Dorking, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOORER, Elizabeth  1821Dorking, Surrey, England I10972
2 CAFFYN, Mary  1848Dorking, Surrey, England I10990
3 ENGLISH, Ellen  1855Dorking, Surrey, England I10994
4 LEWCOCK, Charles  1867Dorking, Surrey, England I7232
5 LEWCOCK, Eliza Ann  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I7234
6 LEWCOCK, William  1869Dorking, Surrey, England I7233
7 LUCOCK, Alice  1858Dorking, Surrey, England I10988
8 LUCOCK, Arthur Frank  15 Jan 1878Dorking, Surrey, England I10993
9 LUCOCK, Edith A  1876Dorking, Surrey, England I11014
10 LUCOCK, Edward  1816Dorking, Surrey, England I10971
11 LUCOCK, Edward  1845Dorking, Surrey, England I10973
12 LUCOCK, Elizabeth  1856Dorking, Surrey, England I10979
13 LUCOCK, Fanny  1861Dorking, Surrey, England I10989
14 LUCOCK, George  1854Dorking, Surrey, England I10978
15 LUCOCK, Henry  1849Dorking, Surrey, England I10976
16 LUCOCK, John  1848Dorking, Surrey, England I10975
17 LUCOCK, Kate  1877Dorking, Surrey, England I11015
18 LUCOCK, Nellie Frances  23 Feb 1886Dorking, Surrey, England I10996
19 LUCOCK, Percy John  1875Dorking, Surrey, England I10992
20 LUCOCK, Thomas  1852Dorking, Surrey, England I10977
21 LUCOCK, William  1846Dorking, Surrey, England I10974
22 LUCOCK, William Walter  1870Dorking, Surrey, England I10991
23 PULLEN, Harriett  Abt 1814Dorking, Surrey, England I1496
24 WILLOUGHBY, Mary Ann  1830Dorking, Surrey, England I13046


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOORER, Elizabeth  Apr 1869Dorking, Surrey, England I10972
2 CAFFYN, Mary  Apr 1872Dorking, Surrey, England I10990
3 LUCOCK, Edward  1863Dorking, Surrey, England I10971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CAFFYN, Mary  13 May 1872Dorking, Surrey, England I10990
2 CREGEEN, Marianna  22 Nov 1881Dorking, Surrey, England I10998
3 DAVIDSON, Harriett  12 Feb 1921Dorking, Surrey, England I11007
4 LUCOCK, Ann  26 Feb 1773Dorking, Surrey, England I10949
5 LUCOCK, Edward  1850Dorking, Surrey, England I10948
6 LUCOCK, Edward  25 Oct 1863Dorking, Surrey, England I10971
7 LUCOCK, Elizabeth  26 Feb 1773Dorking, Surrey, England I10950
8 LUCOCK, Ellen Kate  11 Mar 1878Dorking, Surrey, England I11006
9 LUCOCK, Henry  13 Dec 1785Dorking, Surrey, England I10953
10 LUCOCK, Henry  25 Oct 1917Dorking, Surrey, England I10976
11 LUCOCK, Herbert James  22 Aug 1874Dorking, Surrey, England I11003
12 LUCOCK, John  5 May 1780Dorking, Surrey, England I10952
13 LUCOCK, John  25 Jul 1928Dorking, Surrey, England I10975
14 LUCOCK, Thomas  19 Jul 1820Dorking, Surrey, England I10951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CAFFYN, Mary  17 May 1848Dorking, Surrey, England I10990
2 LUCOCK, Alan  31 Aug 1881Dorking, Surrey, England I10995
3 LUCOCK, Ann  6 Feb 1773Dorking, Surrey, England I10949
4 LUCOCK, Arthur Frank  10 Feb 1878Dorking, Surrey, England I10993
5 LUCOCK, Edward  12 Oct 1764Dorking, Surrey, England I10986
6 LUCOCK, Edward  13 May 1781Dorking, Surrey, England I10948
7 LUCOCK, Edward  2 Apr 1845Dorking, Surrey, England I10973
8 LUCOCK, Edward John  14 Sep 1873Dorking, Surrey, England I11005
9 LUCOCK, Elizabeth  6 Feb 1773Dorking, Surrey, England I10950
10 LUCOCK, Ellen Kate  10 Sep 1876Dorking, Surrey, England I11006
11 LUCOCK, Henry  1 Nov 1783Dorking, Surrey, England I10953
12 LUCOCK, Herbert William  20 Dec 1874Dorking, Surrey, England I11004
13 LUCOCK, Humphry  28 Feb 1685Dorking, Surrey, England I11022
14 LUCOCK, James  29 Sep 1776Dorking, Surrey, England I10925
15 LUCOCK, Jane  19 Oct 1731Dorking, Surrey, England I10958
16 LUCOCK, Jean  1 Jun 1688Dorking, Surrey, England I11023
17 LUCOCK, John  17 Apr 1691Dorking, Surrey, England I11024
18 LUCOCK, John  24 May 1724Dorking, Surrey, England I10954
19 LUCOCK, John  30 Oct 1778Dorking, Surrey, England I10952
20 LUCOCK, Thomas  3 Aug 1774Dorking, Surrey, England I10951
21 LUCOCK, William Walter  17 Apr 1870Dorking, Surrey, England I10991


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BOORER, Elizabeth  1851Dorking, Surrey, England I10972
2 BOORER, Elizabeth  1861Dorking, Surrey, England I10972
3 CAFFYN, Mary  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I10990
4 CHEESEMAN, Jane  1841Dorking, Surrey, England I5534
5 CREGEEN, Marianna  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I10998
6 CREGEEN, Marianna  1881Dorking, Surrey, England I10998
7 DAVIDSON, Harriett  1901Dorking, Surrey, England I11007
8 DAVIDSON, Harriett  1911Dorking, Surrey, England I11007
9 ENGLISH, Ellen  1881Dorking, Surrey, England I10994
10 ENGLISH, Ellen  1891Dorking, Surrey, England I10994
11 ENGLISH, Ellen  1901Dorking, Surrey, England I10994
12 ENGLISH, Ellen  1911Dorking, Surrey, England I10994
13 GLOVER, Emma  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I7230
14 LEWCOCK, Charles  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I7232
15 LEWCOCK, Eliza Ann  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I7234
16 LEWCOCK, George Thomas  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I7231
17 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I7223
18 LEWCOCK, William  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I7233
19 LUCOCK, Alan  1891Dorking, Surrey, England I10995
20 LUCOCK, Alan  1901Dorking, Surrey, England I10995
21 LUCOCK, Alice  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I10988
22 LUCOCK, Arthur Frank  1881Dorking, Surrey, England I10993
23 LUCOCK, Arthur Frank  1891Dorking, Surrey, England I10993
24 LUCOCK, Edward  1841Dorking, Surrey, England I10948
25 LUCOCK, Edward  1841Dorking, Surrey, England I10971
26 LUCOCK, Edward  1851Dorking, Surrey, England I10971
27 LUCOCK, Edward  1851Dorking, Surrey, England I10973
28 LUCOCK, Edward  1861Dorking, Surrey, England I10971
29 LUCOCK, Edward  1861Dorking, Surrey, England I10973
30 LUCOCK, Edward  1891Dorking, Surrey, England I10997
31 LUCOCK, Edward  1901Dorking, Surrey, England I10997
32 LUCOCK, Edward John  1881Dorking, Surrey, England I11005
33 LUCOCK, Elizabeth  1861Dorking, Surrey, England I10979
34 LUCOCK, Elizabeth  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I10979
35 LUCOCK, Fanny  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I10989
36 LUCOCK, Fanny  1881Dorking, Surrey, England I10989
37 LUCOCK, George  1861Dorking, Surrey, England I10978
38 LUCOCK, George  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I10978
39 LUCOCK, Henry  1851Dorking, Surrey, England I10976
40 LUCOCK, Henry  1861Dorking, Surrey, England I10976
41 LUCOCK, Henry  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I10976
42 LUCOCK, Henry  1881Dorking, Surrey, England I10976
43 LUCOCK, Henry  1911Dorking, Surrey, England I10976
44 LUCOCK, Herbert William  1881Dorking, Surrey, England I11004
45 LUCOCK, Herbert William  1891Dorking, Surrey, England I11004
46 LUCOCK, John  1851Dorking, Surrey, England I10975
47 LUCOCK, John  1861Dorking, Surrey, England I10975
48 LUCOCK, John  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I10975
49 LUCOCK, John  1881Dorking, Surrey, England I10975
50 LUCOCK, John  1891Dorking, Surrey, England I10975

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LUCOCK / BENTLEY  27 Apr 1685Dorking, Surrey, England F3255
2 LUCOCK / DAVIDSON  Between Oct 1892 and Dec 1892Dorking, Surrey, England F3250
3 LUCOCK / ROBERTS  28 Oct 1771Dorking, Surrey, England F3231