Heckfield, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENHAM, Elizabeth Jane  1829Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7315
2 BENHAM, Harriet  1831Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7316
3 BENHAM, Maria  1834Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7317
4 BENHAM, Mary Ann  1826Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7318
5 BENHAM, Richard  1836Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7319
6 CHARLTON, Frances (Fanny)  1825Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7320
7 LEWCOCK, Albert Thomas  1883Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6574
8 LEWCOCK, Anne  1806Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7251
9 LEWCOCK, Annie  1878Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6571
10 LEWCOCK, Charles  1850Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6562
11 LEWCOCK, Charles William  1881Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6573
12 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth  1856Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6564
13 LEWCOCK, Harriet  1803Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7252
14 LEWCOCK, James  1809Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7246
15 LEWCOCK, Jane  1851Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6563
16 LEWCOCK, Josiah  1806Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7259
17 LEWCOCK, Maria  1814Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7276
18 LEWCOCK, Mary  1879Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6572
19 LEWCOCK, Sarah  1806Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7247
20 LEWCOCK, Sarah  1846Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6568
21 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1801Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6016
22 LEWCOCK, Thomas  1802Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7277
23 LEWCOCK, William  1871Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6580
24 MATTHEWS, Ann  1814Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6559
25 NEW, Susan  1855Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6575
26 PAIN, Anna Maria  1787Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENHAM, Richard  1837Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7319
2 CHARLTON, Frances (Fanny)  Between Oct 1896 and Dec 1896Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7320
3 HUNT, Anne  1806Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7250
4 HUNT, Maria  1830Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7245
5 LEWCOCK, Frederick  Between Apr 1858 and Jun 1858Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6566
6 LEWCOCK, Maria  1833Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7276
7 LEWCOCK, Sarah  Between Jul 1838 and Sep 1838Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7247
8 LEWCOCK, William  1835Heckfield, Hampshire, England I2911
9 NEW, Susan  Between Jan 1889 and Mar 1889Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6575
10 NEW, Thomas  Between Apr 1875 and Jun 1875Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7321


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BENHAM, Richard  11 May 1837Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7319
2 HUNT, Anne  15 Jul 1806Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7250
3 HUNT, Maria  31 Dec 1830Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7245
4 LEWCOCK, Eliza  13 Apr 1817Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6485
5 LEWCOCK, Maria  1 Sep 1833Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7276
6 LEWCOCK, William  13 Sep 1835Heckfield, Hampshire, England I2911


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CHARLTON, Frances (Fanny)  7 Mar 1825Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7320
2 LEWCOCK, Anne  23 Mar 1806Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7251
3 LEWCOCK, Harriet  30 Oct 1803Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7252
4 LEWCOCK, James  4 Oct 1809Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7246
5 LEWCOCK, Josiah  8 Mar 1806Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7259
6 LEWCOCK, Maria  29 May 1814Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7276
7 LEWCOCK, Sarah  6 Jul 1806Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7247
8 LEWCOCK, Sarah  25 Aug 1811Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6494
9 LEWCOCK, Thomas  23 Aug 1801Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6016
10 LEWCOCK, Thomas  23 Aug 1801Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6016
11 LEWCOCK, Thomas  26 Sep 1802Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7277
12 PAIN, Anna Maria  16 Jan 1788Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7983
13 PENDERY, Ann  3 Jun 1798Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7356
14 PENDERY, Isaac  11 Mar 1804Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7357
15 PENDERY, Mary  19 Feb 1800Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7358
16 PENDERY, Sarah  15 Jun 1806Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7355


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BENHAM, Elizabeth Jane  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7315
2 BENHAM, Elizabeth Jane  1851Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7315
3 BENHAM, Harriet  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7316
4 BENHAM, Harriet  1851Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7316
5 BENHAM, James  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7248
6 BENHAM, James  1851Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7248
7 BENHAM, Maria  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7317
8 BENHAM, Maria  1851Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7317
9 BENHAM, Mary Ann  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7318
10 BOSHIER, Harriet  1861Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6496
11 BYE, Sarah  1851Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6490
12 BYE, Sarah  1861Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6490
13 CHARLTON, Frances (Fanny)  1861Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7320
14 CHARLTON, Frances (Fanny)  1881Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7320
15 CHARLTON, Frances (Fanny)  1881Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7320
16 HULL, Sarah  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6480
17 HULL, Sarah  1851Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6480
18 HULL, Sarah  1861Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6480
19 LEWCOCK, Albert Thomas  1891Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6574
20 LEWCOCK, Albert Thomas  1901Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6574
21 LEWCOCK, Alice  1861Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6501
22 LEWCOCK, Anne  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6565
23 LEWCOCK, Anne  1851Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6565
24 LEWCOCK, Annie  1881Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6571
25 LEWCOCK, Annie  1881Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6571
26 LEWCOCK, Annie  1891Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6571
27 LEWCOCK, Annie  1901Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6571
28 LEWCOCK, Annie  1911Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6571
29 LEWCOCK, Charles  1851Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6562
30 LEWCOCK, Charles  1861Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6562
31 LEWCOCK, Charles  1871Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6562
32 LEWCOCK, Charles  1881Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6562
33 LEWCOCK, Charles  1891Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6562
34 LEWCOCK, Charles  1901Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6562
35 LEWCOCK, Charles  1911Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6562
36 LEWCOCK, Charles William  1881Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6573
37 LEWCOCK, Charles William  1881Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6573
38 LEWCOCK, Charles William  1891Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6573
39 LEWCOCK, Charles William  1901Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6573
40 LEWCOCK, Charlotte  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6482
41 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth  1861Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6564
42 LEWCOCK, Elizabeth  1871Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6564
43 LEWCOCK, Frederick  1851Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6566
44 LEWCOCK, George  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6028
45 LEWCOCK, George  1861Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6498
46 LEWCOCK, James  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I7246
47 LEWCOCK, James  1861Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6499
48 LEWCOCK, Jane  1841Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6483
49 LEWCOCK, Jane  1861Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6563
50 LEWCOCK, Jane  1871Heckfield, Hampshire, England I6563

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BENHAM / LEWCOCK  24 Nov 1824Heckfield, Hampshire, England F2076
2 HART / MEEK  1714Heckfield, Hampshire, England F2323
3 LEWCOCK / BYE  28 Jul 1835Heckfield, Hampshire, England F1862
4 LEWCOCK / HUNT  25 Oct 1798Heckfield, Hampshire, England F2075
5 LEWCOCK / HUNT  14 Dec 1802Heckfield, Hampshire, England F2078
6 LEWCOCK / NEW  Between Oct 1876 and Dec 1876Heckfield, Hampshire, England F1878