Bramshott, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOXALL, Mary  1718Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10226
2 CHRISTMAS, Ann  1815Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10060
3 CHRISTMAS, Charles  1817Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10061
4 CHRISTMAS, Daniel  1819Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10062
5 CHRISTMAS, James  1821Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10368
6 CHRISTMAS, Jane  1813Bramshott, Hampshire, England I1482
7 CHRISTMAS, John  1810Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10064
8 CHRISTMAS, Mary or Maria  1811Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10065
9 CHRISTMAS, Sarah (Sally)  1812Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10063
10 ELKINS, Charles  1751Bramshott, Hampshire, England I31
11 ELKINS, Jemmy  1733Bramshott, Hampshire, England I87
12 ELKINS, Lucy  1737Bramshott, Hampshire, England I2922
13 ELKINS, Myrtilla  1735Bramshott, Hampshire, England I88
14 HAMMOND, Mary  1801Bramshott, Hampshire, England I11579
15 HOUNSOM, Daniel  1630Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8596
16 HOUNSOM, Joan  1628Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8600
17 HOUNSOM, Maragaret  1639Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8595
18 HOUNSOM, Sarah  1625Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8598
19 HOUNSOM, Thomas  1607Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8586
20 HOUNSOM, Thomas  1627Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8597
21 HOUNSOME, Alice  1594Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9610
22 HOUNSOME, Elizabeth  1632Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8572
23 HOUNSOME, John  1604Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9614
24 HOUNSOME, Jone  1593Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9609
25 HOUNSOME, Nicholas  1610Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9615
26 HOUNSOME, Richard  1596Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9611
27 HOUNSOME, Robert  1602Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9613
28 HOUNSOME, William  1600Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9612
29 PINK, Harriet  1804Bramshott, Hampshire, England I5504


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURGESS?????, Elizabeth  1739Bramshott, Hampshire, England I80
2 ELKINS, John  17 Jul 1739Bramshott, Hampshire, England I4219
3 ELKINS, Nicholas  1739Bramshott, Hampshire, England I79


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BURGESS?????, Elizabeth  23 Feb 1739Bramshott, Hampshire, England I80
2 ELKINS, Nicholas  22 Dec 1739Bramshott, Hampshire, England I79


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BOXALL, Mary  5 Oct 1718Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10226
2 CHRISTMAS, Ann  29 Jun 1815Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10060
3 CHRISTMAS, Charles  4 May 1817Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10061
4 CHRISTMAS, Daniel  3 Jun 1819Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10062
5 CHRISTMAS, Jane  28 Nov 1813Bramshott, Hampshire, England I1482
6 CHRISTMAS, John  25 May 1810Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10064
7 CHRISTMAS, Mary or Maria  4 Oct 1811Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10065
8 CHRISTMAS, Sarah (Sally)  13 Oct 1812Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10063
9 ELKINS, Charles  20 Apr 1751Bramshott, Hampshire, England I31
10 ELKINS, Jemmy  9 Dec 1733Bramshott, Hampshire, England I87
11 ELKINS, Myrtilla  14 Dec 1735Bramshott, Hampshire, England I88
12 HOUNSOM, Alise  25 Apr 1563Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9605
13 HOUNSOM, Anys  25 Dec 1566Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9604
14 HOUNSOM, Daniel  25 Mar 1630Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8596
15 HOUNSOM, Edmund  13 Sep 1560Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9601
16 HOUNSOM, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1667Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10344
17 HOUNSOM, Joan  15 Feb 1628Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8600
18 HOUNSOM, Jone  25 Apr 1563Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9602
19 HOUNSOM, Jone  30 Mar 1570Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9607
20 HOUNSOM, Maragaret  19 Jan 1639Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8595
21 HOUNSOM, Margery  25 Dec 1573Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9608
22 HOUNSOM, Robert  25 Jun 1634Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8599
23 HOUNSOM, Sarah  9 Nov 1625Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8598
24 HOUNSOM, Thomas  16 Jun 1607Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8586
25 HOUNSOM, Thomas  30 Sep 1627Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8597
26 HOUNSOM, Zachary  28 Mar 1562Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9606
27 HOUNSOME, Alice  16 Jun 1594Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9610
28 HOUNSOME, Elizabeth  29 Oct 1632Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8572
29 HOUNSOME, John  16 Mar 1604Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9614
30 HOUNSOME, Jone  4 Apr 1593Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9609
31 HOUNSOME, Nicholas  8 Jul 1610Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9615
32 HOUNSOME, Richard  6 Jun 1563Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8602
33 HOUNSOME, Richard  27 Feb 1596Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9611
34 HOUNSOME, Robert  19 Sep 1602Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9613
35 HOUNSOME, Thomas  2 Mar 1567Bramshott, Hampshire, England I8573
36 HOUNSOME, William  30 Mar 1600Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9612
37 HUDSON?, Alice  19 Feb 1567Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CHRISTMAS, Daniel  1851Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10062
2 CHRISTMAS, James  1851Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10368
3 CHRISTMAS, Jane  1841Bramshott, Hampshire, England I1482
4 CHRISTMAS, John  1841Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10052
5 CHRISTMAS, John  1851Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10052
6 CHRISTMAS, Mary or Maria  1851Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10065
7 CHRISTMAS, Sarah (Sally)  1851Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10063
8 COX, Sarah (Sally)  1851Bramshott, Hampshire, England I10053
9 GROUT, Albert Edward  1901Bramshott, Hampshire, England I4335
10 GROUT, Arthur  1901Bramshott, Hampshire, England I4333
11 GROUT, Charles William  1901Bramshott, Hampshire, England I4319
12 GROUT, Dorothy Helen  1901Bramshott, Hampshire, England I4334
13 GROUT, Frederick Charles  1901Bramshott, Hampshire, England I4332
14 GROUT, Harry  1901Bramshott, Hampshire, England I4330
15 GROUT, William George  1901Bramshott, Hampshire, England I4331
16 PERKINS, Thirza  1901Bramshott, Hampshire, England I4325


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 HOUNSOM, Edmund  9 May 1616Bramshott, Hampshire, England I9601


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOUNSOM / HUDSON  29 Jan 1623Bramshott, Hampshire, England F2500
2 HOUNSOME / HUDSON?  1 Jun 1590Bramshott, Hampshire, England F2504