Basingstoke, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FISHER, Elizabeth  1841Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13467
2 HARMSWORTH, Alice  1879Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13472
3 HARMSWORTH, Ann  1870Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13469
4 HARMSWORTH, Harriott  1792Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13414
5 HARMSWORTH, James  1863Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13468
6 HARMSWORTH, Jane  1787Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I11743
7 HARMSWORTH, Jane  1874Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13470
8 HARMSWORTH, Martha  1850Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13475
9 HARMSWORTH, Mary Ann  1799Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13417
10 HARMSWORTH, Richard  1672Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I9309
11 HARMSWORTH, William  1877Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13471
12 LEWCOCK, Horace William  3 Nov 1931Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I8827
13 LUCAS, Harriett  1885Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I7572
14 MATHEWS, Ann  Between Jul 1839 and Sep 1839Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13421
15 MATHEWS, William  1837Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13420
16 ROSE, Stephen  1856Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I6530
17 WOODS, Emma Ann  3 Feb 1854Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I11749
18 WRIGHT, Ann  1709Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10264
19 WRIGHT, Edward  1702Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10258
20 WRIGHT, Mary  1706Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10263
21 WRIGHT, Parker  1711Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10257
22 WRIGHT, Thomas  1704Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10262
23 WRIGHT, William  1700Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HARMSWORTH?, John  1726Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I9344
2 MUNDAY, Sarah Ann  Abt 1891Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I11745
3 PEARCE, Jane  1867Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13431


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HARMSWORTH?, John  7 Aug 1726Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I9344


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HARMSWORTH, Charles  2 Dec 1794Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13418
2 HARMSWORTH, Harriott  29 Jul 1792Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13414
3 HARMSWORTH, Henry  14 Feb 1797Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13416
4 HARMSWORTH, Jane  21 Oct 1787Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I11743
5 HARMSWORTH, Mary Ann  26 May 1799Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13417
6 HARMSWORTH, Richard  7 Dec 1672Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I9309
7 HARMSWORTH, William  19 Aug 1791Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13415
8 WRIGHT, Ann  8 Jul 1709Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10264
9 WRIGHT, Edward  30 Sep 1702Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10258
10 WRIGHT, John  14 Jun 1714Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10265
11 WRIGHT, Mary  18 Sep 1706Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10263
12 WRIGHT, Parker  21 Jan 1711Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10257
13 WRIGHT, Parker  21 Jan 1711Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10257
14 WRIGHT, Thomas  11 Sep 1704Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10262
15 WRIGHT, William  21 Jan 1700Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I10261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 DE FRAINE, Clara Esther Elizabeth  1871Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I723
2 DE FRAINE, John  1871Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I719
3 FISHER, Elizabeth  1881Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13467
4 HARMSWORTH, Abraham  1881Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13445
5 HARMSWORTH, Alice  1881Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13472
6 HARMSWORTH, Ann  1881Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13469
7 HARMSWORTH, James  1881Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13468
8 HARMSWORTH, Jane  1881Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13470
9 HARMSWORTH, Mary Ann  1851Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13417
10 HARMSWORTH, Samuel  1841Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I9349
11 HARMSWORTH, Samuel  1851Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I9349
12 HARMSWORTH, William  1881Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13471
13 MATHEWS, Ann  1851Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13421
14 MATHEWS, Joseph  1851Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13419
15 MATHEWS, William  1851Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I13420
16 SHACKELL, Ann Eliza  1871Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I720
17 [HARMSWORTH], Sarah  1841Basingstoke, Hampshire, England I11742


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARLETT / GAINS  1904Basingstoke, Hampshire, England F2985
2 CHRISTMAS / COX  5 Nov 1809Basingstoke, Hampshire, England F2958
3 HARMSWORTH / FISHER  19 Apr 1863Basingstoke, Hampshire, England F4064
4 LEWCOCK / GAINS  1912Basingstoke, Hampshire, England F2984
5 LEWCOCK / SIMS  Between Oct 1931 and Dec 1931Basingstoke, Hampshire, England F2568
6 WRIGHT / PARKER  24 Jul 1698Basingstoke, Hampshire, England F3022