Rogate, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAM, Ann  1756Rogate, Sussex, England I2448
2 ABRAHAM, Anthony  1769Rogate, Sussex, England I4699
3 ABRAHAM, Elizabeth  1761Rogate, Sussex, England I4696
4 ABRAHAM, Jane  1771Rogate, Sussex, England I4700
5 ABRAHAM, John  1753Rogate, Sussex, England I4693
6 ABRAHAM, Mary  1759Rogate, Sussex, England I4695
7 ABRAHAM, Robert  1754Rogate, Sussex, England I4694
8 ABRAHAM, Sarah  1764Rogate, Sussex, England I4697
9 ABRAHAM, Susan  1766Rogate, Sussex, England I4698
10 ABRAHAM, William  1772Rogate, Sussex, England I4701
11 GIPSON, Elizabeth  1782Rogate, Sussex, England I4711
12 GIPSON, Margaret  1786Rogate, Sussex, England I4710
13 GIPSON, Sarah  1781Rogate, Sussex, England I4712
14 LUFF, Thomas  1747Rogate, Sussex, England I2419
15 PORTER, Elizabeth  1793Rogate, Sussex, England I2451
16 PORTER, George  1782Rogate, Sussex, England I2450
17 PORTER, Richard  1778Rogate, Sussex, England I2453
18 PORTER, Sarah  1790Rogate, Sussex, England I2452
19 PORTER, William  23 Mar 1785Rogate, Sussex, England I2449
20 WALLER, Ann  1795Rogate, Sussex, England I4709
21 WALLER, Betty  1792Rogate, Sussex, England I4705
22 WALLER, Edward  1785Rogate, Sussex, England I4706
23 WALLER, Sarah  1788Rogate, Sussex, England I4708
24 WALLER, Thomas  1798Rogate, Sussex, England I4707


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAM, John  1753Rogate, Sussex, England I4693
2 KINCHETT OR KINGSHOTT, Sarah  1849Rogate, Sussex, England I11310


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAM, Anthony  10 Sep 1794Rogate, Sussex, England I4691
2 ABRAHAM, Jane  19 Jun 1771Rogate, Sussex, England I4700
3 ABRAHAM, John  18 May 1753Rogate, Sussex, England I4693
4 ABRAHAM, Robert  29 Nov 1835Rogate, Sussex, England I4694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ABRAHAM, Ann  28 Nov 1756Rogate, Sussex, England I2448
2 ABRAHAM, Anthony  22 Jan 1769Rogate, Sussex, England I4699
3 ABRAHAM, Elizabeth  6 Sep 1761Rogate, Sussex, England I4696
4 ABRAHAM, Jane  21 Apr 1771Rogate, Sussex, England I4700
5 ABRAHAM, John  1 Apr 1753Rogate, Sussex, England I4693
6 ABRAHAM, Mary  29 Apr 1759Rogate, Sussex, England I4695
7 ABRAHAM, Robert  8 Sep 1754Rogate, Sussex, England I4694
8 ABRAHAM, Sarah  6 May 1764Rogate, Sussex, England I4697
9 ABRAHAM, Susan  14 Dec 1766Rogate, Sussex, England I4698
10 ABRAHAM, William  11 Oct 1772Rogate, Sussex, England I4701
11 GIPSON, Elizabeth  29 Dec 1782Rogate, Sussex, England I4711
12 GIPSON, Margaret  16 Jul 1786Rogate, Sussex, England I4710
13 GIPSON, Sarah  15 Apr 1781Rogate, Sussex, England I4712
14 LUFF, Thomas  24 May 1747Rogate, Sussex, England I2419
15 PORTER, George  13 Oct 1782Rogate, Sussex, England I2450
16 PORTER, Richard  30 Aug 1778Rogate, Sussex, England I2453
17 PORTER, Sarah  24 Jan 1790Rogate, Sussex, England I2452
18 PORTER, William  24 Mar 1785Rogate, Sussex, England I2449
19 WALLER, Ann  17 May 1795Rogate, Sussex, England I4709
20 WALLER, Betty  16 Jul 1792Rogate, Sussex, England I4705
21 WALLER, Edward  13 Aug 1785Rogate, Sussex, England I4706
22 WALLER, Sarah  29 Feb 1788Rogate, Sussex, England I4708
23 WALLER, Thomas  6 May 1798Rogate, Sussex, England I4707


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 LUFF, Sarah Anne  1871Rogate, Sussex, England I4277
2 LUFF, Thomas  1861Rogate, Sussex, England I4278
3 MARSHALL, Amelia  1861Rogate, Sussex, England I4280
4 MARSHALL, Nicholas  1861Rogate, Sussex, England I4282
5 MARSHALL, Nicholas  1881Rogate, Sussex, England I4282
6 MARSHALL, Sarah R  1861Rogate, Sussex, England I4286


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOXALL / [NO SURNAME IN REGISTER]  1708Rogate, Sussex, England F3026
2 COMBES / RIVERS  12 Jun 1728Rogate, Sussex, England F2492
3 GIPSON / ABRAHAM  3 May 1780Rogate, Sussex, England F1370
4 WALLER / ABRAHAM  21 Apr 1782Rogate, Sussex, England F1371