Chalton, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Amelia  1789Chalton, Hampshire, England I2017
2 ADAMS, Elizabeth  1784Chalton, Hampshire, England I2024
3 ADAMS, Elizabeth  1829Chalton, Hampshire, England I943
4 ADAMS, Hannah  8 Jun 1783Chalton, Hampshire, England I2016
5 ADAMS, Harriet  1833Chalton, Hampshire, England I2371
6 ADAMS, James  1792Chalton, Hampshire, England I2011
7 ADAMS, John  1836Chalton, Hampshire, England I2372
8 ADAMS, Joseph  1786Chalton, Hampshire, England I2020
9 ADAMS, Lucy  1790Chalton, Hampshire, England I2022
10 ADAMS, Mary  1797Chalton, Hampshire, England I2015
11 ADAMS, Sarah  1787Chalton, Hampshire, England I2025
12 BASTABLE, Walter  1846Chalton, Hampshire, England I2524
13 BROCK, Thomas  1680Chalton, Hampshire, England I10151
14 BROOK, John  1689Chalton, Hampshire, England I10150
15 BROOK, Mary  1686Chalton, Hampshire, England I10113
16 BROOK, Richard  1683Chalton, Hampshire, England I10149
17 BUDDEN, Amy Jane  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I2534
18 BUDDEN, Anne  1824Chalton, Hampshire, England I16004
19 BUDDEN, Anne Adams  1825Chalton, Hampshire, England I5579
20 BUDDEN, Jane  1814Chalton, Hampshire, England I15992
21 BUDDEN, Lucy  1816Chalton, Hampshire, England I15993
22 CHRISTMAS, Georgina  1852Chalton, Hampshire, England I10390
23 CHRISTMAS, Horatio Henry  1854Chalton, Hampshire, England I10391
24 CHRISTMAS, Rowena Kate  1850Chalton, Hampshire, England I10386
25 MONEY, Anne  1712Chalton, Hampshire, England I10115
26 MONEY, Elizabeth  1710Chalton, Hampshire, England I10114
27 MONEY, Joyce  1713Chalton, Hampshire, England I10116
28 MONEY, Martha  1715Chalton, Hampshire, England I10117
29 MONEY, Mary  1708Chalton, Hampshire, England I10098
30 PAINTER, Alice  1648Chalton, Hampshire, England I10160
31 PAINTER, Edward  27 Jan 1658Chalton, Hampshire, England I10155
32 PAINTER, Frances  1666Chalton, Hampshire, England I10159
33 PAINTER, Hannah  1661Chalton, Hampshire, England I10154
34 PAINTER, Mary  1650Chalton, Hampshire, England I10148
35 PAINTER, Robert  1653Chalton, Hampshire, England I10158
36 PAINTER, William  1663Chalton, Hampshire, England I10157
37 PENN, Elizabeth H  1844Chalton, Hampshire, England I4345
38 PENN, Sarah Magdalene  1850Chalton, Hampshire, England I4347
39 PENN, Selina Jane  1848Chalton, Hampshire, England I4346
40 PENN, Thomas  1843Chalton, Hampshire, England I4344


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROCK, Richard  1716Chalton, Hampshire, England I10147
2 BROOK, Mary  1716Chalton, Hampshire, England I10113
3 BUDDEN, Anne Adams  1831Chalton, Hampshire, England I5579
4 BUDDEN, Mary  1816Chalton, Hampshire, England I2433
5 BUDDEN, William  1824Chalton, Hampshire, England I2431
6 MONEY, James  1744Chalton, Hampshire, England I10112
7 PAINTER, Mary  1721Chalton, Hampshire, England I10148
8 PORTER, Ann  1824Chalton, Hampshire, England I2435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BROCK, Richard  22 Dec 1716Chalton, Hampshire, England I10147
2 BROOK, Mary  30 Apr 1716Chalton, Hampshire, England I10113
3 BUDDEN, Anne Adams  15 May 1831Chalton, Hampshire, England I5579
4 BUDDEN, Mary  19 Dec 1816Chalton, Hampshire, England I2433
5 BUDDEN, William  13 Apr 1824Chalton, Hampshire, England I2431
6 LUFF, John  21 Nov 1782Chalton, Hampshire, England I9673
7 MONEY, James  30 Jul 1744Chalton, Hampshire, England I10112
8 PAINTER, Mary  27 May 1721Chalton, Hampshire, England I10148
9 PORTER, Ann  11 Jul 1824Chalton, Hampshire, England I2435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Elizabeth  25 Oct 1829Chalton, Hampshire, England I943
2 BROCK, Thomas  10 Mar 1680Chalton, Hampshire, England I10151
3 BROOK, John  Aug 1689Chalton, Hampshire, England I10150
4 BROOK, Mary  8 Aug 1686Chalton, Hampshire, England I10113
5 BROOK, Richard  3 Feb 1683Chalton, Hampshire, England I10149
6 BUDDEN, Anne  12 Jun 1803Chalton, Hampshire, England I2010
7 BUDDEN, Anne Adams  20 Jul 1828Chalton, Hampshire, England I5579
8 BUDDEN, Emma  1 Nov 1846Chalton, Hampshire, England I2531
9 BUDDEN, George  8 Oct 1815Chalton, Hampshire, England I2436
10 BUDDEN, Joseph  28 Nov 1819Chalton, Hampshire, England I2474
11 BUDDEN, Mary  8 Nov 1812Chalton, Hampshire, England I2433
12 BUDDEN, Sarah  17 May 1818Chalton, Hampshire, England I2437
13 BUDDEN, Thomas  20 Mar 1808Chalton, Hampshire, England I2434
14 BUDDEN, William  24 Feb 1805Chalton, Hampshire, England I2432
15 BUDDEN, William  11 May 1823Chalton, Hampshire, England I2516
16 BUDDEN, William  1849Chalton, Hampshire, England I2532
17 MONEY, Anne  9 Jun 1712Chalton, Hampshire, England I10115
18 MONEY, Elizabeth  3 Sep 1710Chalton, Hampshire, England I10114
19 MONEY, Joyce  2 Dec 1713Chalton, Hampshire, England I10116
20 MONEY, Martha  4 Sep 1715Chalton, Hampshire, England I10117
21 MONEY, Mary  27 Dec 1708Chalton, Hampshire, England I10098
22 PAINTER, Alice  3 Apr 1648Chalton, Hampshire, England I10160
23 PAINTER, Edward  24 Feb 1658Chalton, Hampshire, England I10155
24 PAINTER, Frances  21 Jun 1666Chalton, Hampshire, England I10159
25 PAINTER, Hannah  29 Jun 1661Chalton, Hampshire, England I10154
26 PAINTER, John  25 Mar 1656Chalton, Hampshire, England I10156
27 PAINTER, Mary  16 Feb 1650Chalton, Hampshire, England I10148
28 PAINTER, Robert  18 Dec 1653Chalton, Hampshire, England I10158
29 PAINTER, William  14 May 1663Chalton, Hampshire, England I10157


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Elizabeth  6 Jun 1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I943
2 ADAMS, Harriet  6 Jun 1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I2371
3 ADAMS, John  6 Jun 1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I2009
4 ADAMS, John  6 Jun 1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I2372
5 ADAMS, Sarah  6 Jun 1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I2373
6 BLACKMORE, Edmund  30 Mar 1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I15998
7 BOSWELL, Jane  1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I2477
8 BUDDEN, Anne  6 Jun 1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I2010
9 BUDDEN, Elizabeth  1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I2458
10 BUDDEN, Elizabeth  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I2458
11 BUDDEN, James  30 Mar 1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I2444
12 BUDDEN, James  30 Mar 1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I2459
13 BUDDEN, Mary  30 Mar 1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I2472
14 BUDDEN, William  1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I2432
15 BUDDEN, William  1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I2478
16 CHRISTMAS, Albert  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I10375
17 CHRISTMAS, Albert  1861Chalton, Hampshire, England I10375
18 CHRISTMAS, Alfred William  1861Chalton, Hampshire, England I10371
19 CHRISTMAS, Georgina  1861Chalton, Hampshire, England I10390
20 CHRISTMAS, Horatio Henry  1861Chalton, Hampshire, England I10391
21 CHRISTMAS, James Edgar  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I10385
22 CHRISTMAS, James Edgar  1861Chalton, Hampshire, England I10385
23 CHRISTMAS, Jane Elizabeth  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I10383
24 CHRISTMAS, Jane Elizabeth  1861Chalton, Hampshire, England I10383
25 CHRISTMAS, Rowena Kate  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I10386
26 CHRISTMAS, Rowena Kate  1861Chalton, Hampshire, England I10386
27 CHRISTMAS, Walter Matthews  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I10384
28 CHRISTMAS, William  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I10370
29 KNIGHT, Jane  30 Mar 1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I2455
30 MATTHEWS, Elizabeth  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I10372
31 PALMER, William Henry  30 Mar 1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I16000
32 PENN, Elizabeth H  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I4345
33 PENN, George Henry  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I4339
34 PENN, George Tregust  1841Chalton, Hampshire, England I4343
35 PENN, George Tregust  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I4343
36 PENN, Sarah Magdalene  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I4347
37 PENN, Selina Jane  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I4346
38 PENN, Thomas  1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I4344
39 [BUDDEN], Anna  30 Mar 1851Chalton, Hampshire, England I2471


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 LUFF, John  1782Chalton, Hampshire, England I9673


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / BUDDEN  27 Oct 1828Chalton, Hampshire, England F608
2 BROCK / PAINTER  31 May 1680Chalton, Hampshire, England F2982
3 MONEY / BROOK  17 Feb 1707Chalton, Hampshire, England F2974
4 WELLS / BULBECK  1868Chalton, Hampshire, England F730