Marylebone, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLAN, Alfred Everitt  Between Oct 1884 and Dec 1884Marylebone, London, England I7544
2 AUSTIN, Robert  1862Marylebone, London, England I4738
3 BOEHMER, Edward Dixon N  11 Dec 1903Marylebone, London, England I2753
4 CLARK, Charles Campbell  3 Jan 1796Marylebone, London, England I13861
5 CLARK, Charles William  30 Mar 1837Marylebone, London, England I13857
6 DE FRAINE, Ernest  5 Mar 1881Marylebone, London, England I4771
7 DE FRAINE, Ernest  7 Jul 1912Marylebone, London, England I4773
8 DE FRAINE, George H  1897Marylebone, London, England I6094
9 DE FRAINE, Henry  29 Dec 1878Marylebone, London, England I4770
10 DE FRAINE, James George  20 Apr 1876Marylebone, London, England I4763
11 DE FRAINE, Jennie Elizabeth Esther  1899Marylebone, London, England I4767
12 DE FRAINE, Louisa  1889Marylebone, London, England I4765
13 DE FRAINE, Margaret  1897Marylebone, London, England I4766
14 DE FRAINE, Margaret Elizabeth  24 Jun 1885Marylebone, London, England I4772
15 DE FRAINE, Sarah  4 Oct 1873Marylebone, London, England I4769
16 DOVE, Maria Anne  1826Marylebone, London, England I8345
17 GILLETT, Jack Royston  1926Marylebone, London, England I2059
18 HARMSWORTH, Alfred  Jul 1837Marylebone, London, England I9548
19 HARMSWORTH, Charles H  1875Marylebone, London, England I9559
20 HARMSWORTH, Robert  1839Marylebone, London, England I9549
21 HARMSWORTH, Sarah Ann  1844Marylebone, London, England I9550
22 HARMSWORTH, William A S  1877Marylebone, London, England I9560
23 HENDRA, Rose  1905Marylebone, London, England I6896
24 KEYS, Sarah Jane  1860Marylebone, London, England I4754
25 KILEY, Louisa  1875Marylebone, London, England I4764
26 MATES, Charles  1857Marylebone, London, England I3316
27 MATES, Robert  1851Marylebone, London, England I3315
28 PERRY, Charlotte  1873Marylebone, London, England I3321
29 PERRY, Edward  1875Marylebone, London, England I3322
30 PERRY, Lydia  1879Marylebone, London, England I3308
31 THOMAS, Emma Cowcher  1817Marylebone, London, England I3507
32 TREWBY, Ronald Neil  Between Jul 1913 and Sep 1913Marylebone, London, England I503


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLARK, Charles Campbell  17 Jul 1845Marylebone, London, England I13861
2 CLARK, Charles William  19 Mar 1869Marylebone, London, England I13857
3 DE FRAINE, Francis Henry  1887Marylebone, London, England I585
4 DE FRAINE, James  1885Marylebone, London, England I598
5 MUTTON, Jane  10 Aug 1850Marylebone, London, England I13862


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 DE FRAINE, Cyril Frederick  15 Mar 1900Marylebone, London, England I6097
2 DE FRAINE, Ernest  26 Jul 1885Marylebone, London, England I4771
3 DE FRAINE, Henry  26 Jul 1885Marylebone, London, England I4770
4 DE FRAINE, Henry Ernest George  26 Jan 1902Marylebone, London, England I6096
5 DE FRAINE, James George  26 Jul 1885Marylebone, London, England I4763
6 DE FRAINE, Margaret Elizabeth  26 Jul 1885Marylebone, London, England I4772
7 DE FRAINE, Sarah  26 Jul 1885Marylebone, London, England I4769


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ALLAN, Alfred Everitt  1891Marylebone, London, England I7544
2 CALLAM, Mary Ann  1861Marylebone, London, England I3495
3 CARTER, Hannah  1841Marylebone, London, England I9547
4 CARTER, Hannah  1851Marylebone, London, England I9547
5 DE FRAINE, Annie M  1861Marylebone, London, England I3494
6 DE FRAINE, Ernest  1891Marylebone, London, England I4771
7 DE FRAINE, Ernest  1901Marylebone, London, England I4771
8 DE FRAINE, Frederick  1861Marylebone, London, England I614
9 DE FRAINE, Frederick  1861Marylebone, London, England I865
10 DE FRAINE, George H  1901Marylebone, London, England I6094
11 DE FRAINE, Henry  1891Marylebone, London, England I4770
12 DE FRAINE, James George  1891Marylebone, London, England I4763
13 DE FRAINE, James George  1901Marylebone, London, England I4763
14 DE FRAINE, Jennie Elizabeth Esther  1901Marylebone, London, England I4767
15 DE FRAINE, John F  1901Marylebone, London, England I700
16 DE FRAINE, Louisa  1901Marylebone, London, England I4765
17 DE FRAINE, Margaret  1901Marylebone, London, England I4766
18 DE FRAINE, Margaret Elizabeth  1891Marylebone, London, England I4772
19 DE FRAINE, Sarah  1891Marylebone, London, England I4769
20 EVERITT, Thomas William  1891Marylebone, London, England I7541
21 FREUND, Max Siegfried  1891Marylebone, London, England I1143
22 HARMSWORTH, Alfred  1841Marylebone, London, England I9548
23 HARMSWORTH, Alfred  1851Marylebone, London, England I9548
24 HARMSWORTH, Charles  1841Marylebone, London, England I9332
25 HARMSWORTH, Charles  1851Marylebone, London, England I9332
26 HARMSWORTH, Robert  1841Marylebone, London, England I9549
27 HARMSWORTH, Sarah Ann  1851Marylebone, London, England I9550
28 KILEY, Louisa  1891Marylebone, London, England I4764
29 KILEY, Louisa  1901Marylebone, London, England I4764
30 LOVIS, Minnie  1891Marylebone, London, England I980
31 USHER, Mary Ann  1891Marylebone, London, England I969
32 [DE FRAINE], Marie  1901Marylebone, London, England I4779
33 [UNKNOWN], Sarah  1891Marylebone, London, England I4768
34 [UNKNOWN], Sarah  1901Marylebone, London, England I4768


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUTTERWORTH / DE FRAINE  21 Sep 1919Marylebone, London, England F1744
2 CRACKNELL / DE FRAINE  4 Apr 1893Marylebone, London, England F121
3 DE FRAINE / JUDKINS  6 Jul 1862Marylebone, London, England F1739
4 DE FRAINE / KILEY  Between Jul 1898 and Sep 1898Marylebone, London, England F1388
5 DE FRAINE / MILES  Oct 1899Marylebone, London, England F1743
6 DE FRAINE / PRIESTLEY  20 May 1869Marylebone, London, England F1740
7 DE FRAINE / THOMAS  6 Nov 1867Marylebone, London, England F1010
8 FREUND / LOVIS  14 May 1887Marylebone, London, England F347
9 GILLETT / HORWOOD  Sep 1913Marylebone, London, England F622
10 SEAMAN / DE FRAINE  28 Apr 1895Marylebone, London, England F1742
11 SHEPHERD / DE FRAINE  2 Sep 1912Marylebone, London, England F1745
12 SIMPSON / AYERS  Between Jan 1937 and Mar 1937Marylebone, London, England F3883