Oxford, Oxfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BONELL, Eda M.A.  27 Jul 1897Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I6653
2 BRUCE, Roy John  1905Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I9803
3 DAY, Arthur Allen  1904Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I13159
4 DAY, Elsie Muriel  1899Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I13157
5 DAY, Eric James  1902Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I13158
6 DEACON, Dorothy  1883Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4041
7 DEACON, Frances Mary  1886Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4042
8 DEACON, Frank Thomas Bye  1874Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4040
9 DEACON, Iris E  1900Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4047
10 DEACON, Nelly Ada  1887Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4043
11 DEACON, Winifred W  1899Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4048
12 TRAFFORD, Thomas Edward  1844Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I7547
13 [DEACON], Sarah A  1872Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4046


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BONELL, Eda M.A.  Jun 1973Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I6653
2 GILLETT, Edward Eustace  Dec 1945Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I6704
3 GILLETT, Harry John  Jun 1952Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I6823
4 GILLETT, Richard Augustine  Sep 1957Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3976
5 GILLETT, William  21 Jun 1868Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I252
6 LIST, Frances Mary  Jun 1966Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I6713
7 LUCKETT, Elizabeth  1924Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I15847


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Elizabeth Ann  1911Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3347
2 BROADHURST, Ann Selina  1911Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I2386
3 BRYAN, Elizabeth  1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I2207
4 COLLIER, Jane  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I693
5 DAY, Arthur Allen  1911Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I13159
6 DAY, Elsie Muriel  1911Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I13157
7 DAY, Eric James  1911Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I13158
8 DAY, Ivy Selina Christine  1911Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I13156
9 DAY, James  1911Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I13155
10 DEACON, Alice E  1881Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4033
11 DEACON, Dorothy  1891Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4041
12 DEACON, Dorothy  1901Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4041
13 DEACON, Frances Mary  1891Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4042
14 DEACON, Frances Mary  1901Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4042
15 DEACON, Frank Thomas Bye  1891Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4040
16 DEACON, Frank Thomas Bye  1891Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4040
17 DEACON, Frank Thomas Bye  1901Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4040
18 DEACON, Henry  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I1059
19 DEACON, Henry  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3252
20 DEACON, Henry Arthur  1891Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4039
21 DEACON, Iris E  1901Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4047
22 DEACON, John  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3250
23 DEACON, John A  1881Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4034
24 DEACON, Nelly Ada  1891Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4043
25 DEACON, Nelly Ada  1901Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4043
26 DEACON, Selina Ann  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3249
27 DEACON, Thomas Bye  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3247
28 DEACON, Thomas Bye  1881Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3247
29 DEACON, Thomas Bye  1891Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3247
30 DEACON, Walter James  1881Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4032
31 DEACON, Walter James  1891Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4032
32 DEACON, Winifred W  1901Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4048
33 GILLETT, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I694
34 GILLETT, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I1057
35 HONOUR, Phyllis Caroline  1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I2749
36 ROSE, Laura E  1901Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4137
37 STOKES, Louisa Jane  1881Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4031
38 STOKES, Louisa Jane  1891Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4031
39 STOKES, Louisa Jane  1901Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4031
40 [DEACON], Sarah A  1901Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4046


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 DEACON, Henry  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I1059
2 DEACON, Henry  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3252
3 DEACON, John  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3250
4 DEACON, Thomas Bye  2 Apr 1871Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3247


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, William  1856Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I1158
2 BURNELL, Mary (Alice) Ann  10 Dec 1888Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I281
3 DE FRAINE, Brian William Turner  26 Sep 2012Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I511
4 DE FRAINE, George Turner  24 May 1919Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I181
5 DE FRAINE, James  24 Dec 1889Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I565
6 DE FRAINE, Joseph  7 Feb 1888Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I270
7 DE FRAINE, Mark  6 Oct 1877Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I526
8 DE FRAINE, Polly  22 Mar 1923Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4811
9 EUSTACE, George  6 Jul 1953Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I15843
10 EUSTACE, Richard  25 Nov 1898Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I4440
11 GODFREE, Annie-Maria  5 Jul 1916Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I677
12 HAMBIDGE, Leonard Robert  2 Dec 1940Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I736
13 HAMBIDGE, Robert  25 Feb 1892Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I679
14 LAWRENCE, Elizabeth  24 Jan 1807Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I1812
15 LEWCOCK, George Henry  30 Jun 1941Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I8803
16 MAYNE, Mary Ann  24 Mar 1914Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I3641
17 ROWE, Ethel Mary  15 Apr 1937Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I485
18 SMITH, John  26 May 1806Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I11329
19 STRATTON, Joseph  14 May 1898Oxford, Oxfordshire, England I682


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GILLETT / BONELL  Jun 1921Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F1909
2 GILLETT / HUMPHRIES  Mar 1908Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F1908
3 GILLETT / LONDON  14 Dec 1707Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F1684
4 GILLETT / NICOLES  2 Jul 1656Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F1685
5 GILLETT / WESTOVER  Sep 1940Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F1928
6 GILLETT / WOOD  14 Oct 1831Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F285
7 HAWES / TOWERTON  20 Jun 1809Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F3563
8 HONOUR / SHAW  Between Oct 1852 and Dec 1852Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F3780
9 RENWICK / HONOUR  Between Jul 1897 and Sep 1897Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F806
10 RICHARDS / BRUNTON  Between Oct 1928 and Dec 1928Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F2286
11 SPARROWHAWK / ANDREWS  17 Aug 1807Oxford, Oxfordshire, England F1293