Hackney, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHAPMAN, James William  1856Hackney, Middlesex, England I1414
2 CHAPMAN, James William  6 Jun 1877Hackney, Middlesex, England I1415
3 CHAPMAN, Rosina  1879Hackney, Middlesex, England I1672
4 CHESTER, Olive Madelina  Between Apr 1887 and Jun 1887Hackney, Middlesex, England I831
5 GRAVES, Rosina Emily  1857Hackney, Middlesex, England I1670
6 HART, Charles A  1874Hackney, Middlesex, England I7114
7 HART, Herbert G  1879Hackney, Middlesex, England I7117
8 JORDAN, Daniel Ray  1879Hackney, Middlesex, England I3430
9 JORDAN, Lucy Elizabeth  1874Hackney, Middlesex, England I3432
10 JORDAN, Rose Rebecca  1877Hackney, Middlesex, England I3433
11 JORDAN, Walter William  1880Hackney, Middlesex, England I3434
12 LEWCOCK, Thomas Victor  4 Jun 1919Hackney, Middlesex, England I8791
13 MELROSE, Ivy Violet  2 Nov 1916Hackney, Middlesex, England I14873
14 MONK, Mabel Gladys  Between Jan 1886 and Mar 1886Hackney, Middlesex, England I4066
15 MONK, William Gillett  Between Jul 1879 and Sep 1879Hackney, Middlesex, England I4065
16 SKINNER, Stanley Robert  1908Hackney, Middlesex, England I6619
17 STAFF, Frank James  1869Hackney, Middlesex, England I6394


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DE FRAINE, Mark Henry  29 Jan 1938Hackney, Middlesex, England I556
2 HART, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1878Hackney, Middlesex, England I8980
3 LEWCOCK, Robert Peter  20 Feb 1883Hackney, Middlesex, England I8988
4 LOVIS, John Henry  Between Oct 1874 and Dec 1874Hackney, Middlesex, England I979
5 LUCOCK, James Laurie  17 Oct 1957Hackney, Middlesex, England I13739
6 PADDY, Thomas E  Between Jan 1914 and Mar 1914Hackney, Middlesex, England I847


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 GODFREY, Thomas  21 Dec 1845Hackney, Middlesex, England I9762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BILLHAM, Alice C  1866Hackney, Middlesex, England I11100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANNIE ELLIS, Harriet  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I7052
2 BLAKE, Elizabeth  1851Hackney, Middlesex, England I11902
3 BOWLY, Rosa Blanche  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I7019
4 BOWLY, Rosa Blanche  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I7019
5 BOWLY, Rosa Blanche  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I7019
6 CHESTER, Dorothy Alice  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I3804
7 CHESTER, Leslie  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I3805
8 CHESTER, Olive Madelina  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I831
9 CHESTER, Walter Thomas  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I403
10 CHESTER, William  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I398
11 DE FRAINE, Ann  1871Hackney, Middlesex, England I658
12 DE FRAINE, Ann  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I658
13 DE FRAINE, Ann  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I658
14 DE FRAINE, Ann Letitia  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I390
15 DE FRAINE, Ann Letitia  1901Hackney, Middlesex, England I390
16 DE FRAINE, Betsy (Bessie)  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I392
17 HART, Clara Beatrice  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I7016
18 HART, Clara Beatrice  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I7016
19 HART, Elizabeth  1871Hackney, Middlesex, England I8980
20 HART, Frank Bartholomew  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I6997
21 HART, Frank Bartholomew  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I6997
22 HART, Mary Ann  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I8979
23 HART, Rosa Isabel  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I7021
24 HART, Rosa Isabel  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I7021
25 HART, Thomas  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I6995
26 HOARE, George T  1851Hackney, Middlesex, England I11905
27 HOARE, Henry  1851Hackney, Middlesex, England I11903
28 HOARE, Henry  1851Hackney, Middlesex, England I11904
29 JORDAN, Alfred  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I554
30 JORDAN, Alfred  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I554
31 JORDAN, Daniel  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I540
32 JORDAN, Daniel Ray  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I3430
33 JORDAN, Francis John  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I3431
34 JORDAN, Frederick H D  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I3428
35 JORDAN, Lucy Elizabeth  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I3432
36 JORDAN, Rose Rebecca  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I3433
37 JORDAN, Walter William  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I3434
38 JUZI, Carl Wilhelm  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I7040
39 KETT, Alice B  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I4068
40 KIVER, Dorothy Elsie  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I7023
41 KIVER, Nora Beatrice  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I7024
42 LEWCOCK, Harriet Elizabeth  1871Hackney, Middlesex, England I8978
43 LEWCOCK, Harriet Elizabeth  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I8978
44 LEWCOCK, Harriet Elizabeth  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I8978
45 LEWCOCK, Robert Alexander  1871Hackney, Middlesex, England I8974
46 LEWCOCK, Robert Alexander  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I8974
47 LEWCOCK, Robert Alexander  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I8974
48 LEWCOCK, Susie Bourne  1881Hackney, Middlesex, England I8977
49 LEWCOCK, Susie Bourne  1891Hackney, Middlesex, England I8977
50 LUCOCK, Blanche Isabella  1861Hackney, Middlesex, England I11499

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUSWELL / PADDY  Between Apr 1897 and Jun 1897Hackney, Middlesex, England F1426
2 DASHWOOD / GEEZE  2 Jan 1867Hackney, Middlesex, England F2582
3 GAMMON / MULLER  Between Apr 1887 and Jun 1887Hackney, Middlesex, England F1485
4 GILLETT / MORRIS  Sep 1933Hackney, Middlesex, England F1900
5 HARRILL / HART  7 Feb 1882Hackney, Middlesex, England F2015
6 HART / HARWOOD  28 Aug 1873Hackney, Middlesex, England F2041
7 JUZI / HART  14 Feb 1890Hackney, Middlesex, England F2019
8 KIVER / HART  31 Aug 1887Hackney, Middlesex, England F2013
9 LEWCOCK / LYE  Between Apr 1891 and Jun 1891Hackney, Middlesex, England F2615
10 SIMPSON / HIGGINS  26 Dec 1908Hackney, Middlesex, England F1731
11 SMITH / GIBBINS  26 May 1914Hackney, Middlesex, England F3350
12 SMITH / PRATT  Between Oct 1858 and Dec 1858Hackney, Middlesex, England F1312
13 STEVENS / CUTTS  12 Jan 1779Hackney, Middlesex, England F1567