Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRYAN, George  1755Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I4527
2 BRYAN, William  1714Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I4526
3 CAMBRAY, Elizabeth  1778Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5821
4 CAMBRAY, Robert  1786Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I8357
5 GILLETT, Ann  1760Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I2165
6 GILLETT, Elizabeth  1765Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I2167
7 GILLETT, James  1764Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I909
8 GILLETT, John  1760Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I2166
9 GILLETT, Thomas  1761Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I1070
10 HAMBIDGE, Elizabeth  Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5834
11 HAMBIDGE, Emma  1866Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5832
12 HAMBIDGE, Eva Charlotte  1862Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5830
13 HAMBIDGE, Frederick  Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5827
14 HAMBIDGE, George  1776Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5891
15 HAMBIDGE, George  1813Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5822
16 HAMBIDGE, John  1816Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5825
17 HAMBIDGE, John W  1863Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5831
18 HAMBIDGE, Leonard  1818Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5824
19 HAMBIDGE, Leonard Cambray  1859Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5829
20 HAMBIDGE, Robert  1827Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I679
21 HAMBIDGE, William  1782Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5820
22 HAMBIDGE, William  1819Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5826
23 STEED, Bertha  1838Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I3794
24 STEED, Daniel  1815Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I3786
25 STEED, Elias  1840Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I3795
26 STEED, Thomas  1836Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I3798


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRYAN, George  1827Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I4527
2 BRYAN, William  1757Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I4526
3 CAMBRAY, Elizabeth  7 Oct 1864Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5821
4 HAMBIDGE, George  1704Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5884
5 HAMBIDGE, George  1851Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5891
6 HAMBIDGE, George  13 Nov 1874Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5822
7 HAMBIDGE, Thomas  3 Dec 1809Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5861
8 HAMBIDGE, William  22 Mar 1855Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5820
9 HAMBIDGE, William  14 Oct 1879Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5826
10 LITTEN, Anne  25 Dec 1878Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5823


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRYAN, George  18 Mar 1827Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I4527
2 BRYAN, William  17 Mar 1757Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I4526


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BRYAN, George  11 May 1755Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I4527
2 BRYAN, William  2 Nov 1714Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I4526
3 CAMBRAY, Robert  26 Mar 1786Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I8357
4 GILLETT, Amy  23 Oct 1767Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I2168
5 GILLETT, Ann  9 Mar 1760Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I2165
6 GILLETT, Charles  23 Oct 1769Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I2883
7 GILLETT, Elizabeth  17 Sep 1765Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I2167
8 GILLETT, Fanny  12 May 1771Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I2170
9 GILLETT, James  26 Feb 1764Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I909
10 GILLETT, John  9 Mar 1760Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I2166
11 GILLETT, Thomas  13 Jul 1762Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I1070


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CAMBRAY, Charlotte  1861Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5866
2 CAMBRAY, Elizabeth  1841Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5821
3 CAMBRAY, Elizabeth  1851Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5821
4 CAMBRAY, Elizabeth  1861Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5821
5 DOVE, Edward Bricknell  1861Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5867
6 HALL, William  1851Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5902
7 HAMBIDGE, Elizabeth  1841Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5834
8 HAMBIDGE, Frederick  1841Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5827
9 HAMBIDGE, Frederick  1851Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5827
10 HAMBIDGE, Frederick  1861Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5827
11 HAMBIDGE, George  1841Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5822
12 HAMBIDGE, John  1841Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5825
13 HAMBIDGE, Leonard  1841Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5824
14 HAMBIDGE, Leonard  1851Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5824
15 HAMBIDGE, William  1841Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5820
16 HAMBIDGE, William  1841Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5826
17 HAMBIDGE, William  1851Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5820
18 HAMBIDGE, William  1851Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5826
19 HAMBIDGE, William  1861Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5826
20 WOOLLIAMS, Charlotte  1851Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5828


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 HAMBIDGE, Thomas  6 Aug 1810Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5861
2 HAMBIDGE, William  21 Jan 1856Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England I5820


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FREEMAN / BRYAN  18 Jul 1771Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England F1323
2 GILLETT / SMITH  3 Jun 1759Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England F330
3 JONES / GILLETT  23 Dec 1784Iccomb, Gloucestershire, England F651