Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COATES, Arthur James  1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2048
2 GILLETT, Elizabeth  1828Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2360
3 GILLETT, James  1824Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2363
4 GILLETT, James  1840Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2044
5 GILLETT, Joseph  1844Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2045
6 GILLETT, Mary Ann  1826Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2361
7 GILLETT, Mary Ann  1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2047
8 GILLETT, Mary Sarah Elizabeth  1880Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2213
9 GILLETT, Thomas  1883Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2214
10 GILLETT, Walter  1848Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2046
11 GILLETT, William  13 Jun 1829Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2362
12 GILLETT, William  1838Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2043
13 HUSSEY, Esther  1807Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2716
14 LEE, Barbarina  1829Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2931
15 LEE, Barbarina  1846Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2725
16 LEE, Elizabeth  1837Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2722
17 LEE, Ellen  1833Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2934
18 LEE, Frederick Gibbons  1838Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2937
19 LEE, George  1835Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2935
20 LEE, Henry  1819Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2627
21 LEE, Henry  1826Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2718
22 LEE, James  1815Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2626
23 LEE, James  1825Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2717
24 LEE, Mary  1813Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2624
25 LEE, Mary  1825Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2929
26 LEE, Millicent  1828Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2719
27 LEE, Sarah  1814Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2625
28 LEE, Sarah  1840Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2723
29 LEE, Sarah A  1831Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2933
30 LEE, Sidney William  1854Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2661
31 LEE, Thomas  1800Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2637
32 LEE, Thomas  1811Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1013
33 LEE, Thomas  1830Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2932
34 LEE, Thomas Albert  1836Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2936
35 LEE, William  1831Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2720
36 REDRUP, Ada Clara  4 Aug 1896Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I12614
37 REDRUP, Henry  1828Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I12619
38 TAPPING, Adelaide Lee  1833Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1406
39 TAPPING, Ann  1833Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I5257
40 WEST, Minnie  1871Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I12618


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DOUGLAS, Henry  1879Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I3006
2 HAWS, Deborah  22 Mar 1839Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2630
3 LEE, James  1888Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2626
4 LEE, Thomas  24 Jul 1873Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1013
5 TAPPING, Edith Gibbs  8 Apr 1874Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1014


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DARVILL, Hannah  23 Jan 1856Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2621
2 GILLETT, Walter  1 Jun 1849Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2046
3 LEE, Frederick Gibbons  10 Jan 1876Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2937
4 LEE, James  6 Dec 1888Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2626
5 LEE, Thomas  29 Jul 1873Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1013
6 LEE, Thomas  13 Nov 1880Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2637
7 LEE, William  23 Aug 1881Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2622
8 TAPPING, Adelaide Lee  5 Oct 1893Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1406
9 TAPPING, Edith Gibbs  15 Apr 1874Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1014


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 GILLETT, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1828Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2360
2 GILLETT, James  26 Oct 1840Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2044
3 GILLETT, Walter  16 Aug 1848Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2046
4 GILLETT, William  5 Nov 1829Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2362
5 GILLETT, William  6 Sep 1838Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2043
6 LEE, Barbarina  26 Dec 1846Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2725
7 LEE, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1837Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2722
8 LEE, Emma  7 Jul 1844Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2724
9 LEE, George  23 May 1813Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2711
10 LEE, Henry  28 Mar 1819Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2627
11 LEE, Henry  17 Dec 1826Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2718
12 LEE, James  21 May 1815Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2626
13 LEE, James  13 Feb 1825Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2717
14 LEE, Mary  24 Jul 1803Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I4190
15 LEE, Mary  23 May 1813Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2624
16 LEE, Mary  5 Apr 1835Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2721
17 LEE, Milleson (Millicent????)  29 May 1798Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I4189
18 LEE, Millicent  12 Oct 1828Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2719
19 LEE, Richard  18 Jan 1807Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I4191
20 LEE, Thomas  13 Jul 1800Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2637
21 LEE, Thomas  24 Mar 1811Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1013
22 TAPPING, Adelaide Lee  21 Apr 1833Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 AUGUR, Sarah  7 Apr 1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2679
2 BYE, Mary  6 Jun 1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I910
3 DARVILL, Hannah  30 Mar 1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2621
4 DE FRAINE, Ada Elizabeth  1871Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I472
5 ELMORE, Anne  1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I12620
6 ELMORE, Anne  1871Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I12620
7 ELMORE, Anne  1881Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I12620
8 ELMORE, Anne  1891Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I12620
9 FRYER, Mary Anne  6 Jun 1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2042
10 GILLETT, Abram  6 Jun 1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I912
11 GILLETT, Amy  6 Jun 1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1058
12 GILLETT, James  6 Jun 1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2044
13 GILLETT, William  6 Jun 1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2043
14 HARGREAVES, George  30 Mar 1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2671
15 HARGREAVES, James  30 Mar 1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2672
16 HUSSEY, Esther  1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2716
17 HUSSEY, Esther  1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2716
18 HUSSEY, Esther  1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2716
19 LEE, Albert  7 Apr 1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2680
20 LEE, Ann  1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I4193
21 LEE, Anne Maria  7 Apr 1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2684
22 LEE, Barbarina  1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2725
23 LEE, Elizabeth  1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2722
24 LEE, Elizabeth  1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2722
25 LEE, Emma  1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2724
26 LEE, Frances Sophia  3 Apr 1881Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1405
27 LEE, George  7 Apr 1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2681
28 LEE, Henry  1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2718
29 LEE, Henry  7 Apr 1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2627
30 LEE, Henry Charles  7 Apr 1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2682
31 LEE, James  1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2717
32 LEE, James  30 Mar 1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2620
33 LEE, James Thomas  7 Apr 1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2683
34 LEE, Mary  1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2721
35 LEE, Mary  30 Mar 1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2624
36 LEE, Mary A  5 Apr 1891Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1407
37 LEE, Millicent  1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2719
38 LEE, Rhoda  1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I4194
39 LEE, Sarah  1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2723
40 LEE, Sidney William  7 Apr 1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2661
41 LEE, Thomas  1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2637
42 LEE, Thomas  1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2637
43 LEE, Thomas  1861Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2637
44 LEE, Thomas  1871Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I447
45 LEE, Thomas  2 Apr 1871Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1013
46 LEE, William  1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2720
47 LEE, William  1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I2720
48 LEE, William  3 Apr 1881Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1411
49 LEE, William  5 Apr 1891Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1411
50 REDRUP, Ada Clara  1901Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I12614

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 GILLETT, Abram  6 Jun 1841Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I912
2 LEE, Thomas  2 Apr 1871Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1013
3 LEE, William  5 Apr 1891Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England I1411


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOUG / LEE  10 Jun 1829Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F867
2 COATES / GILLETT  3 Dec 1885Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F617
3 DE FRAINE / LEE  17 Apr 1866Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F46
4 FREE / HOLT  2 Jan 1732Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F864
5 GILLETT / FRYER  19 Dec 1833Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F616
6 HISSEY / GILLETT  20 Nov 1847Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F327
7 LEE / AUGUR  1851Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F783
8 LEE / HUSSEY  12 Oct 1824Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F799
9 LEE / HUSSEY  6 Dec 1865Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F1224
10 LEE / MEAD  21 Sep 1797Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F1221
11 LEE / PLESTED  24 Jul 1837Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F1222
12 LEE / TAPPING  16 Jul 1834Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F312
13 REDRUP / LEE  18 Nov 1830Hughenden, Buckinghamshire, England F866