Deptford, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLAN, William Robert  1860Deptford, Kent, England I7543
2 GREEN, Albert George  8 Mar 1926Deptford, Kent, England I6582
3 GREEN, Dorothy Gladys  26 May 1924Deptford, Kent, England I6581
4 LEWCOCK, Ivy Lucy  1896Deptford, Kent, England I72
5 O'DONNELL, Francis  1894Deptford, Kent, England I4860
6 O'DONNELL, Frederick  1897Deptford, Kent, England I4861
7 O'DONNELL, Rose  1892Deptford, Kent, England I4859
8 O'DONNELL, Thomas  1890Deptford, Kent, England I4858
9 OSBORN, Lilian  1887Deptford, Kent, England I3038
10 OSBORN, Louis  1882Deptford, Kent, England I3039
11 OSBORN, Percy  1885Deptford, Kent, England I3040
12 OSBORN, Violet  1883Deptford, Kent, England I3041
13 SEWELL, Emily Margaret  28 Sep 1874Deptford, Kent, England I70
14 SEXTON, Ernest William Harry  1877Deptford, Kent, England I9273


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GILLETT, John Hutt  7 Apr 1924Deptford, Kent, England I2113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 DE FRAINE, Catherine Maria  1891Deptford, Kent, England I563
2 DE FRAINE, Catherine Maria  1901Deptford, Kent, England I563
3 DE FRAINE, Frederick Herbert  1891Deptford, Kent, England I1870
4 GILLETT, Dorothy  1911Deptford, Kent, England I2141
5 GILLETT, George  1911Deptford, Kent, England I2142
6 GILLETT, John  1911Deptford, Kent, England I2140
7 GILLETT, John Hutt  1911Deptford, Kent, England I2113
8 HILLMAN, Frederick  1891Deptford, Kent, England I564
9 HILLMAN, Kate Annie  1891Deptford, Kent, England I4855
10 HILLMAN, Kate Annie  1901Deptford, Kent, England I4855
11 O'DONNELL, Francis  1901Deptford, Kent, England I4860
12 O'DONNELL, Frederick  1901Deptford, Kent, England I4861
13 O'DONNELL, Rose  1901Deptford, Kent, England I4859
14 O'DONNELL, Thomas  1891Deptford, Kent, England I4857
15 O'DONNELL, Thomas  1891Deptford, Kent, England I4858
16 O'DONNELL, Thomas  1901Deptford, Kent, England I4857
17 O'DONNELL, Thomas  1901Deptford, Kent, England I4858
18 WILLETT, Annie Matilda  1911Deptford, Kent, England I2139


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GREEN / GILLETT  24 Sep 1922Deptford, Kent, England F1630
2 LEWCOCK / SEWELL  7 Jan 1894Deptford, Kent, England F19
3 TAPPING / CULLEN  May 1937Deptford, Kent, England F4628
4 WHITE / DE FRAINE  21 Oct 1884Deptford, Kent, England F186