Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAYLIS, Anne  1799Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4573
2 BAYLISS, Richard  1813Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4578
3 PERRIN, Joseph  1801Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I11819
4 STRATTON, Abraham  1809Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4556
5 STRATTON, Ann Elizabeth  1849Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4566
6 STRATTON, Christopher  1811Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4562
7 STRATTON, Edward  1807Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4564
8 STRATTON, Elizabeth  1814Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4563
9 STRATTON, Joseph  1821Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I682
10 STRATTON, Matilda  1817Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4561
11 STRATTON, Sophia  1852Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4567
12 [BAYLISS], Fanny  1820Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4588


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GODFREE, Annie-Maria  4 Mar 1916Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I677
2 SMITH, Jane  1884Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I1785
3 STRATTON, Joseph  4 Mar 1898Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I682
4 STRATTON, William  1827Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4570
5 [STRATTON], Elizabeth  1812Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I3234


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BAYLIS, Anne  31 Oct 1877Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4573
2 GODFREE, Mary Ann  28 Sep 1886Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I670
3 MAY, Elizabeth  11 Mar 1855Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4568
4 SMITH, Jane  10 Apr 1884Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I1785
5 STRATTON, Abraham  31 Jan 1893Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4556
6 STRATTON, Abraham Brooks  18 Jul 1892Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4572
7 STRATTON, Ann Elizabeth  28 Aug 1858Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4566
8 STRATTON, Christopher  17 Aug 1811Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4562
9 STRATTON, Edward  20 Nov 1849Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4564
10 STRATTON, Elizabeth  8 Feb 1837Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4563
11 STRATTON, Joseph  8 Mar 1898Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I682
12 STRATTON, Matilda  17 Oct 1846Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4561
13 STRATTON, Thomas  23 Nov 1843Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4571
14 STRATTON, William  5 Jan 1827Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4570
15 [STRATTON], Ann  3 May 1852Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4565
16 [STRATTON], Elizabeth  6 Mar 1812Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I3234


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BAYLIS, Anne  9 Jul 1799Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4573
2 BAYLISS, Alice Hill  22 Apr 1810Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4579
3 BAYLISS, Elizabeth  18 Mar 1798Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4582
4 BAYLISS, Isaac  18 Aug 1822Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4580
5 BAYLISS, Maria  15 Sep 1816Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4584
6 BAYLISS, Mary  16 Apr 1802Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4583
7 BAYLISS, Richard  26 Sep 1813Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4578
8 BAYLISS, Thomas  15 Jun 1806Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4585
9 BAYLISS, William  25 Feb 1808Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4581
10 STRATTON, Abraham  26 Jun 1809Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4556
11 STRATTON, Abraham Brooks  26 Feb 1837Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4572
12 STRATTON, Ann Elizabeth  12 Jun 1849Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4566
13 STRATTON, Christopher  28 Apr 1811Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4562
14 STRATTON, Edward  8 Feb 1807Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4564
15 STRATTON, Elizabeth  19 Jun 1814Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4563
16 STRATTON, Joseph  30 Dec 1821Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I682
17 STRATTON, Matilda  2 Mar 1817Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4561
18 STRATTON, Sophia  29 Apr 1852Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4567


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BAYLIS, Anne  1861Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4573
2 BAYLISS, Thomas  1851Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4585
3 EUSTACE, Fanny  1901Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I3972
4 GILLETT, Augustine  1901Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I3276
5 GILLETT, Edward Eustace  1901Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I6704
6 GILLETT, Frederic  1901Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I3974
7 GILLETT, Helen Claudine  1901Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I3975
8 GILLETT, Richard Augustine  1901Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I3976
9 GODFREE, Annie-Maria  5 Apr 1891Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I677
10 GODFREE, Annie-Maria  31 Mar 1901Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I677
11 GODFREE, Annie-Maria  1911Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I677
12 GODFREE, Catherine  1911Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I678
13 POWELL, Clara Maria  1911Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I1798
14 SMITH, Jane  1861Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I1785
15 SMITH, Jane  1871Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I1785
16 SMITH, Jane  1881Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I1785
17 STRATTON, Abraham  1841Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4556
18 STRATTON, Abraham  1851Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4556
19 STRATTON, Abraham  1861Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4556
20 STRATTON, Abraham  1871Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4556
21 STRATTON, Abraham  1881Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4556
22 STRATTON, Abraham  1891Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4556
23 STRATTON, Abraham Brooks  1861Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4572
24 STRATTON, Ann Elizabeth  1851Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4566
25 STRATTON, Edward  1841Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4559
26 STRATTON, Joseph  1841Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I682
27 STRATTON, Joseph  5 Apr 1891Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I682
28 STRATTON, Sophia  1861Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4575
29 STRATTON, Sophia  1871Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4567
30 [STRATTON], Ann  1851Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I4565
31 [STRATTON], Elizabeth  1841Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I3234


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 GODFREE, Annie-Maria  5 Apr 1891Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I677
2 GODFREE, Annie-Maria  31 Mar 1901Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I677
3 STRATTON, Joseph  5 Apr 1891Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England I682


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAYLISS / HILL  20 Jul 1897Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England F1342
2 MACE / GILLETT  Mar 1901Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England F1922
3 PEARMAN / GILLETT  30 Apr 1913Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England F1927
4 SMITH / GILLETT  Sep 1912Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England F1923
5 STRATTON / BAYLIS  9 Jan 1836Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England F1340
6 STRATTON / MAY  9 Mar 1813Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England F1338
7 WALKER / STRATTON  10 Aug 1876Fulbrook, Oxfordshire, England F1339