Rotherwick, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOSHIER, Harriet  1830Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6496
2 LEWCOCK, Daniel  1816Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7258
3 LEWCOCK, George  1801Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7262
4 LEWCOCK, James  1769Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7256
5 LEWCOCK, James  1854Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6499
6 LEWCOCK, John  1771Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7272
7 LEWCOCK, John  1815Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7260
8 LEWCOCK, Martha  1813Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7261
9 LEWCOCK, Mary  1766Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7273
10 LEWCOCK, Sarah  1809Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7263
11 LEWCOCK, Sarah  1819Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7266
12 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1776Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7274
13 LEWCOCK, William  1811Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7264
14 LUCOCK, Richard  1695Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7303
15 MONCEY, Sarah formerly  1810Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7280


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DIBLY, Ann  1823Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7275
2 LEWCOCK, Daniel  Sep 1866Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7258
3 LEWCOCK, John  1813Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7271
4 LEWCOCK, John  1816Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7260
5 LEWCOCK, Martha  1813Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7261
6 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1807Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7277


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DIBLY, Ann  21 Apr 1823Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7275
2 LEWCOCK, John  28 Mar 1813Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7271
3 LEWCOCK, John  5 May 1816Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7260
4 LEWCOCK, Martha  21 Dec 1813Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7261
5 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1807Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7277


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, Daniel  7 Sep 1817Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7258
2 LEWCOCK, George  10 Nov 1801Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7262
3 LEWCOCK, James  15 May 1769Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7256
4 LEWCOCK, John  3 Mar 1771Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7272
5 LEWCOCK, John  4 Jun 1815Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7260
6 LEWCOCK, Martha  31 Oct 1813Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7261
7 LEWCOCK, Mary  29 Jun 1766Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7273
8 LEWCOCK, Sarah  5 Feb 1809Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7263
9 LEWCOCK, Sarah  15 Aug 1819Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7266
10 LEWCOCK, Thomas  21 Jul 1776Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7274
11 LEWCOCK, William  12 May 1811Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7264
12 LUCOCK, Richard  27 Oct 1695Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7303


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, Barbara  1841Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6030
2 LEWCOCK, Daniel  1841Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7258
3 LEWCOCK, Daniel  1851Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7258
4 LEWCOCK, Emma  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6511
5 LEWCOCK, George  1841Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6031
6 LEWCOCK, George  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6486
7 LEWCOCK, George  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6510
8 LEWCOCK, James  1841Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7256
9 LEWCOCK, James  1851Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7256
10 LEWCOCK, Jane  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6503
11 LEWCOCK, John  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6509
12 LEWCOCK, Josiah  1851Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7259
13 LEWCOCK, Josiah  1861Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7259
14 LEWCOCK, Josiah  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7259
15 LEWCOCK, Josiah  1881Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7259
16 LEWCOCK, Margaret  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6508
17 LEWCOCK, Samuel  1841Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6026
18 LEWCOCK, Sarah  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6507
19 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6506
20 MONCEY, George  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7282
21 MONCEY, George  1881Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7282
22 MONCEY, Sarah formerly  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7280
23 MONCEY, Sarah formerly  1881Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7280
24 PITHER, Ann  1841Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7257
25 PITHER, Ann  1851Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I7257
26 SAVAGE, Sarah  1841Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6029
27 [UNKNOWN], Mary  1871Rotherwick, Hampshire, England I6502


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COOK / LEWCOCK  17 Jan 1829Rotherwick, Hampshire, England F2103
2 LEWCOCK / BECKETT  17 Apr 1819Rotherwick, Hampshire, England F2096
3 LEWCOCK / DIBLY  14 Jul 1765Rotherwick, Hampshire, England F2082
4 LEWCOCK / MONCEY  Mar 1864Rotherwick, Hampshire, England F2084
5 LEWCOCK / PITHER  10 Nov 1801Rotherwick, Hampshire, England F2080
6 PENDERY / LEWCOCK  15 Mar 1796Rotherwick, Hampshire, England F2100