Leicester, Leicestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BERRIDGE, Althea Elizabeth  1860Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3925
2 BERRIDGE, Lilian Beatrice  1867Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3934
3 BERRIDGE, Maria A  1864Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3935
4 BERRIDGE, Oliver Gillett  1862Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3936
5 CALLIS, Clare Ellen  1887Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6938
6 CUNNINGTON, Florence Jane  1879Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6944
7 ELGER, Elsie May  1904Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6946
8 ELGER, Ethel Fanny  1878Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6932
9 ELGER, Florence Lydia  1907Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6947
10 ELGER, Grace  1890Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6937
11 ELGER, Harold Walter  1907Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6942
12 ELGER, Percy Henry Robert  24 Apr 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6945
13 ELGER, Percy Thomas  1876Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6931
14 ELGER, Sidney Walter  1909Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6948
15 ELGER, Urban Daniel  1887Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6936
16 ELGER, Walter Sydney  1884Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6935
17 FOSTER, Arthur  1878Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6943
18 HAMBLIN, Albenia Mary  1886Leicester, Leicestershire, England I16037
19 HAMBLIN, Dora Ethel  1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I16018
20 HAMBLIN, Irene May  1883Leicester, Leicestershire, England I16036
21 PEARSON, John Henry  1902Leicester, Leicestershire, England I16034
22 PEARSON, Lucy Lizzie  1905Leicester, Leicestershire, England I16032
23 RATCLIFFE, Henry  1838Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4856
24 SHARMAN, Ada Louisa  1869Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3852
25 USHER, Albert  1900Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2619
26 USHER, Eva C  1879Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1187
27 USHER, Flora  1890Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3857
28 USHER, Gladys  1908Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6403
29 USHER, Harold  1905Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6402
30 USHER, Harry E  1895Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1195
31 USHER, Henry  1870Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6934
32 USHER, Ivanhoe  1893Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1108
33 USHER, Jack  1896Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6404
34 USHER, Jessie  1899Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1107
35 USHER, Lily  1902Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6401
36 WOOD, Althea Marjorie  Between Oct 1887 and Dec 1887Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3958
37 WOOD, Kenneth Berridge  Between Jul 1885 and Sep 1885Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3959
38 WOOD, Vera  Between Oct 1882 and Dec 1882Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3960


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, Ann  9 May 1875Leicester, Leicestershire, England I967
2 BERRIDGE, Alfred  11 Nov 1902Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3254
3 BERRIDGE, Oliver Gillett  8 Oct 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3936
4 DEFRAYNE, William  Abt 1675Leicester, Leicestershire, England I11621
5 ELGER, Percy Henry Robert  1984Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6945
6 GILLETT, Elizabeth  1899Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2360
7 GILLETT, Harry  11 Aug 1893Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2114
8 HAMBLIN, Frederick John Easto  Between Apr 1897 and Jun 1897Leicester, Leicestershire, England I16017
9 RATCLIFFE, Henry  Sep 1899Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4856
10 SHARMAN, Ada Louisa  Between Jan 1903 and Mar 1903Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3852
11 STILLWELL, Norah Angela F  Between Apr 1951 and Jun 1951Leicester, Leicestershire, England I8868
12 SYSHALL, Eliza  Between Oct 1903 and Dec 1903Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1180
13 TICHBORN, Esther Sarah  5 Jan 1912Leicester, Leicestershire, England I386
14 USHER, Albert  1918Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2619
15 USHER, Albert Edward  1905Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1190
16 USHER, Charles  14 Nov 1907Leicester, Leicestershire, England I976
17 USHER, Guy Cecil  16 Dec 1952Leicester, Leicestershire, England I992
18 USHER, Harry John A  Between Oct 1918 and Dec 1918Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1182
19 USHER, John Austin  1872Leicester, Leicestershire, England I975
20 USHER, Reuben Percival  11 Dec 1959Leicester, Leicestershire, England I988

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID 
1 USHER, Guy Cecil  1939Leicester, Leicestershire, England I992


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ELGER, Percy Henry Robert  20 Jul 1902Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6945
2 ELGER, Urban Daniel  10 Dec 1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6936


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ASHFORD, John  3 Apr 1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3373
2 ASHFORD, Mary Ann  3 Apr 1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1186
3 ASHFORD, Mary Ann  31 Mar 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1186
4 ASHFORD, Mary Ann  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1186
5 AUSTIN, Ada  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4733
6 AUSTIN, John  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4726
7 AUSTIN, Walter James  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I4732
8 BARROW, [Mary Ann?]  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6075
9 BERRIDGE, Alfred  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3254
10 BERRIDGE, Alfred  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3254
11 BERRIDGE, Alfred  1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3254
12 BERRIDGE, Alfred  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3254
13 BERRIDGE, Althea Elizabeth  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3925
14 BERRIDGE, Althea Elizabeth  1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3925
15 BERRIDGE, Althea Elizabeth  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3925
16 BERRIDGE, Althea Elizabeth  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3925
17 BERRIDGE, Lilian Beatrice  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3934
18 BERRIDGE, Lilian Beatrice  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3934
19 BERRIDGE, Lilian Beatrice  1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3934
20 BERRIDGE, Lilian Beatrice  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3934
21 BERRIDGE, Maria A  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3935
22 BERRIDGE, Maria A  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3935
23 BERRIDGE, Maria A  1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3935
24 BERRIDGE, Maria A  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3935
25 BERRIDGE, Oliver Gillett  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3936
26 BERRIDGE, Oliver Gillett  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3936
27 BERRIDGE, Oliver Gillett  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3936
28 BROADBRIDGE, Annie Maria  3 Apr 1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I984
29 BROADBRIDGE, Annie Maria  5 Apr 1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I984
30 BROADBRIDGE, Annie Maria  31 Mar 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I984
31 BROADBRIDGE, Annie Maria  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I984
32 BROADBRIDGE, R  31 Mar 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1191
33 BUDDEN, Samuel James  Leicester, Leicestershire, England I2545
34 CALLIS, Clare Ellen  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6938
35 CUNNINGTON, Florence Jane  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6944
36 DE FRAINE, Ann(ie)  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I571
37 DE FRAINE, Ann(ie)  1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I571
38 DE FRAINE, Ethel Louise  1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I581
39 ELGAR, Leslie Urban  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6939
40 ELGER, Elsie May  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6946
41 ELGER, Ethel Fanny  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6932
42 ELGER, Ethel Fanny  1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6932
43 ELGER, Ethel Fanny  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6932
44 ELGER, Ethel Fanny  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6932
45 ELGER, Florence Lydia  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6947
46 ELGER, Grace  1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6937
47 ELGER, Grace  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6937
48 ELGER, Grace  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6937
49 ELGER, Percy Henry Robert  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6945
50 ELGER, Percy Thomas  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6931

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 LOVIS, Flora  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I6074
2 LOVIS, Walter Sleeman  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3851
3 SYSHALL, Eliza  2 Apr 1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1180
4 USHER, Charles  5 Apr 1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I976
5 USHER, Charles Hugh  5 Apr 1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I986
6 USHER, Frank Archibald  5 Apr 1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I987
7 USHER, Harry John A  31 Mar 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1182
8 USHER, Reuben Percival  5 Apr 1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I988
9 USHER, Walter  31 Mar 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 BERRIDGE, Alfred  10 Jan 1903Leicester, Leicestershire, England I3254
2 DE FRAINE, Richard  13 Apr 1882Leicester, Leicestershire, England I380
3 TICHBORN, Esther Sarah  16 Feb 1912Leicester, Leicestershire, England I386
4 USHER, Charles  24 Jan 1908Leicester, Leicestershire, England I976


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DASHWOOD / BOAM  Between Apr 1933 and Jun 1933Leicester, Leicestershire, England F2587
2 DIVERS / USHER  Between Apr 1903 and Jun 1903Leicester, Leicestershire, England F339
3 ELGAR / PORTSMOUTH  27 Dec 1930Leicester, Leicestershire, England F3635
4 ELGER / CALLIS  Between Oct 1907 and Dec 1907Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1991
5 ELGER / CUNNINGTON  Between Oct 1899 and Dec 1899Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1994
6 ELGER / HATCH  Between Oct 1905 and Dec 1905Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1992
7 ELGER / RICHARDSON  13 Apr 1925Leicester, Leicestershire, England F4721
8 ELGER / USHER  Between Jan 1875 and Mar 1875Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1989
9 FOSTER / ELGER  Between Oct 1902 and Dec 1902Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1993
10 LOVIS / SHARMAN  Between Jul 1893 and Sep 1893Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1125
11 PEARSON / HAMBLIN  Between Jan 1901 and Mar 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England F4802
12 RATCLIFFE / DE FRAINE  Dec 1882Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1415
13 SHELTON / USHER  Between Jul 1900 and Sep 1900Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1187
14 SMITH / HAMBLIN  Between Oct 1914 and Dec 1914Leicester, Leicestershire, England F4805
15 USHER / ASHFORD  Between Oct 1876 and Dec 1876Leicester, Leicestershire, England F361
16 USHER / BENNETT  Between Jul 1921 and Sep 1921Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1033
17 USHER / BROADBRIDGE  Between Jul 1872 and Sep 1872Leicester, Leicestershire, England F303
18 USHER / SKIDMORE  Between Jul 1890 and Sep 1890Leicester, Leicestershire, England F364
19 USHER / SYSHALL  Between Apr 1867 and Jun 1867Leicester, Leicestershire, England F359
20 WOOD / BERRIDGE  Between Oct 1881 and Dec 1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England F1156