Chobham, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROOKS, Arthur Clarence  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I7748
2 BROOKS, Irene May  1903Chobham, Surrey, England I7749
3 BROOKS, Reginald Frederick  1905Chobham, Surrey, England I7750
4 BROOKS, Violet Kate  1899Chobham, Surrey, England I7747
5 DREW, George  1869Chobham, Surrey, England I13711
6 KIRK, Harry Percival James Lucock or  1898Chobham, Surrey, England I13743
7 LUCOCK, Agnes Florence  11 Jun 1906Chobham, Surrey, England I13747
8 LUCOCK, Alfred  16 Dec 1872Chobham, Surrey, England I13707
9 LUCOCK, Alfred Buller  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I13745
10 LUCOCK, Annie  1878Chobham, Surrey, England I13709
11 LUCOCK, Annie  1897Chobham, Surrey, England I1941
12 LUCOCK, Annie Frances  27 Jun 1904Chobham, Surrey, England I13746
13 LUCOCK, Ellen Florence  1880Chobham, Surrey, England I13708
14 LUCOCK, Ellen Florence  1899Chobham, Surrey, England I13744
15 LUCOCK, Emily  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I13713
16 LUCOCK, Frederick  1875Chobham, Surrey, England I1939
17 LUCOCK, George  1807Chobham, Surrey, England I6466
18 LUCOCK, Hannah  1803Chobham, Surrey, England I6474
19 LUCOCK, Herbert  1887Chobham, Surrey, England I13715
20 LUCOCK, James  1813Chobham, Surrey, England I6469
21 LUCOCK, James  1847Chobham, Surrey, England I1936
22 LUCOCK, James Walter  6 Nov 1908Chobham, Surrey, England I13748
23 LUCOCK, Jane  1844Chobham, Surrey, England I13703
24 LUCOCK, John  1855Chobham, Surrey, England I13706
25 LUCOCK, John  20 Apr 1885Chobham, Surrey, England I13714
26 LUCOCK, Martha  1810Chobham, Surrey, England I6467
27 LUCOCK, Mary  1806Chobham, Surrey, England I6468
28 LUCOCK, Mary Ann  1849Chobham, Surrey, England I13704
29 LUCOCK, Walter  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I13716
30 LUCOCK, William  1841Chobham, Surrey, England I13702
31 LUCOCK, William  12 Jul 1902Chobham, Surrey, England I13742
32 MUMFORD, Kate  1869Chobham, Surrey, England I7746
33 TURNER, Ann  8 May 1829Chobham, Surrey, England I13844
34 TURNER, John  Abt 1770Chobham, Surrey, England I13845
35 TURNER, Joseph  25 Aug 1825Chobham, Surrey, England I13843
36 TURNER, Martha  25 Aug 1825Chobham, Surrey, England I13842
37 TURNER, Richard  1818Chobham, Surrey, England I13829
38 TURNER, Samuel  14 Nov 1822Chobham, Surrey, England I13841
39 TURNER, Zechariah  13 Feb 1790Chobham, Surrey, England I13834


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 LUCOCK, James  1846Chobham, Surrey, England I1924
2 TUNNELL, Sarah  1825Chobham, Surrey, England I1933


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LUCOCK, George  21 Sep 1861Chobham, Surrey, England I13705
2 LUCOCK, James  1846Chobham, Surrey, England I1924
3 LUCOCK, Samuel  1 Jan 1891Chobham, Surrey, England I1934
4 TUNNELL, Sarah  24 Aug 1825Chobham, Surrey, England I1933


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CHITTY, Jane  25 Mar 1739Chobham, Surrey, England I1640
2 LUCOCK, Annie Frances  17 Jul 1904Chobham, Surrey, England I13746
3 LUCOCK, George  17 Mar 1808Chobham, Surrey, England I6466
4 LUCOCK, George  18 Jul 1858Chobham, Surrey, England I13705
5 LUCOCK, Hannah  1 Apr 1803Chobham, Surrey, England I6474
6 LUCOCK, James  21 Mar 1813Chobham, Surrey, England I6469
7 LUCOCK, James  21 Feb 1847Chobham, Surrey, England I1936
8 LUCOCK, Jane  8 Jul 1849Chobham, Surrey, England I13703
9 LUCOCK, John  31 May 1885Chobham, Surrey, England I13714
10 LUCOCK, Martha  14 Oct 1810Chobham, Surrey, England I6467
11 LUCOCK, Mary  4 May 1806Chobham, Surrey, England I6468
12 LUCOCK, Mary Ann  8 Jul 1849Chobham, Surrey, England I13704
13 LUCOCK, Samuel  7 Jan 1816Chobham, Surrey, England I1934
14 LUCOCK, Sarah  8 Apr 1838Chobham, Surrey, England I6472
15 LUCOCK, William  22 Nov 1840Chobham, Surrey, England I6473
16 TURNER, Henry  14 Nov 1822Chobham, Surrey, England I13840
17 TURNER, James  14 Oct 1819Chobham, Surrey, England I13838
18 TURNER, John  28 Nov 1816Chobham, Surrey, England I13836
19 TURNER, Lydia  12 Feb 1815Chobham, Surrey, England I13837
20 TURNER, Richard  21 May 1818Chobham, Surrey, England I13829


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BROOKS, Arthur Clarence  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I7748
2 BROOKS, Arthur Clarence  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I7748
3 BROOKS, Arthur Stratton  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I1803
4 BROOKS, Irene May  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I7749
5 BROOKS, Reginald Frederick  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I7750
6 BROOKS, Violet Kate  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I7747
7 BROOKS, Violet Kate  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I7747
8 DABORN, Sarah  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I1940
9 DREW, George  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I13711
10 DREW, George  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I13711
11 KIRK, Harriett  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I13741
12 KIRK, Harriett  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I13741
13 KIRK, Harry Percival James Lucock or  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I13743
14 KIRK, Harry Percival James Lucock or  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I13743
15 LAMBERT, Elizabeth  1841Chobham, Surrey, England I1935
16 LAMBERT, Elizabeth  1851Chobham, Surrey, England I1935
17 LAMBERT, Elizabeth  1851Chobham, Surrey, England I1935
18 LAMBERT, Elizabeth  1871Chobham, Surrey, England I1935
19 LAMBERT, Elizabeth  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I1935
20 LUCOCK, Agnes Florence  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I13747
21 LUCOCK, Alfred  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I13707
22 LUCOCK, Alfred  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I13707
23 LUCOCK, Alfred  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I13707
24 LUCOCK, Alfred Buller  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I13745
25 LUCOCK, Annie  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I13709
26 LUCOCK, Annie  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I13709
27 LUCOCK, Annie  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I1941
28 LUCOCK, Annie Frances  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I13746
29 LUCOCK, Ellen Florence  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I13708
30 LUCOCK, Ellen Florence  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I13708
31 LUCOCK, Ellen Florence  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I13744
32 LUCOCK, Ellen Florence  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I13744
33 LUCOCK, Emily  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I13713
34 LUCOCK, Frederick  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I1939
35 LUCOCK, Frederick  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I1939
36 LUCOCK, Frederick  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I1939
37 LUCOCK, George  1841Chobham, Surrey, England I6466
38 LUCOCK, George  1861Chobham, Surrey, England I13705
39 LUCOCK, George  1911Chobham, Surrey, England I13729
40 LUCOCK, Herbert  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I13715
41 LUCOCK, Herbert  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I13715
42 LUCOCK, James  1841Chobham, Surrey, England I1924
43 LUCOCK, James  1841Chobham, Surrey, England I6471
44 LUCOCK, James  1851Chobham, Surrey, England I1936
45 LUCOCK, James  1851Chobham, Surrey, England I1936
46 LUCOCK, James  1861Chobham, Surrey, England I1936
47 LUCOCK, James  1871Chobham, Surrey, England I1936
48 LUCOCK, James  1881Chobham, Surrey, England I1936
49 LUCOCK, James  1891Chobham, Surrey, England I1936
50 LUCOCK, James  1901Chobham, Surrey, England I1936

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 LUCOCK, James  20 Jan 1847Chobham, Surrey, England I1924


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 LUCOCK, James  9 Aug 1839Chobham, Surrey, England I1924


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AXE / LUCOCK  3 Sep 1927Chobham, Surrey, England F4158
2 LUCOCK / LAMBERT  29 Sep 1838Chobham, Surrey, England F574
3 MARLOW / LUCOCK  20 Apr 1924Chobham, Surrey, England F577
4 TURNER / CARPENTER  4 Jul 1811Chobham, Surrey, England F4196