Aveley, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EVE, George Herbert  1880Aveley, Essex, England I4944
2 EVE, Harry Howard  Between Jan 1892 and Mar 1892Aveley, Essex, England I2976
3 EVE, John Leonard  1887Aveley, Essex, England I4946
4 EVE, Louisa  1879Aveley, Essex, England I4943
5 EVE, Percy Newland  1885Aveley, Essex, England I4945
6 MANNING, John H A  8 Sep 1918Aveley, Essex, England I906
7 MANNING, Twin  8 Sep 1918Aveley, Essex, England I5372
8 SMITH, Emmeline  1850Aveley, Essex, England I5478
9 SMITH, George  1861Aveley, Essex, England I5481
10 SMITH, Harry  1859Aveley, Essex, England I5480
11 SMITH, Howell  Mar 1853Aveley, Essex, England I5489
12 SMITH, Newton  Mar 1855Aveley, Essex, England I5490
13 SMITH, Percy  Mar 1855Aveley, Essex, England I5488
14 SMITH, Rosa  1852Aveley, Essex, England I5479
15 SMITH, Russell  1863Aveley, Essex, England I5482
16 SMITH, Walter  1849Aveley, Essex, England I5487
17 TOMPKINS, Alice Florence "Flossie"  13 Sep 1877Aveley, Essex, England I204
18 TOMPKINS, Charles Herbert  1881Aveley, Essex, England I205
19 TOMPKINS, William Henry  1880Aveley, Essex, England I1146


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GODFREE, Emma  23 Feb 1910Aveley, Essex, England I199
2 MANNING, Florence  1 Mar 1901Aveley, Essex, England I5400
3 SMITH, Percy  7 Feb 1887Aveley, Essex, England I5475
4 TOMPKINS, Charles Herbert  11 May 1883Aveley, Essex, England I205
5 TOMPKINS, Ernest George  10 May 1883Aveley, Essex, England I202
6 TOMPKINS, John  4 Jan 1907Aveley, Essex, England I197
7 TOMPKINS, Kate Isabel  15 Aug 1966Aveley, Essex, England I203
8 TOMPKINS, William Henry  19 Feb 1880Aveley, Essex, England I1146


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GODFREE, Emma  26 Feb 1910Aveley, Essex, England I199
2 MANNING, Abraham  30 Jan 1892Aveley, Essex, England I2969
3 MANNING, Frederick  26 Mar 1908Aveley, Essex, England I2975
4 MANNING, Herbert  17 Jun 1937Aveley, Essex, England I905
5 MANNING, Margery Isabel  Aveley, Essex, England I2805
6 MILLER, Elizabeth  20 Jul 1882Aveley, Essex, England I2970
7 TOMPKINS, Charles Herbert  14 May 1883Aveley, Essex, England I205
8 TOMPKINS, Ernest George  14 May 1883Aveley, Essex, England I202
9 TOMPKINS, John  8 Jan 1907Aveley, Essex, England I197
10 TOMPKINS, Kate Isabel  19 Aug 1966Aveley, Essex, England I203
11 TOMPKINS, William Henry  24 Feb 1880Aveley, Essex, England I1146


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 COPLAND, Ella  1881Aveley, Essex, England I5477
2 EVE, Elizabeth Ann  1881Aveley, Essex, England I4940
3 EVE, Emily Mary  1881Aveley, Essex, England I4942
4 EVE, George Herbert  1881Aveley, Essex, England I4944
5 EVE, Gertrude Amy  1881Aveley, Essex, England I4941
6 EVE, John Leonard  1891Aveley, Essex, England I4946
7 EVE, Louisa  1881Aveley, Essex, England I4943
8 EVE, Percy Newland  1891Aveley, Essex, England I4945
9 EVE, Richard Newland  1881Aveley, Essex, England I2977
10 EVE, Richard Newland  1891Aveley, Essex, England I2977
11 EVE, Richard Stanley  1881Aveley, Essex, England I4939
12 EVE, Richard Stanley  1891Aveley, Essex, England I4939
13 GODFREE, Emma  31 Mar 1901Aveley, Essex, England I199
14 MANNING, Elizabeth Mary  1891Aveley, Essex, England I2973
15 MANNING, Florence Mary  1911Aveley, Essex, England I2803
16 MANNING, Herbert  1911Aveley, Essex, England I905
17 MAYNARD, Emma  1881Aveley, Essex, England I3376
18 MAYNARD, Harriet  1881Aveley, Essex, England I5476
19 MAYNARD, Mary  1851Aveley, Essex, England I5474
20 MAYNARD, Mary  1861Aveley, Essex, England I5474
21 MAYNARD, Mary  1881Aveley, Essex, England I5474
22 MAYNARD, Mary  1891Aveley, Essex, England I5474
23 SMITH, Emmeline  1851Aveley, Essex, England I5478
24 SMITH, Emmeline  1861Aveley, Essex, England I5478
25 SMITH, Emmeline  1871Aveley, Essex, England I5478
26 SMITH, Emmeline  1881Aveley, Essex, England I5478
27 SMITH, Emmeline  1891Aveley, Essex, England I5478
28 SMITH, Emmeline  1891Aveley, Essex, England I5478
29 SMITH, Emmeline  1911Aveley, Essex, England I5478
30 SMITH, George  1861Aveley, Essex, England I5481
31 SMITH, George  1871Aveley, Essex, England I5481
32 SMITH, George  1881Aveley, Essex, England I5481
33 SMITH, George  1891Aveley, Essex, England I5481
34 SMITH, George  1901Aveley, Essex, England I5481
35 SMITH, Harry  1861Aveley, Essex, England I5480
36 SMITH, Harry  1871Aveley, Essex, England I5480
37 SMITH, Harry  1881Aveley, Essex, England I5480
38 SMITH, Harry  1891Aveley, Essex, England I5480
39 SMITH, Harry  1901Aveley, Essex, England I5480
40 SMITH, Harry  1911Aveley, Essex, England I5480
41 SMITH, Howell  1861Aveley, Essex, England I5489
42 SMITH, Howell  1871Aveley, Essex, England I5489
43 SMITH, Newton  1861Aveley, Essex, England I5490
44 SMITH, Newton  1871Aveley, Essex, England I5490
45 SMITH, Percy  1851Aveley, Essex, England I5475
46 SMITH, Percy  1861Aveley, Essex, England I5475
47 SMITH, Percy  1861Aveley, Essex, England I5488
48 SMITH, Percy  1871Aveley, Essex, England I5475
49 SMITH, Percy  1871Aveley, Essex, England I5488
50 SMITH, Percy  1881Aveley, Essex, England I5475

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 TOMPKINS, John  5 Apr 1891Aveley, Essex, England I197
2 TOMPKINS, John  31 Mar 1901Aveley, Essex, England I197


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 EVE, Richard Newland  1878Aveley, Essex, England I2977


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MANNING / GURNEY  1878Aveley, Essex, England F862
2 SMITH / MILLER  Sep 1880Aveley, Essex, England F1582
3 TOMPKINS / GILLETT  16 Sep 1890Aveley, Essex, England F53