK, Abigail  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I10652
3 CLARK, Abigail  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I10652
4 COLLIER, Albert  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I3351
5 EDMUNDS, Annie Hart  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9885
6 EDMUNDS, Annie Hart  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I9885
7 EDMUNDS, Archibald John Hart  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I9880
8 EDMUNDS, Archibald John Hart  1891Croydon, Surrey, England I9880
9 EDMUNDS, Archibald John Hart  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9880
10 EDMUNDS, Archibald John Hart  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I9880
11 GARROD, Harriet  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I7112
12 GILLETT, Kate Ellen (Kitty)  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I930
13 HART, George Edward  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I7100
14 HART, George Ernest  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I7109
15 HART, Helena  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I7108
16 HART, Henrietta  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I7107
17 LEWCOCK, Albert George  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9095
18 LEWCOCK, Arthur  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I9107
19 LEWCOCK, Arthur  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I10654
20 LEWCOCK, Arthur  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I9107
21 LEWCOCK, Arthur  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I10654
22 LEWCOCK, Arthur  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9092
23 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth Abigail  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9096
24 LEWCOCK, Frederick  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9094
25 LEWCOCK, George S  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I10653
26 LEWCOCK, George S  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I10653
27 LEWCOCK, George Samuel  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I9106
28 LEWCOCK, George Samuel  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I9106
29 LEWCOCK, John  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9093
30 LEWCOCK, Mabel Elizabeth  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9099
31 LEWCOCK, William  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I9104
32 LEWCOCK, William  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I10479
33 LEWCOCK, William  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I10655
34 LEWCOCK, William  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I10655
35 LEWCOCK, William John  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I9090
36 LEWCOCK, William John  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I9090
37 LEWCOCK, William John  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9089
38 LEWCOCK, William John  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9090
39 LUCOCK, Alan  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I10995
40 NIX, Annie Norrish  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I5345
41 NIX, George  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I5348
42 PARKER, Annie Carr  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9884
43 PARKER, Annie Carr  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I9884
44 SHEPHARD, Thomas  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I4717
45 SHEPPARD, Elizabeth  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9091
46 TOWNSEND, Dorothy  1891Croydon, Surrey, England I9057
47 WAKEMAN, Mary  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I5350
48 [LEWCOCK], Abigail  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I9105
49 [LEWCOCK], Abigail  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I9105


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHWELL / DE FRAINE  Between Jul 1905 and Sep 1905Croydon, Surrey, England F152
2 EDMUNDS / PARKER  Between Oct 1896 and Dec 1896Croydon, Surrey, England F2910
3 FRANCIS / LUCOCK  1837Croydon, Surrey, England F3234
4 GAMMON / RICHARD  Between Jan 1918 and Mar 1918Croydon, Surrey, England F4135
5 GUNNER / WATTS  23 May 1830Croydon, Surrey, England F3416
6 LEWCOCK / CAMERON  Between Apr 1888 and Jun 1888Croydon, Surrey, England F2669
7 LEWCOCK / CAMERON  Between Apr 1888 and Jun 1888Croydon, Surrey, England F3137
8 LEWCOCK / DREW  Between Oct 1922 and Dec 1922Croydon, Surrey, England F2992
9 LEWCOCK / JOHNSTON  Between Oct 1925 and Dec 1925Croydon, Surrey, England F3073
10 LEWCOCK / SHEPPARD  Between Jan 1889 and Mar 1889Croydon, Surrey, England F2665
11 STEED / POPE  Between Apr 1912 and Jun 1912Croydon, Surrey, England F758