Mattingley, Hampshire, England



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LEWCOCK, Albert Edward  1874Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6527
2 LEWCOCK, Alice  1860Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6501
3 LEWCOCK, Charles  1869Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6525
4 LEWCOCK, Charlotte Jane  1880Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6518
5 LEWCOCK, George  1817Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6486
6 LEWCOCK, James  1822Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6487
7 LEWCOCK, Jane  1831Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6483
8 LEWCOCK, John  1813Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6488
9 LEWCOCK, Mary Ann  1820Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6492
10 LEWCOCK, Mary Ann  1856Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6500
11 LEWCOCK, Robert  1834Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6484
12 LEWCOCK, Samuel  1820Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6481
13 LEWCOCK, Samuel  1862Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6523
14 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1829Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6493
15 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1869Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6579
16 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1871Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6526
17 LEWCOCK, William  1867Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6524


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BOSHIER, Harriet  1871Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6496
2 BOSHIER, Harriet  1891Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6496
3 BYE, Sarah  1841Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6490
4 HUNT, Emma  1881Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6517
5 LEWCOCK, Albert Edward  1891Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6527
6 LEWCOCK, Alice  1871Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6501
7 LEWCOCK, Charles  1871Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6525
8 LEWCOCK, Charles  1891Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6525
9 LEWCOCK, Charlotte Jane  1881Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6518
10 LEWCOCK, George  1881Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6498
11 LEWCOCK, James  1871Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6499
12 LEWCOCK, John  1841Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6488
13 LEWCOCK, John  1871Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6488
14 LEWCOCK, John  1881Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6488
15 LEWCOCK, Samuel  1871Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6481
16 LEWCOCK, Samuel  1871Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6523
17 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1841Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6493
18 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1871Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6526
19 LEWCOCK, William  1841Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6491
20 LEWCOCK, William  1871Mattingley, Hampshire, England I6524