Norwood, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARTER, Mary Maria  1857Norwood, Surrey, England I8900
2 COATES, Emily Eliza  1853Norwood, Surrey, England I4029
3 COLLINS, Eliza B  1879Norwood, Surrey, England I6545
4 COLLINS, Elizabeth  1880Norwood, Surrey, England I6546
5 LEWCOCK, Albert A  1890Norwood, Surrey, England I9112
6 LEWCOCK, Doris  1905Norwood, Surrey, England I9122
7 LEWCOCK, Mabel Elizabeth  Between Jul 1891 and Sep 1891Norwood, Surrey, England I9099
8 LEWCOCK, Sidney  1895Norwood, Surrey, England I9114
9 LEWCOCK, William C  1891Norwood, Surrey, England I9113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BRYAN, Helen  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I4056
2 BRYAN, James George  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I4057
3 BRYAN, John William  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I4051
4 BRYAN, John William  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I4058
5 BRYAN, Kate  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I4055
6 CAMERON, Jane Louisa  1891Norwood, Surrey, England I9111
7 CAMERON, Jane Louisa  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I9111
8 CARTER, Mary Maria  1911Norwood, Surrey, England I8900
9 CHAPMAN, Annie Frances C  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I8956
10 COLLINS, Eliza B  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I6545
11 COLLINS, Elizabeth  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I6546
12 COLLINS, Thomas  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I6543
13 COLLINS, William  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I6544
14 HODGKINSON, Lizzie  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I4054
15 JEFFREYS, Sarah  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I8897
16 JEFFREYS, Sarah  1911Norwood, Surrey, England I8897
17 LEWCOCK, Albert A  1891Norwood, Surrey, England I9112
18 LEWCOCK, Albert A  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I9112
19 LEWCOCK, Arthur  1891Norwood, Surrey, England I9107
20 LEWCOCK, Arthur  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I9107
21 LEWCOCK, Elsie  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I8905
22 LEWCOCK, Frederick  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I8932
23 LEWCOCK, George  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I6486
24 LEWCOCK, George  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I6510
25 LEWCOCK, George John  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I8903
26 LEWCOCK, George Samuel  1891Norwood, Surrey, England I9106
27 LEWCOCK, George Samuel  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I9106
28 LEWCOCK, Jane  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I6503
29 LEWCOCK, John  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I6509
30 LEWCOCK, John  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I8898
31 LEWCOCK, John  1911Norwood, Surrey, England I8898
32 LEWCOCK, John Henry Hunt  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I8894
33 LEWCOCK, Sidney  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I9114
34 LEWCOCK, William C  1891Norwood, Surrey, England I9113
35 LEWCOCK, William C  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I9113
36 LEWCOCK, William Frank  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I8904
37 LEWCOCK, William George  1881Norwood, Surrey, England I8899
38 LEWCOCK, William George  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I8899
39 ROBERTS, Annie  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I8902
40 [CHAPMAN], Annie  1901Norwood, Surrey, England I8957


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GOODGER / DEMPSEY  18 Mar 1878Norwood, Surrey, England F3833
2 LEWCOCK / ELDRIDGE  4 Dec 1915Norwood, Surrey, England F2836
3 LEWCOCK / ROBERTS  3 Sep 1892Norwood, Surrey, England F2600