Islington, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BREEZE, Ada Louisa  1867Islington, Middlesex, England I1436
2 BREEZE, Albert H  1863Islington, Middlesex, England I1437
3 BREEZE, Frederick John  1865Islington, Middlesex, England I1438
4 CHESTER, Walter Thomas  Between Jan 1863 and Mar 1863Islington, Middlesex, England I403
5 COX, William  1859Islington, Middlesex, England I3810
6 CUNNINGTON, Reginald Lee  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I3023
7 HENDRA, Annie  1907Islington, Middlesex, England I6897
8 LAMBERT, Nora Gwillim Tyson  Dec 1910Islington, Middlesex, England I6797
9 LAWTHER, Maud Keziah  1885Islington, Middlesex, England I6424
10 LEWCOCK, Ernest Arthur  13 Feb 1870Islington, Middlesex, England I67
11 LEWCOCK, James Austin  27 Sep 1866Islington, Middlesex, England I7
12 LEWCOCK, Kathleen  1 Jul 1865Islington, Middlesex, England I66
13 LEWCOCK, Sidney Albert  Between Jan 1872 and Mar 1872Islington, Middlesex, England I68
14 LEWCOCK, Winifred Jane  1875Islington, Middlesex, England I69
15 LOVIS, Albert Frederick  Between Apr 1871 and Jun 1871Islington, Middlesex, England I3867
16 LOVIS, Amy Harriet  Between Oct 1864 and Dec 1864Islington, Middlesex, England I3865
17 LOVIS, Catherine  Between Jul 1868 and Sep 1868Islington, Middlesex, England I3866
18 LOVIS, Edith H  Between Jan 1866 and Mar 1866Islington, Middlesex, England I3858
19 LOVIS, Frank Bedford  Between Oct 1866 and Dec 1866Islington, Middlesex, England I3869
20 LOVIS, John Sleeman  Between Oct 1869 and Dec 1869Islington, Middlesex, England I3868
21 LOVIS, Minnie  10 Nov 1862Islington, Middlesex, England I980
22 LOVIS, Walter Sleeman  Between Jan 1864 and Mar 1864Islington, Middlesex, England I3851
23 LUCOCK, Arthur Henry William  1868Islington, Middlesex, England I11503
24 LUCOCK, Blanche Isabella  1859Islington, Middlesex, England I11499
25 LUCOCK, Charles Parker  1862Islington, Middlesex, England I11500
26 LUCOCK, Eliza Collier  1855Islington, Middlesex, England I11497
27 LUCOCK, Ellinor Marion  1866Islington, Middlesex, England I11502
28 LUCOCK, Harriet Molloy  1853Islington, Middlesex, England I11490
29 LUCOCK, Kate Eames  1855Islington, Middlesex, England I11498
30 LUCOCK, Matilda Edith  1864Islington, Middlesex, England I11501
31 MANLEY, Elizabeth  1889Islington, Middlesex, England I8811
32 PADDY, Ellen A  1860Islington, Middlesex, England I4884
33 PADDY, Herbert William  Between Oct 1868 and Dec 1868Islington, Middlesex, England I4885
34 PADDY, Margaret Mary  Between Jan 1864 and Mar 1864Islington, Middlesex, England I4886
35 PAMPLIN, Winifred  1890Islington, Middlesex, England I11888
36 PAYNE, Harry Usher  1870Islington, Middlesex, England I1112
37 REED, Amy Elizabeth  21 Mar 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I1253
38 REED, Elsie  1900Islington, Middlesex, England I1245
39 REED, Frederick Charles  1892Islington, Middlesex, England I2001
40 SIMPSON, Leslie Alexander  19 Jan 1902Islington, Middlesex, England I6850
41 TRAFFORD, Harold Edward  1894Islington, Middlesex, England I7548
42 [HENDRA], Harriet A  1878Islington, Middlesex, England I6895


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CRANDLEY, Caroline  1851Islington, Middlesex, England I8925
2 CUNNINGTON, Reginald Lee  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I3023
3 DE FRAINE, Thomas Turner  29 Feb 1928Islington, Middlesex, England I179
4 GOSS, Harriett  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I3861
5 LEWCOCK, Thomas Victor  25 Jan 1997Islington, Middlesex, England I8791
6 LEWCOCK, Violet F  Jun 1917Islington, Middlesex, England I9661
7 SIMPSON, James Ray  Between Apr 1957 and Jun 1957Islington, Middlesex, England I1277
8 USHER, Alfred Austin  24 Oct 1885Islington, Middlesex, England I970
9 USHER, Mary Ann  Between Oct 1906 and Dec 1906Islington, Middlesex, England I969
10 WHITEHILL, Catherine Gray  1927Islington, Middlesex, England I1272


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CRANDLEY, Caroline  15 Dec 1851Islington, Middlesex, England I8925
2 SIMPSON, James Ray  10 May 1957Islington, Middlesex, England I1277

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID 
1 HIGGINS, Mary Anne  1939Islington, Middlesex, England I6078
2 SIMPSON, James Ray  29 Sep 1939Islington, Middlesex, England I1277


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BURROUGHS, Phoebe Eleanor  8 Feb 1835Islington, Middlesex, England I11912
2 LUCOCK, Arthur Henry William  9 Sep 1868Islington, Middlesex, England I11503
3 LUCOCK, Blanche Isabella  13 Aug 1867Islington, Middlesex, England I11499
4 LUCOCK, Charles Parker  13 Aug 1867Islington, Middlesex, England I11500
5 LUCOCK, Eliza Collier  30 Sep 1856Islington, Middlesex, England I11497
6 LUCOCK, Ellinor Marion  13 Aug 1867Islington, Middlesex, England I11502
7 LUCOCK, Harriet Molloy  8 Jul 1853Islington, Middlesex, England I11490
8 LUCOCK, John Frederick  8 Jul 1853Islington, Middlesex, England I11496
9 LUCOCK, Kate Eames  30 Sep 1856Islington, Middlesex, England I11498
10 LUCOCK, Matilda Edith  13 Aug 1867Islington, Middlesex, England I11501
11 SIMPSON, Catherine Jane  5 Jul 1901Islington, Middlesex, England I6847
12 SIMPSON, David Joseph  19 Feb 1904Islington, Middlesex, England I6846
13 SIMPSON, James Ray  26 Oct 1906Islington, Middlesex, England I6845


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ALLAN, Alfred Everitt  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I7544
2 ALLAN, Frederick William  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I7545
3 ALLAN, Frederick William  1911Islington, Middlesex, England I7545
4 CHESTER, Emma Emily  1871Islington, Middlesex, England I3807
5 CHESTER, Walter Thomas  1871Islington, Middlesex, England I403
6 CHESTER, Walter Thomas  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I403
7 CHESTER, William  1871Islington, Middlesex, England I398
8 CHESTER, William  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I398
9 CHESTER, William George  1871Islington, Middlesex, England I3808
10 COX, William  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I3810
11 DE FRAINE, Ann  1861Islington, Middlesex, England I658
12 DE FRAINE, Ann Letitia  1871Islington, Middlesex, England I390
13 DE FRAINE, Ann Letitia  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I390
14 DE FRAINE, Annie Lucretia  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I468
15 DE FRAINE, Betsy (Bessie)  1871Islington, Middlesex, England I392
16 DE FRAINE, Betsy (Bessie)  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I392
17 DE FRAINE, Constance Mary  5 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I477
18 DE FRAINE, Edith Adelaide  5 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I476
19 ELDERTON, Guy  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I5567
20 ELDERTON, William Cheesman  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I5562
21 ELLES, Elizabeth  2 Mar 1871Islington, Middlesex, England I978
22 ELLES, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Islington, Middlesex, England I978
23 EVERITT, Mary Ann  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I7542
24 EVERITT, Mary Ann  1911Islington, Middlesex, England I7542
25 EVERITT, Thomas William  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I7541
26 FOLKETT, Eliza  1861Islington, Middlesex, England I3362
27 HENDRA, Annie  1911Islington, Middlesex, England I6897
28 HENDRA, Rose  1911Islington, Middlesex, England I6896
29 HENDRA, William A  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I3529
30 HENDRA, William A  1911Islington, Middlesex, England I3529
31 HENDRA, William Henry  1891Islington, Middlesex, England I3520
32 HENDRA, William Henry  1901Islington, Middlesex, England I3520
33 JOHNSON, Anne Elizabeth  1881Islington, Middlesex, England I3389
34 LEWCOCK, Ernest Arthur  2 Apr 1871Islington, Middlesex, England I67
35 LEWCOCK, Ernest Arthur  3 Apr 1881Islington, Middlesex, England I67
36 LEWCOCK, Ernest Arthur  5 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I67
37 LEWCOCK, George Albert  2 Apr 1871Islington, Middlesex, England I10
38 LEWCOCK, George Albert  3 Apr 1881Islington, Middlesex, England I10
39 LEWCOCK, George Albert  5 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I10
40 LEWCOCK, George Albert  31 Mar 1901Islington, Middlesex, England I10
41 LEWCOCK, James Austin  2 Apr 1871Islington, Middlesex, England I7
42 LEWCOCK, James Austin  3 Apr 1881Islington, Middlesex, England I7
43 LEWCOCK, James Austin  5 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I7
44 LEWCOCK, Sidney Albert  3 Apr 1881Islington, Middlesex, England I68
45 LEWCOCK, Sidney Albert  5 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I68
46 LEWCOCK, Sidney Albert  31 Mar 1901Islington, Middlesex, England I68
47 LEWCOCK, Winifred Jane  3 Apr 1881Islington, Middlesex, England I69
48 LEWCOCK, Winifred Jane  5 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I69
49 LOVIS, Albert Frederick  1871Islington, Middlesex, England I3867
50 LOVIS, Amy Harriet  1871Islington, Middlesex, England I3865

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, Ernest Arthur  5 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I67
2 LEWCOCK, George Albert  29 Oct 1864Islington, Middlesex, England I10
3 LEWCOCK, George Albert  2 Apr 1871Islington, Middlesex, England I10
4 LEWCOCK, James Austin  5 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I7
5 LEWCOCK, Sidney Albert  5 Apr 1891Islington, Middlesex, England I68
6 LEWCOCK, Sidney Albert  31 Mar 1901Islington, Middlesex, England I68


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, George Albert  29 Oct 1864Islington, Middlesex, England I10
2 LEWCOCK, George Albert  Between 1902 and 1904Islington, Middlesex, England I10
3 LEWCOCK, James Austin  12 Oct 1896Islington, Middlesex, England I7
4 USHER, Lucy  29 Oct 1864Islington, Middlesex, England I11


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLAN / SNART  Sep 1909Islington, Middlesex, England F2191
2 CAULFIELD / LUCOCK  12 Oct 1889Islington, Middlesex, England F3392
3 CHESTER / THOMAS  Between Jul 1884 and Sep 1884Islington, Middlesex, England F119
4 COX / DE FRAINE  21 Dec 1880Islington, Middlesex, England F1110
5 CROOK / DE FRAINE  15 Aug 1880Islington, Middlesex, England F122
6 DE FRAINE / GEORGE  3 Feb 1867Islington, Middlesex, England F117
7 LEWCOCK / BRADLEY  9 Oct 1920Islington, Middlesex, England F2
8 LEWCOCK / USHER  29 Oct 1864Islington, Middlesex, England F4
9 LEWCOCK / WARD  Between Apr 1939 and Jun 1939Islington, Middlesex, England F2838
10 MANSELL / LEWCOCK  3 Dec 1856Islington, Middlesex, England F1854
11 NICOLE / LUCOCK  13 Feb 1879Islington, Middlesex, England F3391
12 RICHARD /   Between Jan 1984 and Mar 1984Islington, Middlesex, England F3928
13 SIMPSON / HIGGINS  11 Jun 1898Islington, Middlesex, England F552
14 SIMPSON / MCCLANE  Between Jul 1929 and Sep 1929Islington, Middlesex, England F3886
15 SIMPSON / SMITH  3 Apr 1920Islington, Middlesex, England F1733
16 SPINK / SMITH  30 May 1835Islington, Middlesex, England F2032
17 USHER / ELLES  25 May 1858Islington, Middlesex, England F299
18 WEBSTER? / CHESTER  Between Jul 1877 and Sep 1877Islington, Middlesex, England F1112
19 WHITEHILL / CLOW  14 Apr 1919Islington, Middlesex, England F2184
20 WOOLDRIDGE / WHITEHILL  Between Apr 1904 and Jun 1904Islington, Middlesex, England F1025