Portsea, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUDDEN, Elizabeth Kezia H  1890Portsea, Hampshire, England I14938
2 BUDDEN, Frank D  1888Portsea, Hampshire, England I14937
3 BUDDEN, George Henry  Between Jan 1845 and Mar 1845Portsea, Hampshire, England I16089
4 BUDDEN, George Julian Henry  Between Oct 1881 and Dec 1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I14934
5 BUDDEN, Lilllian Jane  21 Apr 1883Portsea, Hampshire, England I14935
6 BUDDEN, Louis R  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I14933
7 BUDDEN, Louis Richard Huxford  Between Oct 1860 and Dec 1860Portsea, Hampshire, England I14930
8 BUDDEN, William James G  1885Portsea, Hampshire, England I14936
9 BURGESS, Kezia  1825Portsea, Hampshire, England I14927
10 GOFF, Sarah A  1862Portsea, Hampshire, England I14932
11 REED, Ernest J  1880Portsea, Hampshire, England I2403
12 REED, Herbert Martell  1878Portsea, Hampshire, England I2404
13 REED, Horace William  1876Portsea, Hampshire, England I2405


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Annie Louisa  Between Apr 1888 and Jun 1888Portsea, Hampshire, England I2541
2 BUDDEN, George Henry  Between Oct 1886 and Dec 1886Portsea, Hampshire, England I2456
3 BURGESS, Kezia  Between Jan 1892 and Mar 1892Portsea, Hampshire, England I14927
4 CHEESMAN, William  23 Jan 1851Portsea, Hampshire, England I2008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BUTLER, Hannah  6 Jul 1848Portsea, Hampshire, England I11286


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 FRICKER, Kitty  3 Jul 1796Portsea, Hampshire, England I11320
2 GROUT, Elizabeth Emma  3 Oct 1886Portsea, Hampshire, England I4327
3 SULLEY, Hannah  27 Oct 1830Portsea, Hampshire, England I11323
4 SULLEY, Lydia  14 Dec 1834Portsea, Hampshire, England I11325
5 SULLEY, Mary Ann  8 Oct 1826Portsea, Hampshire, England I11327
6 SULLEY, Sarah "Sally"  7 Sep 1828Portsea, Hampshire, England I11322
7 SULLEY, Sophia Catherine  29 Apr 1832Portsea, Hampshire, England I11324
8 SULLEY, William  22 Oct 1837Portsea, Hampshire, England I11326


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Ada  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I2542
2 ADAMS, Annie Louisa  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I2541
3 ADAMS, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1871Portsea, Hampshire, England I2536
4 ADAMS, Elizabeth  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I2536
5 ADAMS, Emma  2 Apr 1871Portsea, Hampshire, England I2538
6 ADAMS, Emma  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I2538
7 ADAMS, Emma  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I2538
8 ADAMS, George F  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I2539
9 ADAMS, George F  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I2539
10 ADAMS, Harriet  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I2540
11 ADAMS, Harriet  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I2540
12 ADAMS, Henry  2 Apr 1871Portsea, Hampshire, England I2430
13 ADAMS, Henry  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I2430
14 ADAMS, Henry  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I2430
15 ADAMS, Henry Charles  2 Apr 1871Portsea, Hampshire, England I2537
16 ADAMS, Henry Charles  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I2537
17 BUDDEN, Alfred  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I16092
18 BUDDEN, Alfred Edward  1901Portsea, Hampshire, England I14941
19 BUDDEN, Alfred Edward  1911Portsea, Hampshire, England I14941
20 BUDDEN, Arthur Henry  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I16096
21 BUDDEN, Arthur Henry  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I16096
22 BUDDEN, Arthur Thomas  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I14924
23 BUDDEN, Arthur Thomas  1901Portsea, Hampshire, England I14924
24 BUDDEN, Edward George  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I16091
25 BUDDEN, Edward George  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I16091
26 BUDDEN, Elizabeth Kezia H  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I14938
27 BUDDEN, Elizabeth Kezia H  1901Portsea, Hampshire, England I14938
28 BUDDEN, Elizabeth Kezia H  1911Portsea, Hampshire, England I14938
29 BUDDEN, Ernest James  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I16085
30 BUDDEN, Frank D  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I14937
31 BUDDEN, Frank D  1901Portsea, Hampshire, England I14937
32 BUDDEN, Frank D  1911Portsea, Hampshire, England I14937
33 BUDDEN, Frederick Ralph  1911Portsea, Hampshire, England I14944
34 BUDDEN, George Henry  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I2456
35 BUDDEN, George Henry  1881Portsea, Hampshire, England I16089
36 BUDDEN, George Henry  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I16089
37 BUDDEN, George Julian Henry  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I14934
38 BUDDEN, George Julian Henry  1901Portsea, Hampshire, England I14934
39 BUDDEN, Ida Violet  1901Portsea, Hampshire, England I14942
40 BUDDEN, Leonard  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I16093
41 BUDDEN, Lilllian Jane  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I14935
42 BUDDEN, Lilllian Jane  1911Portsea, Hampshire, England I14935
43 BUDDEN, Louis R  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I14933
44 BUDDEN, Louis Richard Huxford  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I14930
45 BUDDEN, Louis Richard Huxford  1901Portsea, Hampshire, England I14930
46 BUDDEN, Nora Joan  1901Portsea, Hampshire, England I14940
47 BUDDEN, Percival  1891Portsea, Hampshire, England I16094
48 BUDDEN, Rubina Annie  1901Portsea, Hampshire, England I14939
49 BUDDEN, Rubina Annie  1911Portsea, Hampshire, England I14939
50 BUDDEN, William  7 Apr 1861Portsea, Hampshire, England I2478

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / BASSILL  Between Jan 1891 and Mar 1891Portsea, Hampshire, England F1973
2 BUDDEN / BURGESS  Between Oct 1857 and Dec 1857Portsea, Hampshire, England F4495
3 BUDDEN / HAYES  Between Oct 1898 and Dec 1898Portsea, Hampshire, England F4825
4 BUDDEN / WINDSOR  10 Nov 1874Portsea, Hampshire, England F4819
5 BULBECK / COOMBES  1876Portsea, Hampshire, England F731
6 CHRISTMAS / MATTHEWS  31 Jul 1838Portsea, Hampshire, England F3055
7 CLARKE / FOLKETT  8 Jan 1839Portsea, Hampshire, England F916
8 COLLINSON / ADAMS  Between Oct 1894 and Dec 1894Portsea, Hampshire, England F1985
9 EAMES / FITZPATRICK  9 May 1841Portsea, Hampshire, England F1988
10 FOLKETT / ANCELL  26 Oct 1812Portsea, Hampshire, England F459
11 FRAKER OR FRICKER / BUTLER  29 Jul 1793Portsea, Hampshire, England F3327
12 GROUT / SPARROW  Between Oct 1880 and Dec 1880Portsea, Hampshire, England F1266
13 KINSMAN / PENN  Between Apr 1891 and Jun 1891Portsea, Hampshire, England F1283
14 LEWCOCK / NORRIS  Between Apr 1885 and Jun 1885Portsea, Hampshire, England F2550
15 NEALE / GROUT  Between Apr 1886 and Jun 1886Portsea, Hampshire, England F1267
16 PAGE / CHRISTMAS  Between Jan 1882 and Mar 1882Portsea, Hampshire, England F3060
17 PECK / SMITH  Sep 1869Portsea, Hampshire, England F1603
18 PENN / CRAWLEY  Between Oct 1897 and Dec 1897Portsea, Hampshire, England F1281
19 REED / PULLEN  Between Jul 1843 and Sep 1843Portsea, Hampshire, England F453
20 SULLEY / FRICKER  24 Aug 1825Portsea, Hampshire, England F3337