Thame, Oxfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHESTER, Ann  1797Thame, Oxfordshire, England I383
2 LOUISA [LUCOCK], Florence  1882Thame, Oxfordshire, England I10608
3 TOMPKINS, Agnes  1843Thame, Oxfordshire, England I3121
4 TOMPKINS, Ann  1840Thame, Oxfordshire, England I3120
5 TOMPKINS, Betsey Osborne  Jun 1845Thame, Oxfordshire, England I3131
6 TOMPKINS, William Lambourn  Mar 1842Thame, Oxfordshire, England I3122


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 OSBORN, Ann  5 Jan 1854Thame, Oxfordshire, England I1012


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 DE FRAINE, Constance Mary  1911Thame, Oxfordshire, England I477
2 DE FRAINE, George Lee  5 Apr 1891Thame, Oxfordshire, England I475
3 FIELD, Ellen  1871Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2946
4 FIELD, Emily  1871Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2949
5 FIELD, Laura  1871Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2950
6 FIELD, Leonard  1881Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2957
7 FIELD, Lizzie  1871Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2951
8 FIELD, William Lee  1871Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2948
9 GILLETT, Dora  1901Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2230
10 GILLETT, Dorothy Amy  1891Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2102
11 GILLETT, Dorothy Amy  1901Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2102
12 GILLETT, Susan  1851Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2104
13 LEE, Ellen  1851Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2934
14 LEE, Frederick Gibbons  1851Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2937
15 LEE, George  1851Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2935
16 LEE, James A  1851Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2930
17 LEE, Mary  1851Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2929
18 LEE, Sarah A  1851Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2933
19 LEE, Thomas Albert  1851Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2936
20 LEE, William  1851Thame, Oxfordshire, England I2622
21 RYDER, Gordon Thomas (Don)  1911Thame, Oxfordshire, England I506
22 RYDER, Hugh Cecil  1911Thame, Oxfordshire, England I505
23 RYDER, Thomas  1911Thame, Oxfordshire, England I484
24 TOMPKINS, John  1861Thame, Oxfordshire, England I3717


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 TAPPING / SLATER  Between Oct 1849 and Dec 1849Thame, Oxfordshire, England F1505
2 TAPPING / TAPPING  Between Jul 1854 and Sep 1854Thame, Oxfordshire, England F1504