Frimley, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GADD, Lydia M  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I6960
2 GATES, George  1791Frimley, Surrey, England I12413
3 HART, Jessamine  1807Frimley, Surrey, England I13
4 PARSONS, Susan  1869Frimley, Surrey, England I14069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 LUCOCK, Douglas George  13 Jun 2016Frimley, Surrey, England I13754


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 FANNY, Frances Taphouse  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I1893
2 FANNY, Frances Taphouse  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I1893
3 GADD, Abraham  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I6962
4 GADD, Charles J  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I6957
5 GADD, Charles J  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I6957
6 GADD, Clara E  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I6956
7 GADD, Clara E  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I6956
8 GADD, James  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I6217
9 GADD, James  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I6217
10 GADD, Louisa L  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I6959
11 GADD, Louisa L  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I6959
12 GADD, Lucy Ann  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I6961
13 GADD, Lydia M  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I6960
14 GADD, Lydia M  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I6960
15 GADD, William  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I6954
16 GADD, William  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I6954
17 GADD, William J  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I6958
18 GADD, William J  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I6958
19 GATES, Ann  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I12477
20 GATES, Edward  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I12469
21 GATES, Elizabeth  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I12474
22 GATES, Ellen  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I12472
23 GATES, George  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I12473
24 GATES, Jane  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I12471
25 NEVELL, John  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I12476
26 NEVILL, Sarah  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I12470
27 RAGGETT, Sarah Elizabeth  1841Frimley, Surrey, England I6955
28 RAGGETT, Sarah Elizabeth  1851Frimley, Surrey, England I6955


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 PARSONS / GRANT  24 Dec 1866Frimley, Surrey, England F4276