Wrecclesham, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ELKINS, Annie  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6988
2 ELKINS, Daisy  1894Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6986
3 ELKINS, Elsie  1895Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6987
4 ELKINS, George  1874Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1840
5 ELKINS, Henry  1844Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1622
6 ELKINS, James  1785Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I98
7 ELKINS, James  1823Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1614
8 FARR, Charlotte  1847Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7197
9 PARRAT, Annie  1868Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6985


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ELKINS, Charles  1792Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I31


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ELKINS, Fanny  1 May 1870Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6990
2 ELKINS, Henry  31 Mar 1844Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BLAKE, John William  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I11868
2 ELKINS, Annie  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6988
3 ELKINS, Bertram Henry  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1618
4 ELKINS, Bertram Henry  1911Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1618
5 ELKINS, Daisy  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6986
6 ELKINS, Elsie  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6987
7 ELKINS, Frederick George  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1616
8 ELKINS, Frederick George  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1616
9 ELKINS, Frederick George  1911Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1616
10 ELKINS, George  1841Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1612
11 ELKINS, George  1841Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6251
12 ELKINS, George  1851Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6251
13 ELKINS, George  1861Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6251
14 ELKINS, James  1841Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1614
15 ELKINS, James  1851Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1614
16 ELKINS, John  1841Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6248
17 ELKINS, Mary  1841Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6247
18 ELKINS, Mary  1851Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6247
19 ELKINS, Mary  1861Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6247
20 ELKINS, William  1841Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6249
21 ELKINS, William  1851Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6249
22 ELKINS, William  1861Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6249
23 FARR, Charlotte  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7197
24 GATCOM, Anne  1861Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6256
25 GATCOM, Charlotte  1861Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6255
26 GATCOM, John  1861Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6254
27 GATCOM, John William  1851Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6252
28 GATCOM, John William  1861Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6252
29 HART, Harriet  1851Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I169
30 MCDONALD, Clara Harriet  1851Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1453
31 MCDONALD, Frank  1851Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1452
32 MCDONALD, James  1851Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I1451
33 MCDONALD, John  1851Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I177
34 PARRAT, Annie  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6985
35 PARRAT, Annie  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6985
36 PARRAT, Annie  1911Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I6985
37 PARRATT, Alfred  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7163
38 PARRATT, Alfred  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7163
39 PARRATT, Alfred  1911Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7163
40 PARRATT, Arthur  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7160
41 PARRATT, Charles Almon  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7162
42 PARRATT, Charles Almon  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7162
43 PARRATT, Charles Almon  1911Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7162
44 PARRATT, Ella  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7165
45 PARRATT, Ella  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7165
46 PARRATT, Ernest Arthur  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7190
47 PARRATT, Esau  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7196
48 PARRATT, James  1891Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7140
49 PARRATT, James  1901Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7140
50 PARRATT, James  1911Wrecclesham, Surrey, England I7140

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 POULTER / LUCOCK  6 Nov 1899Wrecclesham, Surrey, England F4149