Winchester, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLE, Naomi J  1859Winchester, Hampshire, England I5585
2 DE FRAINE, Anthony R  9 Dec 1939Winchester, Hampshire, England I15182
3 EARLE, George  1746Winchester, Hampshire, England I9263
4 LEWCOCK, Harriet  1845Winchester, Hampshire, England I7227
5 LEWCOCK, John  1848Winchester, Hampshire, England I7228
6 STANFORD, Amy  1875Winchester, Hampshire, England I7244


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HART, Mary Anne  27 Nov 1888Winchester, Hampshire, England I170
2 LEWCOCK, Joan  14 Jul 1610Winchester, Hampshire, England I8259
3 LEWCOCK, Thomas  Between Jan 1885 and Mar 1885Winchester, Hampshire, England I7217
4 SALMON, Maurice William  1971Winchester, Hampshire, England I9281
5 WINCH, Ronald William  Jul 1997Winchester, Hampshire, England I8457


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 EARLE, George  18 May 1746Winchester, Hampshire, England I9263


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CHARLWOOD, Eliza  1841Winchester, Hampshire, England I7222
2 CHARLWOOD, Eliza  1851Winchester, Hampshire, England I7222
3 CHARLWOOD, Eliza  1861Winchester, Hampshire, England I7222
4 CHARLWOOD, Eliza  1871Winchester, Hampshire, England I7222
5 CHARLWOOD, Eliza  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I7222
6 FOLKETT, Samuel  1851Winchester, Hampshire, England I1511
7 GLOVER, Emma  1861Winchester, Hampshire, England I7230
8 LEWCOCK, Ann  1851Winchester, Hampshire, England I7226
9 LEWCOCK, Ann  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I7226
10 LEWCOCK, Charles  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I7232
11 LEWCOCK, Eliza  1841Winchester, Hampshire, England I7224
12 LEWCOCK, Eliza  1851Winchester, Hampshire, England I7224
13 LEWCOCK, Eliza  1871Winchester, Hampshire, England I7224
14 LEWCOCK, Eliza  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I7224
15 LEWCOCK, Eliza Ann  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I7234
16 LEWCOCK, George  1841Winchester, Hampshire, England I7225
17 LEWCOCK, George  1851Winchester, Hampshire, England I7225
18 LEWCOCK, George Thomas  1861Winchester, Hampshire, England I7231
19 LEWCOCK, Harriet  1851Winchester, Hampshire, England I7227
20 LEWCOCK, John  1851Winchester, Hampshire, England I7228
21 LEWCOCK, John  1861Winchester, Hampshire, England I7228
22 LEWCOCK, Martha  1861Winchester, Hampshire, England I7229
23 LEWCOCK, Martha  1871Winchester, Hampshire, England I7229
24 LEWCOCK, Martha  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I7229
25 LEWCOCK, Owen Robert  1911Winchester, Hampshire, England I8767
26 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1841Winchester, Hampshire, England I7217
27 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1841Winchester, Hampshire, England I7223
28 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1851Winchester, Hampshire, England I7217
29 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1851Winchester, Hampshire, England I7223
30 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1861Winchester, Hampshire, England I7217
31 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1871Winchester, Hampshire, England I7217
32 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I7217
33 LEWCOCK, William  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I7233
34 STANFORD, Amy  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I7244


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 BONNEY, Audrey Gladys  22 Sep 1998Winchester, Hampshire, England I147
2 LEWCOCK, Arthur George  12 Jul 2012Winchester, Hampshire, England I10187
3 LEWCOCK, Doris Hilda  28 Nov 2001Winchester, Hampshire, England I9097
4 LEWCOCK, Gladys Mary  12 Oct 2011Winchester, Hampshire, England I8845
5 LEWCOCK, Owen Robert  14 May 1935Winchester, Hampshire, England I8767
6 LEWCOCK, William Charles  17 Sep 2001Winchester, Hampshire, England I10161
7 NORTHOVER, Madeline Florence  8 Feb 2001Winchester, Hampshire, England I10165
8 REED, Sarah Fanny  7 Apr 1933Winchester, Hampshire, England I1495
9 TOMPKINS, Albert Edward  1 Nov 1927Winchester, Hampshire, England I702


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DAVID / KNIGHT  Between Jan 1961 and Mar 1961Winchester, Hampshire, England F158
2 SAVAGE / SCOTCELL  1740Winchester, Hampshire, England F2849
3 STANFORD / LEWCOCK  Between Apr 1871 and Jun 1871Winchester, Hampshire, England F2074