Islip, Oxfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 TOMPKINS, Bernard L  15 May 1894Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3730
2 TOMPKINS, Ellen E  1871Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3105
3 TOMPKINS, Frances Helena  4 Apr 1885Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3735
4 TOMPKINS, Gerald Joseph  4 Sep 1890Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3737
5 TOMPKINS, Harry Barnet Osborne  10 Feb 1883Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3728
6 TOMPKINS, Owen Walter  28 Mar 1892Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3731
7 TOMPKINS, Robert J  1876Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3107
8 TOMPKINS, Sarah L  1872Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3106
9 TOMPKINS, Vernon William  12 Sep 1887Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3738
10 TOMPKINS, Winifred Ellen  11 May 1889Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3736
11 [CHESTER], Mary A  1811Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3814
12 [TOMPKINS], Martha  1831Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3104


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Mildred Anne  22 Nov 1935Islip, Oxfordshire, England I9819
2 LAMBOURN, Sarah  1867Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3101
3 TEMPLAR, Elizabeth  28 Mar 1929Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3718
4 TOMPKINS, William  9 May 1874Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 LAMBOURN, Sarah  7 Apr 1861Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3101
2 TEMPLAR, Elizabeth  1891Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3718
3 TEMPLAR, Elizabeth  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3718
4 TEMPLAR, Elizabeth  1911Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3718
5 TOMPKINS, Beatrice Mary  1891Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3734
6 TOMPKINS, Beatrice Mary  1911Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3734
7 TOMPKINS, Bernard L  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3730
8 TOMPKINS, Bernard L  1911Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3730
9 TOMPKINS, Betsey Osborne  7 Apr 1861Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3131
10 TOMPKINS, Edith Annie  1891Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3732
11 TOMPKINS, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3143
12 TOMPKINS, Frances Helena  1891Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3735
13 TOMPKINS, Frances Helena  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3735
14 TOMPKINS, Gerald Joseph  1891Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3737
15 TOMPKINS, Gerald Joseph  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3737
16 TOMPKINS, Harry Barnet Osborne  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3728
17 TOMPKINS, Harry Barnet Osborne  1911Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3728
18 TOMPKINS, John  1891Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3717
19 TOMPKINS, John  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3717
20 TOMPKINS, John  1911Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3717
21 TOMPKINS, John "James" Shirley  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3727
22 TOMPKINS, Maria  30 Mar 1851Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3102
23 TOMPKINS, Minnie Elizabeth  1891Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3733
24 TOMPKINS, Minnie Elizabeth  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3733
25 TOMPKINS, Owen Walter  1891Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3731
26 TOMPKINS, Owen Walter  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3731
27 TOMPKINS, Owen Walter  1911Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3731
28 TOMPKINS, Robert A  30 Mar 1851Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3103
29 TOMPKINS, Robert A  7 Apr 1861Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3103
30 TOMPKINS, Robert Thomas  1891Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3721
31 TOMPKINS, Sarah Ayres  2 Apr 1871Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3111
32 TOMPKINS, Vernon William  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3738
33 TOMPKINS, William  30 Mar 1851Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3100
34 TOMPKINS, William  7 Apr 1861Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3100
35 TOMPKINS, William  2 Apr 1871Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3100
36 TOMPKINS, Winifred Ellen  1891Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3736
37 TOMPKINS, Winifred Ellen  1901Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3736
38 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3118
39 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1871Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3118


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 TOMPKINS, William  30 Mar 1851Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3100
2 TOMPKINS, William  2 Apr 1871Islip, Oxfordshire, England I3100


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 PERRY / TOMPKINS  10 Jul 1907Islip, Oxfordshire, England F1086
2 STEELE / TOMPKINS  17 Sep 1921Islip, Oxfordshire, England F2888
3 STEELE / TOMPKINS  17 Sep 1921Islip, Oxfordshire, England F2886