Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COMELY, Aldom  1849Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12160
2 COMELY, Fanny  1851Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12161
3 COMELY, Lavinia  1846Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12159
4 COMELY, Sarah Ann  1844Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12158
5 WOOD, Annie Elizabeth  1856Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12165
6 WOOD, Charles  1875Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12173
7 WOOD, Charlotte L  1860Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12168
8 WOOD, Edward  1791Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12103
9 WOOD, Edward  1863Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12169
10 WOOD, Emma  7 Oct 1834Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12097
11 WOOD, Emma Barton  1857Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12166
12 WOOD, Isaac  1796Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12092
13 WOOD, Isaac  4 Jul 1830Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12095
14 WOOD, Isaac  1866Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12170
15 WOOD, Jane  1795Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12105
16 WOOD, John  1800Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12104
17 WOOD, John  1869Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12171
18 WOOD, Lavinia  18 May 1837Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12098
19 WOOD, Rosa  1872Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12172
20 WOOD, Sarah  2 Feb 1826Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12094
21 WOOD, Sarah Jane  1859Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 WOOD, Edward  1835Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12101
2 WOOD, Isaac  8 Jul 1865Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12092
3 WOOD, Isaac  8 Nov 1901Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WOOD, John  31 Mar 1915Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12171
2 [WOOD], Sarah  20 Feb 1924Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 WOOD, Isaac  4 Jul 1830Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BARTON, Elizabeth  1861Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12164
2 BARTON, Elizabeth  1871Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12164
3 BARTON, Elizabeth  1881Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12164
4 THORNHILL, Sarah  1841Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12093
5 THORNHILL, Sarah  1851Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12093
6 WOOD, Annie Elizabeth  1861Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12165
7 WOOD, Annie Elizabeth  1881Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12165
8 WOOD, Annie Elizabeth  1901Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12165
9 WOOD, Charles  1881Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12173
10 WOOD, Charles  1891Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12173
11 WOOD, Charles  1901Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12173
12 WOOD, Charlotte L  1861Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12168
13 WOOD, Edward  1871Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12169
14 WOOD, Edward  1881Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12169
15 WOOD, Emma  1841Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12097
16 WOOD, Emma Barton  1861Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12166
17 WOOD, Emma Barton  1871Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12166
18 WOOD, Emma Barton  1881Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12166
19 WOOD, Emma Barton  1891Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12166
20 WOOD, Emma Barton  1891Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12166
21 WOOD, Emma Barton  1901Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12166
22 WOOD, Isaac  1841Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12092
23 WOOD, Isaac  1851Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12092
24 WOOD, Isaac  1851Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12095
25 WOOD, Isaac  1861Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12095
26 WOOD, Isaac  1871Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12095
27 WOOD, Isaac  1871Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12170
28 WOOD, Isaac  1881Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12095
29 WOOD, Isaac  1881Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12170
30 WOOD, Isaac  1891Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12095
31 WOOD, Isaac  1891Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12170
32 WOOD, Isaac  1901Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12095
33 WOOD, John  1871Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12171
34 WOOD, John  1891Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12171
35 WOOD, Lavinia  1841Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12098
36 WOOD, Mary Ann  1841Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12096
37 WOOD, Rosa  1881Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12172
38 WOOD, Sarah  1841Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12094
39 WOOD, Sarah  1851Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12094
40 WOOD, Sarah Jane  1861Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12167
41 WOOD, Sarah Jane  1871Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 WOOD, Edward  19 Jun 1835Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12101
2 WOOD, Isaac  21 Mar 1854Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England I12092


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 RADWAY / WOOD  25 Jan 1817Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England F3613
2 WOOD / COLLETT  21 Mar 1789Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England F3606
3 WOOD / THORNHILL  16 Feb 1789Notgrove, Gloucestershire, England F3601