West Ham, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GEERE, Constance Emily  1865West Ham, Essex, England I8876
2 GEERE, Edith M  1866West Ham, Essex, England I8877
3 BRADLEY, Samuel  31 May 1901West Ham, Essex, England I1344
4 DE FRAINE, Coronal  Sep 1902West Ham, Essex, England I1872
5 DE FRAINE, Henry Walter M  Mar 1904West Ham, Essex, England I1873
6 BRADLEY, Stanley Albert (Herbert)  21 Mar 1906West Ham, Essex, England I1345
7 BRADLEY, Florence Winifred  28 Nov 1906West Ham, Essex, England I1203
8 DE FRAINE, Evelyn Margaret  Jun 1909West Ham, Essex, England I4862
9 BRADLEY, Donald Arthur  2 May 1925West Ham, Essex, England I1331
10 BRADLEY, Grace  2 Apr 1928West Ham, Essex, England I4182


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DE FRAINE, Charles  1862West Ham, Essex, England I3493
2 PAYNE, Hillyard Harris  Between Apr 1892 and Jun 1892West Ham, Essex, England I983
3 GEERE, Thomas Stevens  3 May 1914West Ham, Essex, England I8860
4 BRADLEY, Grace  13 Apr 1928West Ham, Essex, England I4182


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DE FRAINE, Charles  2 Jul 1862West Ham, Essex, England I3493

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID 
1 SIMPSON, Leslie Alexander  29 Sep 1939West Ham, Essex, England I6850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 GEERE, Thomas Stevens  25 Apr 1824West Ham, Essex, England I8860


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 GEERE, Alfred  1841West Ham, Essex, England I8864
2 GEERE, Susanna  1841West Ham, Essex, England I8863
3 GEERE, Thomas Stevens  1841West Ham, Essex, England I8860
4 GEERE, Walter  1841West Ham, Essex, England I8865
5 GEERE OR GEEZE, Thomas  1841West Ham, Essex, England I8853
6 GEEZE, Emily  1841West Ham, Essex, England I8862
7 GEEZE, George  1841West Ham, Essex, England I8861
8 GEEZE, Maria  1841West Ham, Essex, England I8851
9 STEVENS, Anna Maria  1841West Ham, Essex, England I5438
10 GEERE, Susanna  1851West Ham, Essex, England I8863
11 GEERE, Thomas Stevens  1851West Ham, Essex, England I8860
12 GEERE, Walter  1851West Ham, Essex, England I8865
13 GEERE OR GEEZE, Thomas  1851West Ham, Essex, England I8853
14 GEEZE, Emily  1851West Ham, Essex, England I8862
15 GEEZE, Maria  1851West Ham, Essex, England I8851
16 STEVENS, Anna Maria  1851West Ham, Essex, England I5438
17 DE FRAINE, Charles  1861West Ham, Essex, England I3493
18 DE FRAINE, Charles George  1861West Ham, Essex, England I443
19 DE FRAINE, George  1861West Ham, Essex, England I7453
20 GEERE, Susanna  1861West Ham, Essex, England I8863
21 GEERE, Thomas Stevens  1861West Ham, Essex, England I8860
22 GEERE, Walter  1861West Ham, Essex, England I8865
23 GEEZE, Maria  1861West Ham, Essex, England I8851
24 STEVENS, Anna Maria  1861West Ham, Essex, England I5438
25 WYATT, Ann Lucretia  1861West Ham, Essex, England I449
26 PAYNE, Harry Usher  2 Apr 1871West Ham, Essex, England I1112
27 PAYNE, Hillyard Harris  2 Apr 1871West Ham, Essex, England I983
28 USHER, Fanny  2 Apr 1871West Ham, Essex, England I974
29 GILLETT, Frederick A  1881West Ham, Essex, England I2115
30 PAYNE, Grace Mary  1881West Ham, Essex, England I1113
31 PAYNE, Harry Usher  1881West Ham, Essex, England I1112
32 PAYNE, Hillyard Harris  1881West Ham, Essex, England I983
33 USHER, Fanny  1881West Ham, Essex, England I974
34 USHER, Minnie  1881West Ham, Essex, England I985
35 BREEZE, Edith Theresa  1891West Ham, Essex, England I3835
36 GEERE, Anna M  1891West Ham, Essex, England I8880
37 GEERE, Constance Emily  1891West Ham, Essex, England I8876
38 GEERE, Edith M  1891West Ham, Essex, England I8877
39 GEERE, Georgina T  1891West Ham, Essex, England I8879
40 GEERE, Thomas Henry  1891West Ham, Essex, England I8878
41 GEERE, Thomas Stevens  1891West Ham, Essex, England I8860
42 HARRILL, Florence B  1891West Ham, Essex, England I7035
43 HARRILL, Henry Albert  1891West Ham, Essex, England I7030
44 HARRILL, Henry Frank  1891West Ham, Essex, England I7033
45 HARRILL, Rosa Catherine  1891West Ham, Essex, England I7034
46 HART, Mary Catherine  1891West Ham, Essex, England I7020
47 LUCOCK, Rufus Harry  1891West Ham, Essex, England I10750
48 PAYNE, Grace Mary  1891West Ham, Essex, England I1113
49 PAYNE, Harry Usher  1891West Ham, Essex, England I1112
50 PAYNE, Hillyard Harris  1891West Ham, Essex, England I983

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 LUCOCK, Rufus Harry  1891West Ham, Essex, England I10750


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 GEERE, Thomas Stevens  4 Jul 1914West Ham, Essex, England I8860


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MANNING / PAYGE  1871West Ham, Essex, England F1436
2 GEERE / SCOTT  Between Apr 1892 and Jun 1892West Ham, Essex, England F2591
3 PAYNE / ROBINSON  Between Jul 1895 and Sep 1895West Ham, Essex, England F1120
4 TANN / MANNING  Between Apr 1897 and Jun 1897West Ham, Essex, England F1438
5 LEWCOCK / OAKFORD  Between Oct 1898 and Dec 1898West Ham, Essex, England F2072
6 RIORDAN / NEWMAN  Between Jul 1899 and Sep 1899West Ham, Essex, England F1197
7 CHESTER / RANKIN?  Between Oct 1902 and Dec 1902West Ham, Essex, England F1111
8 SABINE / HARRILL  Between Apr 1909 and Jun 1909West Ham, Essex, England F2017
9 GODFREY / KIVER  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909West Ham, Essex, England F2016
10 HALSEY / STYLES  Between Jul 1912 and Sep 1912West Ham, Essex, England F438
11 HALSEY / STYLES  Between Apr 1918 and Jun 1918West Ham, Essex, England F1385
12 HAMBLIN / HAMBLIN  Between Jul 1919 and Sep 1919West Ham, Essex, England F4808
13 BRADLEY / FARMER  17 Jul 1920West Ham, Essex, England F397
14 BRADLEY / GODDEN  12 Mar 1921West Ham, Essex, England F402
15 HUMPHREY / LYONS  Between Apr 1925 and Jun 1925West Ham, Essex, England F2205
16 SENNER / BRADLEY  Between Jul 1927 and Sep 1927West Ham, Essex, England F407
17 BRADLEY / BENNETT  Between Apr 1929 and Jun 1929West Ham, Essex, England F409
18 SKINNER / GILLETT  Jun 1931West Ham, Essex, England F1891