Compton, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUDDEN, Caroline  1803Compton, Sussex, England I2457
2 BUDDEN, Catherine  1825Compton, Sussex, England I2461
3 BUDDEN, Elizabeth  1819Compton, Sussex, England I2458
4 BUDDEN, George  1785Compton, Sussex, England I2443
5 BUDDEN, George Henry  1821Compton, Sussex, England I2456
6 BUDDEN, Harriet  1810Compton, Sussex, England I15883
7 BUDDEN, James  1775Compton, Sussex, England I2444
8 BUDDEN, James  1805Compton, Sussex, England I2459
9 BUDDEN, John  1788Compton, Sussex, England I2445
10 BUDDEN, Mary  1779Compton, Sussex, England I2441
11 BUDDEN, Thomas  1783Compton, Sussex, England I2442
12 BUDDEN, William  1777Compton, Sussex, England I2431
13 LANGRISH, Frances  1811Compton, Sussex, England I2463
14 LANGRISH, George  1805Compton, Sussex, England I2462
15 LANGRISH, George  1827Compton, Sussex, England I8072
16 LANGRISH, Harriet  1824Compton, Sussex, England I8074
17 LANGRISH, Henry  1834Compton, Sussex, England I8076
18 LANGRISH, John  1819Compton, Sussex, England I2464
19 LANGRISH, Mary  1816Compton, Sussex, England I2467
20 LANGRISH, Richard  1807Compton, Sussex, England I2465
21 LANGRISH, Thomas  1809Compton, Sussex, England I2468
22 LANGRISH, Thomas  1828Compton, Sussex, England I8073
23 LANGRISH, William  1814Compton, Sussex, England I2466
24 LANGRISH, William  1832Compton, Sussex, England I8075
25 WOOLF, Elizabeth  1599Compton, Sussex, England I10142
26 WOULF, Ann  1606Compton, Sussex, England I10143
27 [BUDDEN], Isabella  1817Compton, Sussex, England I2518


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BUDDEN, James  3 Jul 1822Compton, Sussex, England I2438
2 BUDDEN, Thomas  18 Apr 1811Compton, Sussex, England I2442
3 LITTLEFIELD, Mary  2 Apr 1832Compton, Sussex, England I2439


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BUDDEN, Caroline  10 Apr 1803Compton, Sussex, England I2457
2 BUDDEN, Catherine  6 Mar 1825Compton, Sussex, England I2461
3 BUDDEN, Elizabeth  24 Oct 1819Compton, Sussex, England I2458
4 BUDDEN, George  12 Jun 1785Compton, Sussex, England I2443
5 BUDDEN, George Henry  25 Mar 1821Compton, Sussex, England I2456
6 BUDDEN, James  4 Jun 1775Compton, Sussex, England I2444
7 BUDDEN, James  13 Mar 1805Compton, Sussex, England I2459
8 BUDDEN, John  30 Nov 1788Compton, Sussex, England I2445
9 BUDDEN, Joseph  26 Dec 1780Compton, Sussex, England I2440
10 BUDDEN, Mary  21 Feb 1779Compton, Sussex, England I2441
11 BUDDEN, Thomas  25 May 1783Compton, Sussex, England I2442
12 BUDDEN, William  2 Mar 1777Compton, Sussex, England I2431
13 LANGRISH, Frances  2 Jun 1811Compton, Sussex, England I2463
14 LANGRISH, George  7 Apr 1805Compton, Sussex, England I2462
15 LANGRISH, John  9 May 1819Compton, Sussex, England I2464
16 LANGRISH, Mary  27 Oct 1816Compton, Sussex, England I2467
17 LANGRISH, William  12 Jun 1814Compton, Sussex, England I2466
18 WEAVER, Mary  26 Jul 1835Compton, Sussex, England I11853
19 WOOLF, Elizabeth  20 Sep 1599Compton, Sussex, England I10142
20 WOULF, Ann  1 Feb 1606Compton, Sussex, England I10143


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BUDDEN, Mary  1841Compton, Sussex, England I2441
2 BUDDEN, Mary  1851Compton, Sussex, England I2441
3 LANGRISH, George  1841Compton, Sussex, England I2454
4 LANGRISH, George  1851Compton, Sussex, England I2462
5 LANGRISH, George  1851Compton, Sussex, England I8072
6 LANGRISH, Harriet  1851Compton, Sussex, England I8074
7 LANGRISH, Henry  1851Compton, Sussex, England I8076
8 LANGRISH, John  1841Compton, Sussex, England I2464
9 LANGRISH, John  1851Compton, Sussex, England I2464
10 LANGRISH, Thomas  1851Compton, Sussex, England I8073
11 LANGRISH, William  1851Compton, Sussex, England I8075
12 LANGRISH], Mary  1851Compton, Sussex, England I8071


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUDDEN / PORTER  5 Aug 1802Compton, Sussex, England F709
2 LANGRISH / BUDDEN  10 Jan 1805Compton, Sussex, England F712
3 PHILLIPS / BUDDEN  7 Feb 1858Compton, Sussex, England F741
4 WEAVER / LANGRISH  6 May 1835Compton, Sussex, England F3511