Hawling, Gloucestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUCK], Harriet [Bee formerly  1795Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12119
2 WOOD, Ann  1836Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12113
3 WOOD, Basil  1832Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12112
4 WOOD, Catherine  1839Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12114
5 WOOD, Edward Basil  1871Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13605
6 WOOD, Edward Thomas  23 May 1828Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12111
7 WOOD, Marianne  30 Jul 1868Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13604
8 WOOD, Mary Jane  1844Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12116
9 WOOD, Rebecca  1842Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12115


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 WOOD, Charles  1878Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12134
2 WOOD, Edward  7 Mar 1860Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12103


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WOOD, Charles  25 Mar 1878Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12134


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 COOK, Ann  1841Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12110
2 COOK, Ann  1851Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12110
3 COOK, Ann  1861Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12110
4 GILLETT, Rachel  1841Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I3236
5 LUCKETT, Ann  1871Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13603
6 LUCKETT, Ann  1881Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13603
7 LUCKETT, Ann  1891Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13603
8 LUCKETT, Ann  1901Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13603
9 LUCKETT, Ann  1911Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13603
10 WOOD, Ann  1841Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12113
11 WOOD, Ann  1851Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12113
12 WOOD, Basil  1851Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12112
13 WOOD, Basil  1861Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12112
14 WOOD, Basil  1871Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12112
15 WOOD, Basil  1881Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12112
16 WOOD, Basil  1891Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12112
17 WOOD, Basil  1901Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12112
18 WOOD, Basil  1911Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12112
19 WOOD, Catherine  1841Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12114
20 WOOD, Catherine  1851Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12114
21 WOOD, Catherine  1861Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12114
22 WOOD, Edward  1841Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12103
23 WOOD, Edward  1851Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12103
24 WOOD, Edward Basil  1871Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13605
25 WOOD, Edward Basil  1881Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13605
26 WOOD, Edward Basil  1891Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13605
27 WOOD, Edward Basil  1901Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13605
28 WOOD, Edward Basil  1911Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13605
29 WOOD, Edward Thomas  1841Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12111
30 WOOD, Edward Thomas  1851Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12111
31 WOOD, Marianne  1871Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13604
32 WOOD, Marianne  1881Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13604
33 WOOD, Marianne  1891Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I13604
34 WOOD, Mary Jane  1851Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12116
35 WOOD, Mary Jane  1861Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12116
36 WOOD, Rebecca  1851Hawling, Gloucestershire, England I12115