Tiverton, Devon, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ELLERTON, Charles F  1872Tiverton, Devon, England I7057
2 ELLERTON, Francis  1889Tiverton, Devon, England I7028
3 ELLERTON, Frederick  1875Tiverton, Devon, England I7026
4 ELLERTON, John Francis  1841Tiverton, Devon, England I7025
5 ELLERTON, Muriel Bessie  1877Tiverton, Devon, England I7027
6 NIX, George  Abt 1831Tiverton, Devon, England I5348
7 WOOD, Thirza  1806Tiverton, Devon, England I2831
8 [ELLERTON], Elizabeth  1817Tiverton, Devon, England I7061


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOWLY, Rosa Blanche  Between Apr 1901 and Jun 1901Tiverton, Devon, England I7019
2 HART, Florence  25 Jun 1950Tiverton, Devon, England I7022
3 KEEN, Isabel  Between Jan 1887 and Mar 1887Tiverton, Devon, England I7056


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BOWLY, Rosa Blanche  1901Tiverton, Devon, England I7019
2 ELLERTON, Charles F  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I7057
3 ELLERTON, Charles F  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I7057
4 ELLERTON, Francis  1841Tiverton, Devon, England I7059
5 ELLERTON, Francis  1851Tiverton, Devon, England I7059
6 ELLERTON, Francis  1861Tiverton, Devon, England I7059
7 ELLERTON, Francis  1871Tiverton, Devon, England I7059
8 ELLERTON, Francis  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I7059
9 ELLERTON, Francis  1901Tiverton, Devon, England I7028
10 ELLERTON, Francis  1911Tiverton, Devon, England I7028
11 ELLERTON, Frederick  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I7026
12 ELLERTON, Frederick  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I7026
13 ELLERTON, Frederick  1901Tiverton, Devon, England I7026
14 ELLERTON, John Francis  1841Tiverton, Devon, England I7025
15 ELLERTON, John Francis  1851Tiverton, Devon, England I7025
16 ELLERTON, John Francis  1861Tiverton, Devon, England I7025
17 ELLERTON, John Francis  1871Tiverton, Devon, England I7025
18 ELLERTON, John Francis  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I7025
19 ELLERTON, John Francis  1891Tiverton, Devon, England I7025
20 ELLERTON, John Francis  1901Tiverton, Devon, England I7025
21 ELLERTON, John Francis  1911Tiverton, Devon, England I7025
22 ELLERTON, Louisa H  1871Tiverton, Devon, England I7058
23 ELLERTON, Muriel Bessie  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I7027
24 ELLERTON, Muriel Bessie  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I7027
25 ELLERTON, Muriel Bessie  1901Tiverton, Devon, England I7027
26 ELLERTON, Muriel Bessie  1911Tiverton, Devon, England I7027
27 HART, Clara Beatrice  1901Tiverton, Devon, England I7016
28 HART, Florence  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I7022
29 HART, Florence  1891Tiverton, Devon, England I7022
30 HART, Florence  1901Tiverton, Devon, England I7022
31 HART, Florence  1911Tiverton, Devon, England I7022
32 HART, Mary  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I6999
33 HART, Mary Catherine  1901Tiverton, Devon, England I7020
34 KEEN, Isabel  1871Tiverton, Devon, England I7056
35 KEEN, Isabel  1881Tiverton, Devon, England I7056
36 [ELLERTON], Elizabeth  1841Tiverton, Devon, England I7061
37 [ELLERTON], Elizabeth  1851Tiverton, Devon, England I7061
38 [ELLERTON], Elizabeth  1861Tiverton, Devon, England I7061


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ELLERTON / HART  Between Oct 1873 and Dec 1873Tiverton, Devon, England F2027
2 ELLERTON / HART  Mar 1888Tiverton, Devon, England F2014