Alderton, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABLITT, Grace Emma  1854Alderton, Suffolk, England I10616
2 GIRLING, Charlotte  1807Alderton, Suffolk, England I11186
3 HILLEN, Alice Mary  1861Alderton, Suffolk, England I10611
4 HILLEN, Arthur  1857Alderton, Suffolk, England I10601
5 HILLEN, Benjamin  1876Alderton, Suffolk, England I10621
6 HILLEN, Charlie  1866Alderton, Suffolk, England I10613
7 HILLEN, Clara  1873Alderton, Suffolk, England I10615
8 HILLEN, Elinor Elizabeth  1869Alderton, Suffolk, England I10614
9 HILLEN, Grace  1875Alderton, Suffolk, England I10620
10 HILLEN, Henry Barrett  1851Alderton, Suffolk, England I10599
11 HILLEN, Jessie Emma  1864Alderton, Suffolk, England I10612
12 HILLEN, Walter  1859Alderton, Suffolk, England I10602
13 LUCOCK, William  19 Aug 1833Alderton, Suffolk, England I10798


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HILLEN, Alice Mary  1895Alderton, Suffolk, England I10611
2 LUCOCK, Emma  1891Alderton, Suffolk, England I10584
3 LUCOCK, William  1841Alderton, Suffolk, England I10799


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GIRLING, Charlotte  9 Sep 1875Alderton, Suffolk, England I11186
2 HILLEN, Alice Mary  8 Apr 1895Alderton, Suffolk, England I10611
3 HILLEN, Arthur  6 Mar 1890Alderton, Suffolk, England I10601
4 HILLEN, Benjamin  5 Nov 1873Alderton, Suffolk, England I10598
5 HILLEN, Charlie  30 Jan 1883Alderton, Suffolk, England I10613
6 HILLEN, Clara  27 May 1893Alderton, Suffolk, England I10615
7 HILLEN, Frederic  29 May 1897Alderton, Suffolk, England I10600
8 HILLEN, Henry Barrett  6 Jan 1880Alderton, Suffolk, England I10599
9 HILLEN, Walter  11 Mar 1892Alderton, Suffolk, England I10602
10 LUCOCK, Emma  4 Feb 1891Alderton, Suffolk, England I10584
11 LUCOCK, William  27 Jun 1841Alderton, Suffolk, England I10799


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ABLITT, Grace Emma  1881Alderton, Suffolk, England I10616
2 HILLEN, Alice Mary  1871Alderton, Suffolk, England I10611
3 HILLEN, Alice Mary  1881Alderton, Suffolk, England I10611
4 HILLEN, Arthur  1861Alderton, Suffolk, England I10601
5 HILLEN, Benjamin  1861Alderton, Suffolk, England I10598
6 HILLEN, Benjamin  1871Alderton, Suffolk, England I10598
7 HILLEN, Benjamin  1881Alderton, Suffolk, England I10621
8 HILLEN, Charlie  1871Alderton, Suffolk, England I10613
9 HILLEN, Charlie  1881Alderton, Suffolk, England I10613
10 HILLEN, Clara  1881Alderton, Suffolk, England I10615
11 HILLEN, Elinor Elizabeth  1871Alderton, Suffolk, England I10614
12 HILLEN, Frederic  1861Alderton, Suffolk, England I10600
13 HILLEN, Frederic  1871Alderton, Suffolk, England I10600
14 HILLEN, Frederic  1881Alderton, Suffolk, England I10600
15 HILLEN, Frederic  1891Alderton, Suffolk, England I10600
16 HILLEN, Grace  1881Alderton, Suffolk, England I10620
17 HILLEN, Henry Barrett  1861Alderton, Suffolk, England I10599
18 HILLEN, Henry Barrett  1871Alderton, Suffolk, England I10599
19 HILLEN, Jessie Emma  1871Alderton, Suffolk, England I10612
20 HILLEN, Jessie Emma  1881Alderton, Suffolk, England I10612
21 HILLEN, Walter  1861Alderton, Suffolk, England I10602
22 HILLEN, Walter  1881Alderton, Suffolk, England I10602
23 LUCOCK, Belinda  1861Alderton, Suffolk, England I10575
24 LUCOCK, Eliza  1841Alderton, Suffolk, England I10796
25 LUCOCK, Emma  1861Alderton, Suffolk, England I10584
26 LUCOCK, Emma  1871Alderton, Suffolk, England I10584
27 LUCOCK, Emma  1871Alderton, Suffolk, England I10584
28 LUCOCK, Emma  1881Alderton, Suffolk, England I10584
29 LUCOCK, George  1841Alderton, Suffolk, England I10797
30 LUCOCK, Mary  1841Alderton, Suffolk, England I10795
31 LUCOCK, William  1841Alderton, Suffolk, England I10798
32 LUCOCK, William  1841Alderton, Suffolk, England I10799
33 LUCOCK, William Thomas  1841Alderton, Suffolk, England I10536
34 LUCOCK, William Thomas  1851Alderton, Suffolk, England I10536
35 SMITH, Lucy  1841Alderton, Suffolk, England I10794
36 SMITH, Lucy  1851Alderton, Suffolk, England I10794


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LUCOCK / BURROUGHS  13 Feb 1789Alderton, Suffolk, England F3100