Aldershot, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLLINSON, Charles  1897Aldershot, Hampshire, England I6918
2 HART, Anne  1808Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15565
3 HART, Charles  1823Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15562
4 HART, Charles  1828Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7997
5 HART, Elizabeth  1789Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7973
6 HART, Elizabeth  1810Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15564
7 HART, Gene  1763Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8026
8 HART, Henry  1813Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15559
9 HART, James  20 May 1735Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8020
10 HART, James  1776Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7974
11 HART, James  1801Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15563
12 HART, Jane  1806Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15566
13 HART, Jeremiah  1777Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7975
14 HART, John  2 Dec 1738Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8023
15 HART, John  1774Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7976
16 HART, John  1818Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15554
17 HART, Joseph  17 May 1743Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7970
18 HART, Joseph  1772Aldershot, Hampshire, England I29
19 HART, Lucy  1820Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15561
20 HART, Maria  2 Jun 1745Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8025
21 HART, Maria  1780Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7977
22 HART, Mary  1770Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7978
23 HART, Mary Ann  1832Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7995
24 HART, Robert  1814Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15560
25 HART, Ruth  1789Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7979
26 HART, Stephen  1782Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7980
27 HART, William  1784Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7981
28 HART, William  1826Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7994
29 HILL, Elizabeth  Cal 1750Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7971
30 SMITH, Jane  1830Aldershot, Hampshire, England I3753


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HART, Gene  1763Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8026
2 HART, James  1816Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8020
3 HART, Joseph  1820Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7970
4 HART, Stephen  1733Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8034
5 HILL, Elizabeth  1829Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HALL, Lucy  24 Aug 1831Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8049
2 HART, Gene  20 Oct 1763Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8026
3 HART, James  22 May 1816Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8020
4 HART, James  26 Sep 1856Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7974
5 HART, Joseph  3 Jun 1820Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7970
6 HILL, Elizabeth  23 May 1829Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HART, Ann  1 Jul 1787Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7972
2 HART, Anne  10 Apr 1808Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15565
3 HART, Charles  6 Jul 1823Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15562
4 HART, Elizabeth  27 Jun 1751Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8022
5 HART, Elizabeth  16 Mar 1789Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7973
6 HART, Elizabeth  1 Jul 1810Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15564
7 HART, Gene  2 Oct 1763Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8026
8 HART, Henry  9 May 1813Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15559
9 HART, James  27 Jun 1751Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8020
10 HART, James  28 Jan 1776Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7974
11 HART, James  17 May 1801Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15563
12 HART, Jane  2 Feb 1806Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15566
13 HART, Jeremiah  27 Jun 1751Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8024
14 HART, Jeremiah  6 Jul 1777Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7975
15 HART, John  27 Jun 1751Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8023
16 HART, John  10 Apr 1774Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7976
17 HART, John  20 Mar 1818Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15554
18 HART, Joseph  27 Jun 1751Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7970
19 HART, Joseph  20 Dec 1772Aldershot, Hampshire, England I29
20 HART, Joshua  27 Jun 1751Aldershot, Hampshire, England I9125
21 HART, Lucy  20 Aug 1820Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15561
22 HART, Maria  27 Jun 1751Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8025
23 HART, Maria  29 Oct 1780Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7977
24 HART, Mary  23 Dec 1770Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7978
25 HART, Robert  15 May 1791Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7992
26 HART, Robert  4 Dec 1814Aldershot, Hampshire, England I15560
27 HART, Ruth  16 Mar 1789Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7979
28 HART, Stephen  25 Aug 1782Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7980
29 HART, William  15 Aug 1784Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7981
30 HILL, Elizabeth  3 Jun 1750Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 DAVID, Mary  1851Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7993
2 HART, Emma  1851Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7996
3 HART, Mary Ann  1851Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7995
4 HART, Robert  1851Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7992
5 HART, William  1851Aldershot, Hampshire, England I7994
6 MCDONALD, Henry  1881Aldershot, Hampshire, England I3751
7 SMITH, Jane  1881Aldershot, Hampshire, England I3753
8 TAPHOUSE, Jane  1751Aldershot, Hampshire, England I1892


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 ELKINS, Alfred Norman Charles  18 Feb 2010Aldershot, Hampshire, England I1620

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, James  2 Jan 1873Aldershot, Hampshire, England I6499


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 HART, Stephen  20 Dec 1732Aldershot, Hampshire, England I8034


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HART / HALL  23 Jun 1800Aldershot, Hampshire, England F2325
2 HART / HARDING  12 Mar 1761Aldershot, Hampshire, England F2319
3 HART / HART  1 Nov 1831Aldershot, Hampshire, England F2037
4 HART / HILL  25 Oct 1766Aldershot, Hampshire, England F2307
5 HART / MULLARD  9 Apr 1761Aldershot, Hampshire, England F2318
6 MOON / MANSELL  8 Apr 1735Aldershot, Hampshire, England F1707