Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DE FRAINE, Alice Fanny  1859Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I412
2 DE FRAINE, Charles  1833Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I393
3 DE FRAINE, Chester Thomas  1868Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I843
4 DE FRAINE, George Henry  1836Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I394
5 DE FRAINE, Louisa  1828Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I391
6 DE FRAINE, Philip Harry  8 Nov 1861Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I413
7 DE FRAINE, William Christopher Chester  1858Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I411
8 HARRIS, Sarah Ann  1836Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHESTER, Ann  5 Mar 1865Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I383
2 DE FRAINE, Betsy (Bessie)  17 Aug 1914Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I392
3 DE FRAINE, Daisy  1886Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I4815
4 DE FRAINE, Philip Harry  1 Feb 1928Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I413
5 DE FRAINE, Philip John  7 Oct 1863Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I395
6 DE FRAINE, William  23 Mar 1879Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I379
7 DE FRAINE, William Christopher Chester  Between Oct 1858 and Dec 1858Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I411
8 ROBINSON, Alice  Between Jan 1863 and Mar 1863Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DE FRAINE, Betsy (Bessie)  Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I392
2 DE FRAINE, Charles  1898Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I393
3 DE FRAINE, Philip George  1891Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I4756
4 GEORGE, Jane  Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I401


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CHESTER, Ann  1851Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I383
2 DE FRAINE, Adelaide Eliza  1871Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I844
3 DE FRAINE, Adelaide Eliza  1881Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I844
4 DE FRAINE, Alice Fanny  1861Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I412
5 DE FRAINE, Alice Fanny  1871Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I412
6 DE FRAINE, Charles  1851Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I393
7 DE FRAINE, Charles  1861Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I393
8 DE FRAINE, Charles  1871Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I393
9 DE FRAINE, Charles  1881Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I393
10 DE FRAINE, Charles  1891Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I393
11 DE FRAINE, Chester Thomas  1871Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I843
12 DE FRAINE, Chester Thomas  1881Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I843
13 DE FRAINE, George Henry  1851Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I394
14 DE FRAINE, Louisa  1851Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I391
15 DE FRAINE, Philip Harry  1871Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I413
16 DE FRAINE, Philip Harry  1881Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I413
17 DE FRAINE, Philip John  1851Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I395
18 DE FRAINE, William  1851Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I379
19 DE FRAINE, William  1871Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I379
20 GEORGE, Jane  1871Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I401
21 GEORGE, Jane  1881Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I401
22 ROBINSON, Alice  1861Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I400
23 THOMAS, Emma Cowcher  1871Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I3507


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DE FRAINE, William  14 Aug 1839Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England I379


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARNOTT / DE FRAINE  1845Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England F112
2 DE FRAINE / COLLINGS  Between Apr 1916 and Jun 1916Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England F1386
3 DE FRAINE / HARRIS  1862Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England F118
4 DE FRAINE / ROBINSON  1856Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England F116
5 DE FRAINE / THOMPSON  1845Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England F113
6 STYLES / DE FRAINE  Between Jul 1888 and Sep 1888Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England F260