Bampton, Oxfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Ann  1770Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2375
2 ANDREWS, Ann [Cecilia Elizabeth]  1814Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I251
3 ANDREWS, Arthur Charles  1855Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2384
4 ANDREWS, Charles Edward Lindsey  1814Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2381
5 ANDREWS, Charles Edwin  1854Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2385
6 ANDREWS, Charlotte  1768Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2376
7 ANDREWS, Edith Mary  1867Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2388
8 ANDREWS, Elizabeth  1774Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2377
9 ANDREWS, Elizabeth  1819Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2382
10 ANDREWS, George  1809Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1161
11 ANDREWS, George Frederick  1860Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2390
12 ANDREWS, Joseph  1812Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1162
13 ANDREWS, Joseph Frederick  1858Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2391
14 ANDREWS, Mary  1786Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4432
15 ANDREWS, Mary Ann  1826Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2394
16 ANDREWS, Robert  1777Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2378
17 ANDREWS, Sarah Charlotte  1816Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2380
18 ANDREWS, William  1695Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I13160
19 ANDREWS, William  1781Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1158
20 ANDREWS, William Henry  1857Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2387
21 ANDREWS, William W  1805Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1160
22 DAY, Ivy Selina Christine  1897Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I13156
23 GILLETT, Amy  1798Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2178
24 GILLETT, Ann  1795Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2176
25 GILLETT, Anne  1836Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3273
26 GILLETT, Annie  3 May 1854Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3926
27 GILLETT, Augustine  1847Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3276
28 GILLETT, Charles  1835Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3272
29 GILLETT, Charles Herbert  1879Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3981
30 GILLETT, Edith Jennie  1866Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3979
31 GILLETT, Edward  1839Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3265
32 GILLETT, Edward Lea  1870Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2211
33 GILLETT, Eliza  1836Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3264
34 GILLETT, Emily Elizabeth  1869Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2212
35 GILLETT, Ethel Lilian  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3980
36 GILLETT, Frederic Charles  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3278
37 GILLETT, James  1860Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3927
38 GILLETT, Jane  1800Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2179
39 GILLETT, John  1797Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2177
40 GILLETT, John  1837Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3274
41 GILLETT, John East  1853Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3928
42 GILLETT, Julia  1853Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3268
43 GILLETT, Maria  1794Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2175
44 GILLETT, Maria F  1852Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3267
45 GILLETT, Nora  1848Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3266
46 GILLETT, Rachel  1792Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2174
47 GILLETT, Thomas Octavius  1855Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3269
48 GILLETT, William East  1857Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3929
49 SEARY, Sarah Elizabeth  1811Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4429
50 TOWNSEND, Elizabeth  1780Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4424

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Ann [Cecilia Elizabeth]  20 Apr 1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I251
2 ANDREWS, Charles  1803Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1811
3 ANDREWS, Edith Mary  Between Apr 1869 and Jun 1869Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2388
4 ANDREWS, Joseph  Between Jul 1842 and Sep 1842Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1162
5 ANDREWS, Robert  Between Jan 1841 and Mar 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2378
6 ANDREWS, William  1726Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I13154
7 ANDREWS, William  6 Jun 1856Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1158
8 GILLETT, Eliza  17 Feb 1885Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3264
9 GILLETT, John  22 Jul 1870Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3274
10 LAWRENCE, Elizabeth  1807Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1812


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SPARROWHAWK, William  16 Jul 1855Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4462


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Ann  21 Feb 1770Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2375
2 ANDREWS, Ann [Cecilia Elizabeth]  30 May 1814Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I251
3 ANDREWS, Catharine  18 Sep 1698Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I13161
4 ANDREWS, Charles Edward Lindsey  19 Jun 1814Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2381
5 ANDREWS, Charlotte  20 Apr 1768Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2376
6 ANDREWS, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1701Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I13163
7 ANDREWS, Elizabeth  5 Jun 1774Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2377
8 ANDREWS, Elizabeth  18 Jun 1819Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2382
9 ANDREWS, Elizabeth Ann  3 Aug 1862Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3347
10 ANDREWS, George  22 Oct 1809Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1161
11 ANDREWS, George Frederick  5 Oct 1860Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2390
12 ANDREWS, Joseph  16 Feb 1812Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1162
13 ANDREWS, Mary  16 Oct 1700Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I13162
14 ANDREWS, Robert  1 Dec 1708Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4464
15 ANDREWS, Robert  25 May 1777Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2378
16 ANDREWS, Sarah Charlotte  16 Feb 1816Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2380
17 ANDREWS, William  29 May 1695Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I13160
18 ANDREWS, William  10 Jun 1781Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1158
19 ANDREWS, William W  19 May 1805Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1160
20 GILLETT, Amy  24 Dec 1798Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2178
21 GILLETT, Ann  21 Oct 1795Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2176
22 GILLETT, Emily Elizabeth  20 Sep 1869Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2212
23 GILLETT, Jane  25 Apr 1800Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2179
24 GILLETT, John  19 May 1797Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2177
25 GILLETT, Maria  28 Mar 1794Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2175
26 GILLETT, Rachel  24 Dec 1798Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2174
27 SEARY, Sarah Elizabeth  25 Sep 1811Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4429
28 SPARROWHAWK, Harriet  1 Aug 1824Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4437
29 SPARROWHAWK, Harriet  18 Dec 1852Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4461
30 SPARROWHAWK, Marianne  27 Apr 1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4460
31 SPARROWHAWK, Mary Ann  20 Feb 1815Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4436
32 SPARROWHAWK, Robert  19 Jul 1820Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4434
33 SPARROWHAWK, Sarah  26 Dec 1816Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4435
34 SPARROWHAWK, William  15 Sep 1822Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4438
35 SPARROWHAWK, William  4 Dec 1853Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4462
36 SPARROWHAWK, William B  25 May 1856Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4463
37 TOWNSEND, Elizabeth  26 Aug 1780Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4424
38 TOWNSEND, Ruth  29 Mar 1785Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2379


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Ann [Cecilia Elizabeth]  3 Apr 1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I251
2 ANDREWS, Ann [Cecilia Elizabeth]  5 Apr 1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I251
3 ANDREWS, Arthur Charles  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2384
4 ANDREWS, Charles Edward Lindsey  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2381
5 ANDREWS, Charles Edward Lindsey  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2381
6 ANDREWS, Charles Edward Lindsey  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2381
7 ANDREWS, Charles Edward Lindsey  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2381
8 ANDREWS, Charles Edwin  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2385
9 ANDREWS, Edward Lindsey  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2389
10 ANDREWS, Elizabeth Ann  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3347
11 ANDREWS, George Frederick  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2390
12 ANDREWS, Joseph  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1162
13 ANDREWS, Joseph Frederick  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2391
14 ANDREWS, Joseph Frederick  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2391
15 ANDREWS, Mary Ann  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2394
16 ANDREWS, William  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1158
17 ANDREWS, William  30 Mar 1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1158
18 ANDREWS, William Henry  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2387
19 BAUGHEN, Emily Mary  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6693
20 BROADHURST, Ann Selina  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2386
21 BROADHURST, Ann Selina  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2386
22 BRYAN, Ellen  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4052
23 BUSH, Elenora  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3263
24 BYE, Elizabeth  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3920
25 GILLETT, Anne  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3273
26 GILLETT, Anne  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3273
27 GILLETT, Annie  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3926
28 GILLETT, Annie  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3926
29 GILLETT, Charles  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2887
30 GILLETT, Charles  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3272
31 GILLETT, Charles  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3272
32 GILLETT, Charles  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3272
33 GILLETT, Charles Herbert  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3981
34 GILLETT, Edith Jennie  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3979
35 GILLETT, Edward  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3265
36 GILLETT, Eliza  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3264
37 GILLETT, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I694
38 GILLETT, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I694
39 GILLETT, Emilie  3 Apr 1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1049
40 GILLETT, Emilie  5 Apr 1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1049
41 GILLETT, Ethel Lilian  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3980
42 GILLETT, Frederic Charles  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3278
43 GILLETT, Frederic Charles  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3278
44 GILLETT, Gertrude Emily  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4555
45 GILLETT, James  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2363
46 GILLETT, James  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3927
47 GILLETT, John  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3274
48 GILLETT, John East  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3928
49 GILLETT, Joseph  5 Apr 1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1047
50 GILLETT, Lilian Maude  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6697

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Ann [Cecilia Elizabeth]  3 Apr 1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I251
2 ANDREWS, Ann [Cecilia Elizabeth]  5 Apr 1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I251
3 ANDREWS, Charles Edward Lindsey  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2381
4 ANDREWS, William  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1158
5 ANDREWS, William  30 Mar 1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1158
6 GILLETT, Charles  6 Jun 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2887


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Ann [Cecilia Elizabeth]  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I251
2 ANDREWS, William  1850Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1158
3 LAWRENCE, Elizabeth  24 Jul 1804Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1812


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDREWS / BROADHURST  1 Aug 1853Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F695
2 ANDREWS / TOWNSEND  6 Apr 1809Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F693
3 DAY / ANDREWS  4 Sep 1895Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F3966
4 DEACON / ANDREWS  15 Dec 1796Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F697
5 GILLETT / ANDREWS  16 Aug 1836Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F75
6 JEFFRIES / SPARROWHAWK  25 May 1837Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F1294
7 SEARY / ANDREWS  10 Jan 1805Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F696
8 SEARY / TOWNSEND  22 Sep 1810Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F1289
9 SMITH / GILLETT  12 Dec 1816Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F685