Hornsey, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GILLETT, John  12 Nov 1892Hornsey, Middlesex, England I2140
2 HART, Florence  1906Hornsey, Middlesex, England I7969
3 HART, Gladys  1905Hornsey, Middlesex, England I7968
4 JUZI, Carl Theodor  1897Hornsey, Middlesex, England I7042
5 JUZI, Catherine Grace  1902Hornsey, Middlesex, England I7043
6 LEWCOCK, Agnes  1885Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8762
7 LEWCOCK, Alfred  1878Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8759
8 LEWCOCK, Edith Dorothy  1900Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8805
9 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth  1883Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8761
10 LEWCOCK, Evangeline  1906Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8797
11 LEWCOCK, Florence  1882Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8804
12 LEWCOCK, Florence  1904Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8796
13 LEWCOCK, Frederick George  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8758
14 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  1889Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8763
15 LEWCOCK, Leslie Walter  13 Nov 1907Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8798
16 LEWCOCK, William  12 Apr 1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8764
17 REED, Adela Alice  12 Jan 1885Hornsey, Middlesex, England I1252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, John Henry  21 Nov 1931Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8753
2 SHOEBRIDGE, Emily  20 Jan 1924Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8800
3 USHER, Lucy  12 Aug 1905Hornsey, Middlesex, England I11

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID 
1 BILLHAM, Herbert Arthur F  29 Sep 1939Hornsey, Middlesex, England I1257
2 CLIFF, Olive A  29 Sep 1939Hornsey, Middlesex, England I1256
3 HOARE, Louise May  1939Hornsey, Middlesex, England I13797
4 LEWCOCK, Colin John  1939Hornsey, Middlesex, England I13798
5 LEWCOCK, Leslie Walter  1939Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8798


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 GIBSON, Edith Catherine  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8794
2 GIBSON, Edith Catherine  1911Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8794
3 GROOM, Sarah  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8757
4 GROOM, Sarah  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8757
5 GROOM, Sarah  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8757
6 HAMBIDGE, Clara E  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I738
7 HAMBIDGE, Minnie  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I888
8 HART, Rosa Isabel  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I7021
9 JUZI, Carl Theodor  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I7042
10 JUZI, Carl Wilhelm  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I7040
11 JUZI, Franz Theodor  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I7045
12 JUZI, Gerhard Frank Theodor  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I7041
13 LEWCOCK, Agnes  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8762
14 LEWCOCK, Agnes  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8762
15 LEWCOCK, Alfred  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8759
16 LEWCOCK, Alfred  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8759
17 LEWCOCK, Edith Dorothy  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8805
18 LEWCOCK, Edith Dorothy  1911Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8805
19 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8761
20 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8761
21 LEWCOCK, Emily Elizabeth  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8801
22 LEWCOCK, Evangeline  1911Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8797
23 LEWCOCK, Florence  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8804
24 LEWCOCK, Florence  1911Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8796
25 LEWCOCK, Frederick George  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8758
26 LEWCOCK, Frederick George  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8758
27 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8754
28 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8754
29 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8763
30 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8754
31 LEWCOCK, George Alfred  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8763
32 LEWCOCK, George Henry  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8803
33 LEWCOCK, George Henry  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8803
34 LEWCOCK, George Henry  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8803
35 LEWCOCK, John Henry  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8753
36 LEWCOCK, John Henry  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8753
37 LEWCOCK, John Henry  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8753
38 LEWCOCK, John Henry  1911Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8753
39 LEWCOCK, Leslie Walter  1911Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8798
40 LEWCOCK, Walter John  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8793
41 LEWCOCK, Walter John  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8793
42 LEWCOCK, Walter John  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8793
43 LEWCOCK, Walter John  1911Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8793
44 LEWCOCK, William  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8764
45 LEWCOCK, William George  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8802
46 LEWCOCK, William George  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8802
47 SHOEBRIDGE, Emily  1881Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8800
48 SHOEBRIDGE, Emily  1891Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8800
49 SHOEBRIDGE, Emily  1901Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8800
50 SHOEBRIDGE, Emily  1911Hornsey, Middlesex, England I8800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, Francis James  1934Hornsey, Middlesex, England I5
2 LEWCOCK, Francis James  1935Hornsey, Middlesex, England I5
3 LEWCOCK, Francis James  1936Hornsey, Middlesex, England I5
4 LEWCOCK, Francis James  1937Hornsey, Middlesex, England I5


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EUSTACE / GRAY  22 Feb 1887Hornsey, Middlesex, England F4757
2 LEWCOCK / WILLIAM  3 Oct 1904Hornsey, Middlesex, England F2564