Harrietsham, Kent, England



Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BETTS, Olive  1909Harrietsham, Kent, England I6893
2 BETTS, Phyllis  1907Harrietsham, Kent, England I6892
3 BETTS, William Charles  1873Harrietsham, Kent, England I4258
4 FOLKETT, Charles Clark  1861Harrietsham, Kent, England I3356
5 FOLKETT, Constance Emma  1873Harrietsham, Kent, England I1955
6 FOLKETT, William  1864Harrietsham, Kent, England I3357


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BARBER, Emma  7 Apr 1861Harrietsham, Kent, England I1954
2 BARBER, Emma  2 Apr 1871Harrietsham, Kent, England I1954
3 BARBER, Emma  3 Apr 1881Harrietsham, Kent, England I1954
4 BETTS, Olive  1911Harrietsham, Kent, England I6893
5 BETTS, Phyllis  1911Harrietsham, Kent, England I6892
6 BETTS, William Charles  1911Harrietsham, Kent, England I4258
7 FOLKETT, Charles Clark  7 Apr 1861Harrietsham, Kent, England I3356
8 FOLKETT, Charles Clark  2 Apr 1871Harrietsham, Kent, England I3356
9 FOLKETT, Constance Emma  3 Apr 1881Harrietsham, Kent, England I1955
10 FOLKETT, Constance Emma  31 Mar 1901Harrietsham, Kent, England I1955
11 FOLKETT, Constance Emma  1911Harrietsham, Kent, England I1955
12 FOLKETT, Frances  2 Apr 1871Harrietsham, Kent, England I1956
13 FOLKETT, Frances  3 Apr 1881Harrietsham, Kent, England I1956
14 FOLKETT, Frances  5 Apr 1891Harrietsham, Kent, England I1956
15 FOLKETT, Frances  31 Mar 1901Harrietsham, Kent, England I1956
16 FOLKETT, William  30 Mar 1851Harrietsham, Kent, England I1525
17 FOLKETT, William  7 Apr 1861Harrietsham, Kent, England I1525
18 FOLKETT, William  2 Apr 1871Harrietsham, Kent, England I1525
19 FOLKETT, William  2 Apr 1871Harrietsham, Kent, England I3357
20 FOLKETT, William  3 Apr 1881Harrietsham, Kent, England I1525
21 FOLKETT, William  3 Apr 1881Harrietsham, Kent, England I3357
22 FOLKETT, William  5 Apr 1891Harrietsham, Kent, England I1525
23 FOLKETT, William  31 Mar 1901Harrietsham, Kent, England I1525