Burford, Oxfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROOKS, Isabel  1873Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1804
2 BROOKS, John Giles  1833Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1144
3 BROOKS, Mary Ann  1875Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1805
4 BROOKS, Theresa S  1877Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1806
5 BROOKS, William G  1879Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1807
6 BRYAN, John William  1863Burford, Oxfordshire, England I4051
7 GILLETT, Anne  16 Oct 1737Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5909
8 GILLETT, Elizabeth  15 Apr 1748Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5912
9 GILLETT, Ernest Henry  1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I6696
10 GILLETT, Humphrey  21 Nov 1755Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5915
11 GILLETT, Lydia  4 Jul 1753Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5914
12 GILLETT, Mabel Christiana  1875Burford, Oxfordshire, England I6699
13 GILLETT, Samuel  26 Oct 1750Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5913
14 GILLETT, Sarah  6 Sep 1745Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5911
15 GILLETT, William  9 Apr 1743Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5910
16 GILLETT, William  1877Burford, Oxfordshire, England I6700
17 MONK, John Gillett  1819Burford, Oxfordshire, England I2192
18 MONK, Sarah  1817Burford, Oxfordshire, England I2191
19 NEWMAN, Alice M  1864Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11809
20 NEWMAN, Catherine J  1862Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11808
21 NEWMAN, Edward Ernest  1872Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11813
22 NEWMAN, Ethel Marguerite  1880Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11817
23 NEWMAN, Gertrude  1869Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11811
24 NEWMAN, Hannah Louise  1877Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11816
25 NEWMAN, Helena T  1870Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11812
26 NEWMAN, Mabel V  1874Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11814
27 NEWMAN, Thomas Alexander  1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11818
28 NEWMAN, Walter Reginald  1876Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11815
29 NEWMAN, William J J  1866Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11810
30 POTTER, Mary Chappell  Between Jan 1877 and Mar 1877Burford, Oxfordshire, England I4060
31 SMITH, George  Burford, Oxfordshire, England I4506
32 [POTTER], Louisa A B  1852Burford, Oxfordshire, England I4059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GILLETT, Elizabeth  4 Apr 1797Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5912
2 GILLETT, Humphrey  10 Mar 1733/34Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5683
3 GILLETT, Humphrey  24 Nov 1755Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5915
4 GILLETT, John  1 May 1706Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5908
5 GILLETT, Samuel  24 May 1758Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5913
6 GILLETT, Samuel  2 Sep 1784Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5907
7 JOANS, Sarah  25 Apr 1707Burford, Oxfordshire, England I5905
8 TRINDER, Jane  8 Sep 1923Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11807


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BROOKS, Arthur Stratton  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1803
2 BROOKS, Charles Giles  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1801
3 BROOKS, Emily Ada  5 Apr 1891Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1443
4 BROOKS, Isabel  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1804
5 BROOKS, John Giles  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1144
6 BROOKS, Katherine  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1802
7 BROOKS, Mary Ann  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1805
8 BROOKS, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1891Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1805
9 BROOKS, Rosa Maria  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1808
10 BROOKS, Theresa S  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1806
11 BROOKS, William G  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1807
12 BRYAN, Ann  2 Apr 1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I2199
13 BRYAN, James George  7 Apr 1861Burford, Oxfordshire, England I2195
14 BRYAN, James George  1891Burford, Oxfordshire, England I2195
15 BRYAN, James George  1901Burford, Oxfordshire, England I2195
16 EUSTACE, George  1901Burford, Oxfordshire, England I15843
17 FORESHEW?, John  2 Apr 1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I683
18 FORESHEW?, John  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I683
19 FORESHEW?, John  5 Apr 1891Burford, Oxfordshire, England I683
20 FRAMPTON, Arthur R  1901Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11826
21 GILLETT, Susannah  2 Apr 1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I2186
22 GODFREE, Alice  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I676
23 GODFREE, Mary Ann  7 Apr 1861Burford, Oxfordshire, England I670
24 GODFREE, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I670
25 GODFREE, Mary Ann  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I670
26 GODFREE, Rebecca  2 Apr 1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I671
27 GODFREE, Rebecca  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I671
28 GODFREE, Rebecca  5 Apr 1891Burford, Oxfordshire, England I671
29 GODFREE, Sarah Jane  2 Apr 1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I198
30 GODWIN, Ann  1891Burford, Oxfordshire, England I4053
31 GODWIN, Ann  1901Burford, Oxfordshire, England I4053
32 HILL, Jane N  1861Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11821
33 HILL, Jane N  1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11821
34 HILL, Tristam George  1861Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11822
35 HILL, Tristam George  1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11822
36 NEWMAN, Alice M  1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11809
37 NEWMAN, Alice M  1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11809
38 NEWMAN, Catherine J  1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11808
39 NEWMAN, Edward Ernest  1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11813
40 NEWMAN, Ethel Marguerite  1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11817
41 NEWMAN, Ethel Marguerite  1891Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11817
42 NEWMAN, Ethel Marguerite  1901Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11817
43 NEWMAN, Ethel Marguerite  1911Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11817
44 NEWMAN, Gertrude  1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11811
45 NEWMAN, Gertrude  1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11811
46 NEWMAN, Gertrude  1891Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11811
47 NEWMAN, Hannah Louise  1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11816
48 NEWMAN, Hannah Louise  1891Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11816
49 NEWMAN, Hannah Louise  1901Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11816
50 NEWMAN, Hannah Louise  1911Burford, Oxfordshire, England I11816

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BROOKS, John Giles  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1144
2 FORESHEW?, John  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I683
3 POWELL, Walter  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1791
4 POWELL, Walter  5 Apr 1891Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1791
5 POWELL, Walter  31 Mar 1901Burford, Oxfordshire, England I1791
6 STRATTON, Joseph  7 Apr 1861Burford, Oxfordshire, England I682
7 STRATTON, Joseph  2 Apr 1871Burford, Oxfordshire, England I682
8 STRATTON, Joseph  3 Apr 1881Burford, Oxfordshire, England I682