Hampton, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLACKBURN, Emily Maud Margaret  1886Hampton, Middlesex, England I8963
2 LEWCOCK, Albert George V  24 Jan 1905Hampton, Middlesex, England I8725
3 LEWCOCK, Alle Phoebe  1847Hampton, Middlesex, England I8927
4 LEWCOCK, Ann Sarah  1825Hampton, Middlesex, England I8896
5 LEWCOCK, Caroline  1845Hampton, Middlesex, England I8926
6 LEWCOCK, Douglas Albert  4 Jun 1918Hampton, Middlesex, England I11272
7 LEWCOCK, Edward Philip  11 Sep 1908Hampton, Middlesex, England I8731
8 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth  1823Hampton, Middlesex, England I8895
9 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth Kate  1864Hampton, Middlesex, England I8742
10 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth M  1845Hampton, Middlesex, England I8752
11 LEWCOCK, George  1822Hampton, Middlesex, England I8923
12 LEWCOCK, George  1832Hampton, Middlesex, England I8938
13 LEWCOCK, George  1842Hampton, Middlesex, England I8929
14 LEWCOCK, George  1882Hampton, Middlesex, England I8952
15 LEWCOCK, George (twin)  1797Hampton, Middlesex, England I8917
16 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  1852Hampton, Middlesex, England I8754
17 LEWCOCK, Herbert  1884Hampton, Middlesex, England I8953
18 LEWCOCK, Herbert John  1908Hampton, Middlesex, England I8970
19 LEWCOCK, Horace  1887Hampton, Middlesex, England I8954
20 LEWCOCK, James  1856Hampton, Middlesex, England I8755
21 LEWCOCK, John Henry  1847Hampton, Middlesex, England I8753
22 LEWCOCK, John Henry Hunt  1821Hampton, Middlesex, England I8894
23 LEWCOCK, John James Lewcock  14 Jul 1791Hampton, Middlesex, England I8913
24 LEWCOCK, Kate E  1900Hampton, Middlesex, England I8729
25 LEWCOCK, Maria A  1846Hampton, Middlesex, England I8930
26 LEWCOCK, Mary  20 Aug 1802Hampton, Middlesex, England I8914
27 LEWCOCK, Mary  1819Hampton, Middlesex, England I8893
28 LEWCOCK, Mary  1907Hampton, Middlesex, England I8730
29 LEWCOCK, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1796Hampton, Middlesex, England I8972
30 LEWCOCK, Richard  1798Hampton, Middlesex, England I8918
31 LEWCOCK, Richard (twin)  1797Hampton, Middlesex, England I8915
32 LEWCOCK, Samuel  1798Hampton, Middlesex, England I8973
33 LEWCOCK, Samuel  1 Jan 1800Hampton, Middlesex, England I8921
34 LEWCOCK, Sarah  25 Jul 1794Hampton, Middlesex, England I8920
35 LEWCOCK, Sarah  18 Jun 1804Hampton, Middlesex, England I8916
36 LEWCOCK, Sarah  1816Hampton, Middlesex, England I8892
37 LEWCOCK, Sarah Ann  1842Hampton, Middlesex, England I8756
38 LEWCOCK, Sydney  1890Hampton, Middlesex, England I8955
39 LEWCOCK, William  24 May 1794Hampton, Middlesex, England I8838
40 LEWCOCK, William  1817Hampton, Middlesex, England I8750
41 LEWCOCK, William George  1840Hampton, Middlesex, England I8746


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENFIELD, Ann  24 Mar 1875Hampton, Middlesex, England I8922
2 DUFFEL, Mary  1820Hampton, Middlesex, England I8912
3 LEWCOCK, John  1848Hampton, Middlesex, England I2910
4 LEWCOCK, William  1834Hampton, Middlesex, England I8838
5 LEWCOCK, William George  21 Jun 1949Hampton, Middlesex, England I8743
6 TEW, Sarah  1836Hampton, Middlesex, England I8891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DUFFEL, Mary  23 Apr 1820Hampton, Middlesex, England I8912
2 LEWCOCK, George  11 Feb 1869Hampton, Middlesex, England I8923
3 LEWCOCK, George (twin)  23 Dec 1855Hampton, Middlesex, England I8917
4 LEWCOCK, John  20 Feb 1848Hampton, Middlesex, England I2910
5 LEWCOCK, William  16 May 1834Hampton, Middlesex, England I8838
6 TEW, Sarah  14 Feb 1836Hampton, Middlesex, England I8891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, Ann Sarah  30 Dec 1825Hampton, Middlesex, England I8896
2 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth  18 May 1823Hampton, Middlesex, England I8895
3 LEWCOCK, George  22 Dec 1822Hampton, Middlesex, England I8923
4 LEWCOCK, George  22 Apr 1832Hampton, Middlesex, England I8938
5 LEWCOCK, George  17 Jul 1842Hampton, Middlesex, England I8929
6 LEWCOCK, George (twin)  2 Feb 1797Hampton, Middlesex, England I8917
7 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  7 Aug 1853Hampton, Middlesex, England I8754
8 LEWCOCK, John Henry  9 Aug 1846Hampton, Middlesex, England I8753
9 LEWCOCK, John Henry Hunt  16 Sep 1821Hampton, Middlesex, England I8894
10 LEWCOCK, John James Lewcock  3 Aug 1791Hampton, Middlesex, England I8913
11 LEWCOCK, Mary  10 Oct 1802Hampton, Middlesex, England I8914
12 LEWCOCK, Mary  23 Jul 1819Hampton, Middlesex, England I8893
13 LEWCOCK, Mary Ann  15 May 1796Hampton, Middlesex, England I8972
14 LEWCOCK, Nathaniel  22 Apr 1832Hampton, Middlesex, England I8939
15 LEWCOCK, Rachel  22 Apr 1832Hampton, Middlesex, England I8940
16 LEWCOCK, Richard  4 Mar 1798Hampton, Middlesex, England I8918
17 LEWCOCK, Richard  22 Apr 1832Hampton, Middlesex, England I8941
18 LEWCOCK, Richard (twin)  2 Feb 1797Hampton, Middlesex, England I8915
19 LEWCOCK, Samuel  24 Nov 1798Hampton, Middlesex, England I8973
20 LEWCOCK, Samuel  26 Jan 1800Hampton, Middlesex, England I8921
21 LEWCOCK, Sarah  27 Jul 1794Hampton, Middlesex, England I8920
22 LEWCOCK, Sarah  5 Aug 1804Hampton, Middlesex, England I8916
23 LEWCOCK, Sarah  28 Jul 1816Hampton, Middlesex, England I8892
24 LEWCOCK, William  15 Jun 1794Hampton, Middlesex, England I8838
25 LEWCOCK, William  24 Aug 1817Hampton, Middlesex, England I8750


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BENFIELD, Ann  1841Hampton, Middlesex, England I8922
2 BENFIELD, Ann  1851Hampton, Middlesex, England I8922
3 BENFIELD, Ann  1861Hampton, Middlesex, England I8922
4 BENFIELD, Ann  1871Hampton, Middlesex, England I8922
5 BLACKBURN, Emily Maud Margaret  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8963
6 BUSS, Elizabeth Harriet  1841Hampton, Middlesex, England I8751
7 BUSS, Elizabeth Harriet  1851Hampton, Middlesex, England I8751
8 BUSS, Elizabeth Harriet  1861Hampton, Middlesex, England I8751
9 BUSS, Elizabeth Harriet  1871Hampton, Middlesex, England I8751
10 FROUDE, Mary Ann  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8822
11 GROOM, Sarah  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8757
12 HOAR, Ellen  1881Hampton, Middlesex, England I8936
13 HOAR, Ellen  1891Hampton, Middlesex, England I8936
14 HOAR, Ellen  1901Hampton, Middlesex, England I8936
15 LEWCOCK, Agnes  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8762
16 LEWCOCK, Albert  1881Hampton, Middlesex, England I8935
17 LEWCOCK, Albert  1891Hampton, Middlesex, England I8935
18 LEWCOCK, Albert  1901Hampton, Middlesex, England I8935
19 LEWCOCK, Albert George  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8960
20 LEWCOCK, Albert George V  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8725
21 LEWCOCK, Alfred  1871Hampton, Middlesex, England I8948
22 LEWCOCK, Ann  1861Hampton, Middlesex, England I8928
23 LEWCOCK, Ann  1871Hampton, Middlesex, England I8928
24 LEWCOCK, Arthur  1881Hampton, Middlesex, England I8931
25 LEWCOCK, Caroline  1841Hampton, Middlesex, England I8924
26 LEWCOCK, Dorothy  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8961
27 LEWCOCK, Edward Philip  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8731
28 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8761
29 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth M  1851Hampton, Middlesex, England I8752
30 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth M  1861Hampton, Middlesex, England I8752
31 LEWCOCK, Ellen  1881Hampton, Middlesex, England I8933
32 LEWCOCK, Ellen  1891Hampton, Middlesex, England I8933
33 LEWCOCK, Frederick  1881Hampton, Middlesex, England I8932
34 LEWCOCK, Frederick  1891Hampton, Middlesex, England I8932
35 LEWCOCK, Frederick George  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8758
36 LEWCOCK, George  1841Hampton, Middlesex, England I8923
37 LEWCOCK, George  1851Hampton, Middlesex, England I8929
38 LEWCOCK, George  1861Hampton, Middlesex, England I8929
39 LEWCOCK, George  1881Hampton, Middlesex, England I8929
40 LEWCOCK, George  1891Hampton, Middlesex, England I8929
41 LEWCOCK, George  1891Hampton, Middlesex, England I8952
42 LEWCOCK, George (twin)  1841Hampton, Middlesex, England I8917
43 LEWCOCK, George (twin)  1851Hampton, Middlesex, England I8917
44 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  1861Hampton, Middlesex, England I8754
45 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8754
46 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8763
47 LEWCOCK, George Arthur  1911Hampton, Middlesex, England I8727
48 LEWCOCK, Georgina  1871Hampton, Middlesex, England I8949
49 LEWCOCK, Herbert  1891Hampton, Middlesex, England I8953
50 LEWCOCK, Herbert  1901Hampton, Middlesex, England I8953

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