Chelsea, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AVANT, Emma  1825Chelsea, Middlesex, England I536
2 HART, Clarence Charles  1872Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1465
3 HENDRA, Charles  1883Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3524
4 HENDRA, George Francis  1857Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3519
5 HENDRA, Willam  1885Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3527
6 HENDRA, William A  1878Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3529
7 HENDRA, William Henry  1862Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3520
8 HICKEY, Sarah Alice  1863Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3521
9 LEWCOCK, Alice  1892Chelsea, Middlesex, England I8967
10 SMITH, Charles Drummond  1864Chelsea, Middlesex, England I11410
11 SNOWDEN, Lizzie Annie  1859Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3528
12 [BASTABLE], Alice Mabel  1872Chelsea, Middlesex, England I6912
13 [BASTABLE], Elizabeth Mary  1875Chelsea, Middlesex, England I6909


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DOWLE, Adelaide  Dec 1896Chelsea, Middlesex, England I6651
2 FOLKETT, Plummer  1888Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1521
3 FOLKETT, William  Between Jul 1870 and Sep 1870Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1946
4 GILLETT, William  23 Apr 1904Chelsea, Middlesex, England I2362
5 HURREN, Emily Maud  1984Chelsea, Middlesex, England I12668
6 LINLEY, Hannah  Between Apr 1848 and Jun 1848Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3511
7 PENTECOST, Minnie Esther  Jun 1960Chelsea, Middlesex, England I14057


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BONNER, Ellen  1851Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1957
2 COWAN, Herbert Sanderson  1851Chelsea, Middlesex, England I8656
3 EDMUNDS, Edwin Charles  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I9882
4 FOLKETT, Eliza  1861Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1524
5 FOLKETT, Eliza  1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1524
6 FOLKETT, Eliza  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1524
7 FOLKETT, Eliza  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1524
8 FOLKETT, George  1851Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1520
9 FOLKETT, Plummer  1861Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1521
10 GILLETT, Dorothy Emily  1901Chelsea, Middlesex, England I4988
11 HART, Maud Kathleen  1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1464
12 HENDRA, George Francis  1861Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3519
13 HENDRA, George Francis  1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3519
14 HENDRA, George Francis  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3519
15 HENDRA, Henry  1861Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3518
16 HENDRA, Henry  1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3518
17 HENDRA, Henry  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3518
18 HENDRA, William Henry  1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3520
19 HENDRA, William Henry  1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3520
20 LEWCOCK, Ellen Clara  1901Chelsea, Middlesex, England I10498
21 LEWCOCK, William  1861Chelsea, Middlesex, England I6491
22 MANNING, Frances Stevens  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I5449
23 MANNING, Nellie M  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I5462
24 MANNING, Percy R  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I5464
25 MANNING, Walter  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I5452
26 MANNING, Walter T E  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I5463
27 SPINK, Annie  1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1463
28 SUTTON, Julia Rebecca  1851Chelsea, Middlesex, England I8657
29 TAPHOUSE, Sarah  1851Chelsea, Middlesex, England I6215
30 [LEWCOCK], Sarah  1861Chelsea, Middlesex, England I6495
31 [MANNING], Mary E  1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I5461


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, Robert  From 11 Nov 1861 to 27 Jul 1864Chelsea, Middlesex, England I8771


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BILLHAM / WILLIAMS  Between Apr 1863 and Jun 1863Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3281
2 FOLKETT / BONNER  Between Jul 1848 and Sep 1848Chelsea, Middlesex, England F583
3 HENDRA / HICKEY  25 Dec 1881Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1016
4 HILL / LUCOCK  8 Nov 1857Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3191
5 HOARE / BLAKE  Between Oct 1846 and Dec 1846Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3530
6 SMITH / BROWTON  26 Dec 1860Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3361
7 TAPPING / HINE  Mar 1885Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1508