Portsmouth, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Ada  1883Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2542
2 ADAMS, George James  1896Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4417
3 ADAMS, Gladys Ivy  1900Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4418
4 ADAMS, Henry John  20 Jul 1888Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4419
5 ADAMS, Violet A  1893Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4420
6 ADAMS, William W  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4421
7 BASTABLE, Harriet Rachel  1816Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2481
8 BUDDEN, Arthur Henry  2 Dec 1875Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16096
9 BUDDEN, Edward George  25 Jun 1877Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16091
10 BUDDEN, Ernest James  12 Sep 1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16085
11 BUDDEN, Leonard  5 Apr 1886Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16093
12 BUDDEN, Lucy Mary  25 Mar 1892Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16095
13 BUDDEN, Percival  27 Jun 1888Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16094
14 BULBECK, Ellen Mabel  1888Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2512
15 BULBECK, Fanny Beatrice  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2513
16 BULBECK, George  1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2510
17 BULBECK, Harry  1880Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2509
18 BULBECK, Harry James  1885Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2511
19 BULBECK, Thomas  1844Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2503
20 BULBECK, Thomas  1877Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2508
21 COPSEY, Maud Alice F  1888Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6921
22 DAVIS, Eileen Mabel  7 Dec 1930Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15762
23 GROUT, Elizabeth Emma  1886Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4327
24 HARRISON, Charles Alfred D  1862Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9062
25 HILTON, Gertrude Emma  3 Jun 1896Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15761
26 HILTON, Harriet Annie  1893Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4404
27 HILTON, Matilda Maud  21 Jun 1899Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4405
28 HILTON, Millicent  1895Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4406
29 HILTON, Thomas George  1902Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6880
30 KINSMAN, Alice K  1897Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4396
31 KINSMAN, Hetty E  1900Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4397
32 KINSMAN, Ivy B  1894Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4398
33 KINSMAN, Margaret G  1899Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4399
34 KINSMAN, William G  1892Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4400
35 LEWCOCK, George  1924Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I8769
36 LEWCOCK, Owen  25 Aug 1932Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I8770
37 LEWCOCK, Robert  26 May 1922Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I8765
38 MOORE, Leslie  19 May 1894Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I14246
39 OSBORNE, Bertie J  20 Sep 1897Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15769
40 PALMER, Reuben  1850Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16002
41 PALMER, Rosa A  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16001
42 SAUNDERS, Charlotte Elizabeth  1866Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4416
43 SMITH, Sarah  1788Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2530
44 USILL, Harley John Vaughan  13 Jul 1925Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7420
45 YOUNGHUSBAND, John Oswald  23 Mar 1937Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15901
46 [BUDDEN], Elizabeth  1861Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Ethel Violet  29 Oct 2006Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15885
2 BRADBEAR, Marjorie  1963Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7422
3 BULBECK, Harry  1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2509
4 BULBECK, Thomas  1909Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2503
5 BULBECK, Thomas  1942Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2508
6 CHRISTMAS, Horatio Henry  1917Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10391
7 COOKE, Mary Ann  Between Jul 1919 and Sep 1919Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10433
8 COWLING-FLETCHER, Margaret  1964Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I8768
9 DAVIS, Sidney Ernest  10 Feb 1956Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15766
10 GROUT, Emma Elizabeth  Dec 1942Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4313
11 HILTON, Matilda Maud  Dec 1974Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4405
12 LEWCOCK, Owen Robert  23 Mar 1935Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I8767
13 WHITEHILL, Jane (Jeannie)  1957Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3562
14 YOUNGHUSBAND, John Oswald  2007Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15901


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HARE, Mary  21 Dec 1851Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16098

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Ethel Violet  1939Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15885
2 ADAMS, Henry John  1939Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4419
3 COPSEY, Maud Alice F  1939Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6921
4 OSBORNE, Bertie J  1939Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15769
5 OSBORNE, Bertie J  1939Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15769
6 YOUNGHUSBAND, Oswald  1939Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Ada  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2542
2 ADAMS, Emma  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2538
3 ADAMS, George F  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2539
4 ADAMS, George James  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4417
5 ADAMS, Gladys Ivy  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4418
6 ADAMS, Henry Charles  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2537
7 ADAMS, Henry John  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4419
8 ADAMS, Henry John  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4419
9 ADAMS, Henry Robert  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6922
10 ADAMS, Violet A  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4420
11 ADAMS, William W  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4421
12 ANDERSON, Ada  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7558
13 BUDDEN, Alfred  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16092
14 BUDDEN, Edward George  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16091
15 BUDDEN, George Henry  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16089
16 BUDDEN, Leonard  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16093
17 BUDDEN, Lucy  1851Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15993
18 BUDDEN, Lucy Mary  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16095
19 BUDDEN, Percival  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16094
20 BUDDEN, Samuel James  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2545
21 CHRISTMAS, Bertha  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10402
22 CHRISTMAS, Bertha  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10402
23 CHRISTMAS, Frederick W H  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10403
24 CHRISTMAS, Frederick W H  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10403
25 CHRISTMAS, Frederick W H  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10403
26 CHRISTMAS, Horatio Henry  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10391
27 CHRISTMAS, Horatio Henry  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10391
28 CHRISTMAS, Horatio Henry  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10391
29 CHRISTMAS, Mabel  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10401
30 CHRISTMAS, Mabel  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10401
31 CHRISTMAS, Winifred  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10404
32 CHRISTMAS, Winifred  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10404
33 CHRISTMAS, Winifred  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10404
34 COLLINSON, Charles  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6918
35 COLLINSON, Dorothy  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6919
36 COLLINSON, George  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6917
37 COLLINSON, Henry Raybourne  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6916
38 COOKE, Mary Ann  1891Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10433
39 COPSEY, Maud Alice F  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6921
40 GROUT, Emma Elizabeth  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4313
41 GROUT, Emma Elizabeth  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4313
42 GROUT, George William  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4309
43 GROUT, Sarah Gertrude  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6878
44 HILTON, Gertrude Emma  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15761
45 HILTON, Gertrude Emma  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15761
46 HILTON, Harriet Annie  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4404
47 HILTON, Harriet Annie  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4404
48 HILTON, Matilda Maud  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4405
49 HILTON, Matilda Maud  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4405
50 HILTON, Millicent  1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4406

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 YOUNGHUSBAND, Oswald  1939Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I15900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 COWLING-FLETCHER, Margaret  29 Sep 1939Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I8768
2 LEWCOCK, Owen  29 Sep 1939Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I8770


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / COPSEY  Between Jan 1909 and Mar 1909Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1986
2 BASTABLE / BUDDEN  1882Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F736
3 BOTTLE / OSBORNE  Between Jan 1948 and Mar 1948Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F4730
4 BUDDEN / HODGEKISS  Between Apr 1901 and Jun 1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F4827
5 BUDDEN / WARE  Between Oct 1909 and Dec 1909Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F4494
6 CHRISTMAS / NEWLAND  Between Apr 1906 and Jun 1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F3061
7 DAVIS / HILTON  24 Nov 1920Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F4731
8 DOREY / BRADBEAR  1929Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F2131
9 ELKINS / BURGESS?????  4 Sep 1718Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F20
10 FRY / HOUNSOME  Between Oct 1906 and Dec 1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F2472
11 GARRETT / LEWCOCK  Between Jan 1918 and Mar 1918Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F2552
12 LEWCOCK / COWLING-FLETCHER  Between Jul 1921 and Sep 1921Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F2549
13 MULLARKEY / PHILLIPS  1910Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F4743
14 NEWBURY / BUDDEN  Between Jan 1904 and Mar 1904Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F4498
15 OSBORNE / HILTON  1921Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F4734
16 PRETTY / READ  1933Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F2447
17 USILL / DOREY  Between Jan 1924 and Mar 1924Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F2130
18 WALKER / DAVIS  5 Jun 1954Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F4732
19 YOUNGHUSBAND / ADAMS  Between Jan 1937 and Mar 1937Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F4765