Stoughton, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 John Porter  1834Stoughton, Sussex, England I16012
2 ADAMS, Bet  1797Stoughton, Sussex, England I2410
3 ADAMS, Elizabeth (Betsey)  1803Stoughton, Sussex, England I2488
4 ADAMS, Henry  1793Stoughton, Sussex, England I2411
5 ADAMS, James  1805Stoughton, Sussex, England I5508
6 ADAMS, John  1800Stoughton, Sussex, England I2009
7 BUDDEN, Emma  1846Stoughton, Sussex, England I2531
8 BUDDEN, George  1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2482
9 BUDDEN, Harriet  1853Stoughton, Sussex, England I2526
10 BUDDEN, Lucy Caroline  1852Stoughton, Sussex, England I2523
11 BUDDEN, William  1849Stoughton, Sussex, England I2532
12 CHRISTMAS, Albert  1 Jul 1840Stoughton, Sussex, England I10375
13 CHRISTMAS, James Edgar  1847Stoughton, Sussex, England I10385
14 CHRISTMAS, Jane Elizabeth  1842Stoughton, Sussex, England I10383
15 CHRISTMAS, Walter Matthews  1844Stoughton, Sussex, England I10384
16 PINNOCK, Fanny Ellen  1869Stoughton, Sussex, England I8527
17 PINNOCK, Frank  1871Stoughton, Sussex, England I8528
18 PORTER, Ann  1780Stoughton, Sussex, England I2435
19 PORTER, Anne  1738Stoughton, Sussex, England I10099
20 PORTER, Anne  1747Stoughton, Sussex, England I10102
21 PORTER, Elizabeth  1734Stoughton, Sussex, England I10101
22 PORTER, James  1778Stoughton, Sussex, England I10103
23 PORTER, Olive  1736Stoughton, Sussex, England I10100
24 PORTER, Olive  1775Stoughton, Sussex, England I10096
25 PORTER, Richard  1741Stoughton, Sussex, England I2447
26 [BUDDEN], Sarah Rachel  1876Stoughton, Sussex, England I6867


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 LUFF, Anne  18 Feb 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2408
2 PORTER, James  Between Jan 1849 and Mar 1849Stoughton, Sussex, England I10103
3 PORTER, Olive  1781Stoughton, Sussex, England I10096
4 POWELL, Sarah  9 Jan 1827Stoughton, Sussex, England I10095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, William  29 Jul 1845Stoughton, Sussex, England I2407
2 LUFF, Anne  23 Feb 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2408
3 PORTER, Olive  27 May 1781Stoughton, Sussex, England I10096
4 PORTER, Richard  10 May 1829Stoughton, Sussex, England I2447


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Bet  3 Dec 1797Stoughton, Sussex, England I2410
2 ADAMS, Henry  19 Mar 1793Stoughton, Sussex, England I2411
3 ADAMS, James  1 Sep 1805Stoughton, Sussex, England I5508
4 ADAMS, John  23 Nov 1800Stoughton, Sussex, England I2009
5 ADAMS, Thomas  19 Jul 1795Stoughton, Sussex, England I2412
6 CHRISTMAS, Albert  15 Jul 1840Stoughton, Sussex, England I10375
7 CHRISTMAS, Jane Elizabeth  1 Feb 1842Stoughton, Sussex, England I10383
8 CHRISTMAS, Walter Matthews  4 Feb 1844Stoughton, Sussex, England I10384
9 PORTER, Ann  6 Aug 1780Stoughton, Sussex, England I2435
10 PORTER, James  3 May 1788Stoughton, Sussex, England I10103
11 PORTER, Olive  5 Mar 1775Stoughton, Sussex, England I10096
12 PORTER, Richard  23 Aug 1741Stoughton, Sussex, England I2447


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 John Porter  1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I16012
2 ADAMS, Thomas  2 Apr 1871Stoughton, Sussex, England I2412
3 BASTABLE, Harriet Rachel  30 Mar 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2481
4 BASTABLE, Harriet Rachel  7 Apr 1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I2481
5 BUDDEN, Emma  30 Mar 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2531
6 BUDDEN, George  30 Mar 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2436
7 BUDDEN, George  30 Mar 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2482
8 BUDDEN, George  7 Apr 1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I2436
9 BUDDEN, George  7 Apr 1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I2482
10 BUDDEN, Harriet  7 Apr 1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I2526
11 BUDDEN, John  30 Mar 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2479
12 BUDDEN, John  7 Apr 1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I2445
13 BUDDEN, John William  1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I16011
14 BUDDEN, Louisa E  7 Apr 1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I2490
15 BUDDEN, Mary Ann  1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I16005
16 BUDDEN, Sarah Ann  30 Mar 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2483
17 BUDDEN, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2525
18 BUDDEN, William  30 Mar 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2532
19 BUDDEN, William  7 Apr 1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I2528
20 CHRISTMAS, Albert  1841Stoughton, Sussex, England I10375
21 CHRISTMAS, Alfred William  1841Stoughton, Sussex, England I10371
22 CHRISTMAS, William  1841Stoughton, Sussex, England I10370
23 HACKETT, Fanny  1871Stoughton, Sussex, England I8526
24 LANGRISH, Mary  1871Stoughton, Sussex, England I2467
25 MATTHEWS, Elizabeth  1841Stoughton, Sussex, England I10372
26 PATRICK, Frances  7 Apr 1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I2489
27 PINNOCK, Fanny Ellen  1871Stoughton, Sussex, England I8527
28 PINNOCK, Francis  1871Stoughton, Sussex, England I8519
29 PINNOCK, Frank  1871Stoughton, Sussex, England I8528
30 PORTER, Elizabeth  1841Stoughton, Sussex, England I10111
31 PORTER, James  1841Stoughton, Sussex, England I10103
32 PORTER, Thomas  1841Stoughton, Sussex, England I10110
33 REED, Edmund  30 Mar 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2487
34 REED, Harriet  30 Mar 1851Stoughton, Sussex, England I2480
35 SMITH, Sarah  7 Apr 1861Stoughton, Sussex, England I2530
36 WEAVER, Harry  1871Stoughton, Sussex, England I11858
37 WEAVER, James  1871Stoughton, Sussex, England I11852


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / CHASE  15 Dec 1818Stoughton, Sussex, England F702
2 ADAMS / LUFF  29 Jun 1791Stoughton, Sussex, England F701
3 PORTER / POWELL  19 Jul 1768Stoughton, Sussex, England F711