Petersfield, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHILDS, Ellen  1831Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11952
2 EAMES, John  1796Petersfield, Hampshire, England I6929
3 GAMMON, Alfred  18 Apr 1877Petersfield, Hampshire, England I5103
4 GAMMON, Andrew  4 Sep 1833Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11945
5 GAMMON, Annie  1874Petersfield, Hampshire, England I5101
6 GAMMON, Ebenezer  5 Aug 1835Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11943
7 GAMMON, Frederick James  1879Petersfield, Hampshire, England I5104
8 GAMMON, Harold  26 Jan 1876Petersfield, Hampshire, England I5102
9 GAMMON, James Fielder  Between Jan 1842 and Mar 1842Petersfield, Hampshire, England I5098
10 GAMMON, John  Between Oct 1838 and Dec 1838Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11947
11 GAMMON, Mary  25 Apr 1831Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11946
12 GAMMON, Nellie  25 Apr 1873Petersfield, Hampshire, England I5100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GAMMON, Andrew  13 Jul 1916Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11945
2 GAMMON, Thomas  17 Apr 1866Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11942
3 HOLDER, George  Between Apr 1864 and Jun 1864Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11961
4 PESCOD, Harriet  1824Petersfield, Hampshire, England I9718
5 VOLLER, Clara  Between Oct 1856 and Dec 1856Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11962
6 WHITEHILL, Catherine Gray  1926Petersfield, Hampshire, England I3563
7 WOOLDRIDGE, Frederick Frank  1951Petersfield, Hampshire, England I3581


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 PESCOD, Harriet  22 Sep 1824Petersfield, Hampshire, England I9718


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 GAMMON, Andrew  29 Sep 1833Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11945
2 GAMMON, Ebenezer  18 Oct 1835Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11943
3 GAMMON, Mary  5 Jun 1831Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11946
4 HOLDER, Henry  5 Sep 1821Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11951
5 HOLDER, William  1 Dec 1824Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11963


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BONE, Fanny Eliza  1871Petersfield, Hampshire, England I15830
2 GAMMON, Andrew  1841Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11945
3 GAMMON, Andrew  1851Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11945
4 GAMMON, Andrew  1911Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11945
5 GAMMON, Ebenezer  1841Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11943
6 GAMMON, John  1841Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11947
7 GAMMON, John  1861Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11947
8 GAMMON, Mary  1841Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11946
9 GAMMON, Mary  1851Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11946
10 GAMMON, Thomas  1841Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11942
11 GAMMON, Thomas  1851Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11942
12 GAMMON, Thomas  1861Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11942
13 HOLDER, Alice  1911Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11950
14 HOUNSOME, Alice Maud M  1901Petersfield, Hampshire, England I8468
15 KNIGHT, Anna  1861Petersfield, Hampshire, England I11948
16 WHITEHILL, Catherine Gray  1911Petersfield, Hampshire, England I3563
17 WOOLDRIDGE, Frederick Frank  1911Petersfield, Hampshire, England I3581


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHDOWN / HOUNSOME  1922Petersfield, Hampshire, England F2470
2 GAMMON / KNIGHT  Between Jul 1857 and Sep 1857Petersfield, Hampshire, England F3549
3 HARKETT / GROUT  Between Oct 1940 and Dec 1940Petersfield, Hampshire, England F4642
4 HATHAWAY / PRETTY  1921Petersfield, Hampshire, England F2446
5 HOLDER / VOLLER  21 Oct 1818Petersfield, Hampshire, England F3553
6 LUFF / PRETTY  1928Petersfield, Hampshire, England F2448
7 PENN / TITHERIDGE  Between Jul 1895 and Sep 1895Petersfield, Hampshire, England F1284
8 PRETTY / HOUNSOME  1908Petersfield, Hampshire, England F2463
9 STRONG / HOUNSOME  1929Petersfield, Hampshire, England F2471
10 VENGHAM / WOODS  6 Apr 1675Petersfield, Hampshire, England F2846