Ilford, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BREEZE, Dorothy  1899Ilford, Essex, England I1440
2 LEWCOCK, George S  1857Ilford, Essex, England I10653
3 LEWCOCK, George Samuel  1857Ilford, Essex, England I9106
4 NEWLAND, Gladys Marjorie  1900Ilford, Essex, England I3843

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID 
1 HAMBLIN, Herbert Charles  1939Ilford, Essex, England I16024
2 HAMBLIN, Irene Kate  1939Ilford, Essex, England I16049


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BREEZE, Ada Louisa  1901Ilford, Essex, England I1436
2 BREEZE, Dorothy  31 Mar 1901Ilford, Essex, England I1440
3 BREEZE, Dorothy  1911Ilford, Essex, England I1440
4 BREEZE, Edith Theresa  1911Ilford, Essex, England I3835
5 BREEZE, Frederick John  31 Mar 1901Ilford, Essex, England I1438
6 BREEZE, Frederick John  1911Ilford, Essex, England I1438
7 BREEZE, Nellie  31 Mar 1901Ilford, Essex, England I1441
8 BREEZE, Nellie  1911Ilford, Essex, England I1441
9 MANNING, Frederick A  1881Ilford, Essex, England I4917
10 MANNING, Grace E  1881Ilford, Essex, England I4919
11 MANNING, Martha S  1881Ilford, Essex, England I4916
12 MANNING, Winifred Alice  1881Ilford, Essex, England I4918
13 MANNING, Winifred Alice  1911Ilford, Essex, England I4918
14 MONK, Arthur Clive  1911Ilford, Essex, England I3371
15 MONK, Arthur Joscelin  1911Ilford, Essex, England I3370
16 MONK, Gertrude Dora  1911Ilford, Essex, England I3372
17 MONK, Marjorie Grace  1911Ilford, Essex, England I6393
18 NEWLAND, Edith Mary  1901Ilford, Essex, England I3842
19 NEWLAND, Edward Albert  1901Ilford, Essex, England I3840
20 NEWLAND, Gladys Marjorie  1901Ilford, Essex, England I3843
21 NEWLAND, James Edward  1901Ilford, Essex, England I3839
22 NEWLAND, Winifred Ada  1901Ilford, Essex, England I3841
23 NOTT, Albert Ernest  1911Ilford, Essex, England I3845
24 NOTT, Ernest Charles  1911Ilford, Essex, England I3844
25 NOTT, Winifred Edith  1911Ilford, Essex, England I3846
26 PAYGE, Martha Sarah  1881Ilford, Essex, England I4913
27 PAYNE, Grace Mary  1911Ilford, Essex, England I1113
28 TANN, Edward J  1911Ilford, Essex, England I4920
29 TANN, Frank Edward  1911Ilford, Essex, England I4922
30 TANN, Guy Frederick  1911Ilford, Essex, England I4923
31 TANN, Lillie Eliza  1911Ilford, Essex, England I4921
32 USHER, Fanny  1911Ilford, Essex, England I974
33 USHER, Naomi  31 Mar 1901Ilford, Essex, England I972
34 [BREEZE], Eliza  31 Mar 1901Ilford, Essex, England I1439
35 [BREEZE], Eliza  1911Ilford, Essex, England I1439


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BREEZE, Frederick John  31 Mar 1901Ilford, Essex, England I1438