Tottenham, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Louisa  1858Tottenham, Middlesex, England I4548
2 BILLHAM, Herbert Arthur F  12 Jun 1907Tottenham, Middlesex, England I1257
3 GODFREY, Albert Victor  Between Apr 1885 and Jun 1885Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7031
4 SHORE, Caroline Esther  1863Tottenham, Middlesex, England I4101


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Elizabeth  8 Apr 1913Tottenham, Middlesex, England I943


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BILLHAM, Jessie Rosina  22 Oct 1905Tottenham, Middlesex, England I11096
2 LUCOCK, George Everett Cady  10 Apr 1892Tottenham, Middlesex, England I10817


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BILLHAM, Herbert Arthur F  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I1257
2 BILLHAM, Herbert Richard Robert  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I11092
3 DE FRAINE, Annie Kate  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I330
4 DE FRAINE, Bertha  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I331
5 FRYER, Amelia  1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3864
6 FRYER, Amelia  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3864
7 FRYER, Amelia  1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3864
8 HART, Anna Maria  1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I13202
9 LAWS, Jenette  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I11093
10 LEWCOCK, Edna Constance  31 Mar 1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I9
11 LEWCOCK, Francis James  31 Mar 1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I5
12 LEWCOCK, James Austin  31 Mar 1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7
13 LEWCOCK, William George  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I8802
14 LOVIS, Amy Harriet  1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3865
15 LOVIS, Amy Harriet  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3865
16 LOVIS, Amy Harriet  1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3865
17 LOVIS, Catherine  1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3866
18 LOVIS, Francis  1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3863
19 LOVIS, Francis  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3863
20 LOVIS, Francis  1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3863
21 LOVIS, Frank Bedford  1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3869
22 LOVIS, Herbert  1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3870
23 LOVIS, Herbert  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3870
24 LOVIS, Herbert  1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3870
25 LOVIS, John Sleeman  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3868
26 LOVIS, John Sleeman  1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3868
27 LOVIS, Walter Sleeman  1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3851
28 LOVIS, William Percy  1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3871
29 LOVIS, William Percy  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3871
30 LOVIS, William Percy  1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3871
31 LUCOCK, William  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I10811
32 LUCOCK, William E. F.  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I10814
33 MANLEY, Elizabeth  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I8811
34 MCCALLUM, Margaret  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I2037
35 REED, Amy Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I8
36 STEED, Blanche Emmeline  3 Apr 1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I2608
37 STEED, Maud Mary  3 Apr 1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I2609
38 USHER, Elizabeth  1881Tottenham, Middlesex, England I971
39 WHITEHILL, Alexander (twin)  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3577
40 WHITEHILL, Francis McCallum  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3578
41 WHITEHILL, Hugh Stewart  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I2030
42 WHITEHILL, Hugh Stuart  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3579
43 WHITEHILL, Margaret McCallum (twin)  1911Tottenham, Middlesex, England I3580
44 [LUCOCK], Betsey  1891Tottenham, Middlesex, England I10813


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, James Austin  31 Mar 1901Tottenham, Middlesex, England I7